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"""In this module tests are run against the full test set,
provided by
import json
from pathlib import Path
import pytest
from markdown_it import MarkdownIt
SPEC_INPUT = Path(__file__).parent.joinpath("")
TESTS_INPUT = Path(__file__).parent.joinpath("commonmark.json")
def test_file(file_regression):
md = MarkdownIt("commonmark")
file_regression.check(md.render(SPEC_INPUT.read_text()), extension=".html")
@pytest.mark.parametrize("entry", json.loads(TESTS_INPUT.read_text()))
def test_spec(entry):
if entry["example"] == 599:
# TODO fix Backslash-escapes do not work inside autolinks
pytest.skip("autolinks backslash escape")
md = MarkdownIt("commonmark")
output = md.render(entry["markdown"])
expected = entry["html"]
if entry["example"] == 593:
# this doesn't have any bearing on the output
output = output.replace("mailto", "MAILTO")
if entry["example"] in [187, 209, 210]:
# this doesn't have any bearing on the output
output = output.replace(
"<blockquote></blockquote>", "<blockquote>\n</blockquote>"
assert output == expected