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package main
import (
func getDefaultPidFile() (string, error) {
return "", nil
func getDefaultDataRoot() (string, error) {
return filepath.Join(os.Getenv("programdata"), "docker"), nil
func getDefaultExecRoot() (string, error) {
return filepath.Join(os.Getenv("programdata"), "docker", "exec-root"), nil
// installConfigFlags adds flags to the pflag.FlagSet to configure the daemon
func installConfigFlags(conf *config.Config, flags *pflag.FlagSet) error {
// First handle install flags which are consistent cross-platform
if err := installCommonConfigFlags(conf, flags); err != nil {
return err
// Then platform-specific install flags.
flags.StringVar(&conf.BridgeConfig.FixedCIDR, "fixed-cidr", "", "IPv4 subnet for fixed IPs")
flags.StringVarP(&conf.BridgeConfig.Iface, "bridge", "b", "", "Attach containers to a virtual switch")
flags.StringVarP(&conf.SocketGroup, "group", "G", "", "Users or groups that can access the named pipe")
return nil