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Markdown parser done right.

This is a Python port of markdown-it, and some of its associated plugins. For more details see:

For details on markdown-it itself, see:


conda install -c conda-forge markdown-it-py


pip install markdown-it-py

Basic usage

from markdown_it import MarkdownIt
from markdown_it.extensions.front_matter import front_matter_plugin
from markdown_it.extensions.footnote import footnote_plugin

md = (
text = ("""
a: 1

a | b
- | -
1 | 2

A footnote [^1]

[^1]: some details
tokens = md.parse(text)
html_text = md.render(text)

Also you can use it from the command-line:

$ markdown-it
markdown-it-py [version 0.1.0] (interactive)
Type Ctrl-D to complete input, or Ctrl-C to exit.
>>> > **hallo** there!
<p><strong>hallo</strong> there!</p>

References / Thanks

Big thanks to the authors of markdown-it:

Also John MacFarlane for his work on the CommonMark spec and reference implementations.