go-immutable-radix Build Status

Provides the iradix package that implements an immutable radix tree. The package only provides a single Tree implementation, optimized for sparse nodes.

As a radix tree, it provides the following:

  • O(k) operations. In many cases, this can be faster than a hash table since the hash function is an O(k) operation, and hash tables have very poor cache locality.
  • Minimum / Maximum value lookups
  • Ordered iteration

A tree supports using a transaction to batch multiple updates (insert, delete) in a more efficient manner than performing each operation one at a time.

For a mutable variant, see go-radix.


The full documentation is available on Godoc.


Below is a simple example of usage

// Create a tree
r := iradix.New()
r, _, _ = r.Insert([]byte("foo"), 1)
r, _, _ = r.Insert([]byte("bar"), 2)
r, _, _ = r.Insert([]byte("foobar"), 2)

// Find the longest prefix match
m, _, _ := r.Root().LongestPrefix([]byte("foozip"))
if string(m) != "foo" {
    panic("should be foo")