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package pty
import (
func open() (pty, tty *os.File, err error) {
* from ptm(4):
* The PTMGET command allocates a free pseudo terminal, changes its
* ownership to the caller, revokes the access privileges for all previous
* users, opens the file descriptors for the pty and tty devices and
* returns them to the caller in struct ptmget.
p, err := os.OpenFile("/dev/ptm", os.O_RDWR|syscall.O_CLOEXEC, 0)
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, err
defer p.Close()
var ptm ptmget
if err := ioctl(p.Fd(), uintptr(ioctl_PTMGET), uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(&ptm))); err != nil {
return nil, nil, err
pty = os.NewFile(uintptr(ptm.Cfd), "/dev/ptm")
tty = os.NewFile(uintptr(ptm.Sfd), "/dev/ptm")
return pty, tty, nil