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package swarm // import ""
import "time"
// Service represents a service.
type Service struct {
ID string
Spec ServiceSpec `json:",omitempty"`
PreviousSpec *ServiceSpec `json:",omitempty"`
Endpoint Endpoint `json:",omitempty"`
UpdateStatus *UpdateStatus `json:",omitempty"`
// ServiceSpec represents the spec of a service.
type ServiceSpec struct {
// TaskTemplate defines how the service should construct new tasks when
// orchestrating this service.
TaskTemplate TaskSpec `json:",omitempty"`
Mode ServiceMode `json:",omitempty"`
UpdateConfig *UpdateConfig `json:",omitempty"`
RollbackConfig *UpdateConfig `json:",omitempty"`
// Networks field in ServiceSpec is deprecated. The
// same field in TaskSpec should be used instead.
// This field will be removed in a future release.
Networks []NetworkAttachmentConfig `json:",omitempty"`
EndpointSpec *EndpointSpec `json:",omitempty"`
// ServiceMode represents the mode of a service.
type ServiceMode struct {
Replicated *ReplicatedService `json:",omitempty"`
Global *GlobalService `json:",omitempty"`
// UpdateState is the state of a service update.
type UpdateState string
const (
// UpdateStateUpdating is the updating state.
UpdateStateUpdating UpdateState = "updating"
// UpdateStatePaused is the paused state.
UpdateStatePaused UpdateState = "paused"
// UpdateStateCompleted is the completed state.
UpdateStateCompleted UpdateState = "completed"
// UpdateStateRollbackStarted is the state with a rollback in progress.
UpdateStateRollbackStarted UpdateState = "rollback_started"
// UpdateStateRollbackPaused is the state with a rollback in progress.
UpdateStateRollbackPaused UpdateState = "rollback_paused"
// UpdateStateRollbackCompleted is the state with a rollback in progress.
UpdateStateRollbackCompleted UpdateState = "rollback_completed"
// UpdateStatus reports the status of a service update.
type UpdateStatus struct {
State UpdateState `json:",omitempty"`
StartedAt *time.Time `json:",omitempty"`
CompletedAt *time.Time `json:",omitempty"`
Message string `json:",omitempty"`
// ReplicatedService is a kind of ServiceMode.
type ReplicatedService struct {
Replicas *uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
// GlobalService is a kind of ServiceMode.
type GlobalService struct{}
const (
// UpdateFailureActionPause PAUSE
UpdateFailureActionPause = "pause"
// UpdateFailureActionContinue CONTINUE
UpdateFailureActionContinue = "continue"
// UpdateFailureActionRollback ROLLBACK
UpdateFailureActionRollback = "rollback"
// UpdateOrderStopFirst STOP_FIRST
UpdateOrderStopFirst = "stop-first"
// UpdateOrderStartFirst START_FIRST
UpdateOrderStartFirst = "start-first"
// UpdateConfig represents the update configuration.
type UpdateConfig struct {
// Maximum number of tasks to be updated in one iteration.
// 0 means unlimited parallelism.
Parallelism uint64
// Amount of time between updates.
Delay time.Duration `json:",omitempty"`
// FailureAction is the action to take when an update failures.
FailureAction string `json:",omitempty"`
// Monitor indicates how long to monitor a task for failure after it is
// created. If the task fails by ending up in one of the states
// REJECTED, COMPLETED, or FAILED, within Monitor from its creation,
// this counts as a failure. If it fails after Monitor, it does not
// count as a failure. If Monitor is unspecified, a default value will
// be used.
Monitor time.Duration `json:",omitempty"`
// MaxFailureRatio is the fraction of tasks that may fail during
// an update before the failure action is invoked. Any task created by
// the current update which ends up in one of the states REJECTED,
// COMPLETED or FAILED within Monitor from its creation counts as a
// failure. The number of failures is divided by the number of tasks
// being updated, and if this fraction is greater than
// MaxFailureRatio, the failure action is invoked.
// If the failure action is CONTINUE, there is no effect.
// If the failure action is PAUSE, no more tasks will be updated until
// another update is started.
MaxFailureRatio float32
// Order indicates the order of operations when rolling out an updated
// task. Either the old task is shut down before the new task is
// started, or the new task is started before the old task is shut down.
Order string