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package swarm // import ""
import "time"
// Version represents the internal object version.
type Version struct {
Index uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
// Meta is a base object inherited by most of the other once.
type Meta struct {
Version Version `json:",omitempty"`
CreatedAt time.Time `json:",omitempty"`
UpdatedAt time.Time `json:",omitempty"`
// Annotations represents how to describe an object.
type Annotations struct {
Name string `json:",omitempty"`
Labels map[string]string `json:"Labels"`
// Driver represents a driver (network, logging, secrets backend).
type Driver struct {
Name string `json:",omitempty"`
Options map[string]string `json:",omitempty"`
// TLSInfo represents the TLS information about what CA certificate is trusted,
// and who the issuer for a TLS certificate is
type TLSInfo struct {
// TrustRoot is the trusted CA root certificate in PEM format
TrustRoot string `json:",omitempty"`
// CertIssuer is the raw subject bytes of the issuer
CertIssuerSubject []byte `json:",omitempty"`
// CertIssuerPublicKey is the raw public key bytes of the issuer
CertIssuerPublicKey []byte `json:",omitempty"`