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package swarm // import ""
// Node represents a node.
type Node struct {
ID string
// Spec defines the desired state of the node as specified by the user.
// The system will honor this and will *never* modify it.
Spec NodeSpec `json:",omitempty"`
// Description encapsulates the properties of the Node as reported by the
// agent.
Description NodeDescription `json:",omitempty"`
// Status provides the current status of the node, as seen by the manager.
Status NodeStatus `json:",omitempty"`
// ManagerStatus provides the current status of the node's manager
// component, if the node is a manager.
ManagerStatus *ManagerStatus `json:",omitempty"`
// NodeSpec represents the spec of a node.
type NodeSpec struct {
Role NodeRole `json:",omitempty"`
Availability NodeAvailability `json:",omitempty"`
// NodeRole represents the role of a node.
type NodeRole string
const (
// NodeRoleWorker WORKER
NodeRoleWorker NodeRole = "worker"
// NodeRoleManager MANAGER
NodeRoleManager NodeRole = "manager"
// NodeAvailability represents the availability of a node.
type NodeAvailability string
const (
// NodeAvailabilityActive ACTIVE
NodeAvailabilityActive NodeAvailability = "active"
// NodeAvailabilityPause PAUSE
NodeAvailabilityPause NodeAvailability = "pause"
// NodeAvailabilityDrain DRAIN
NodeAvailabilityDrain NodeAvailability = "drain"
// NodeDescription represents the description of a node.
type NodeDescription struct {
Hostname string `json:",omitempty"`
Platform Platform `json:",omitempty"`
Resources Resources `json:",omitempty"`
Engine EngineDescription `json:",omitempty"`
TLSInfo TLSInfo `json:",omitempty"`
// Platform represents the platform (Arch/OS).
type Platform struct {
Architecture string `json:",omitempty"`
OS string `json:",omitempty"`
// EngineDescription represents the description of an engine.
type EngineDescription struct {
EngineVersion string `json:",omitempty"`
Labels map[string]string `json:",omitempty"`
Plugins []PluginDescription `json:",omitempty"`
// PluginDescription represents the description of an engine plugin.
type PluginDescription struct {
Type string `json:",omitempty"`
Name string `json:",omitempty"`
// NodeStatus represents the status of a node.
type NodeStatus struct {
State NodeState `json:",omitempty"`
Message string `json:",omitempty"`
Addr string `json:",omitempty"`
// Reachability represents the reachability of a node.
type Reachability string
const (
// ReachabilityUnknown UNKNOWN
ReachabilityUnknown Reachability = "unknown"
// ReachabilityUnreachable UNREACHABLE
ReachabilityUnreachable Reachability = "unreachable"
// ReachabilityReachable REACHABLE
ReachabilityReachable Reachability = "reachable"
// ManagerStatus represents the status of a manager.
type ManagerStatus struct {
Leader bool `json:",omitempty"`
Reachability Reachability `json:",omitempty"`
Addr string `json:",omitempty"`
// NodeState represents the state of a node.
type NodeState string
const (
// NodeStateUnknown UNKNOWN
NodeStateUnknown NodeState = "unknown"
// NodeStateDown DOWN
NodeStateDown NodeState = "down"
// NodeStateReady READY
NodeStateReady NodeState = "ready"
// NodeStateDisconnected DISCONNECTED
NodeStateDisconnected NodeState = "disconnected"