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package mount // import ""
import (
// Type represents the type of a mount.
type Type string
// Type constants
const (
// TypeBind is the type for mounting host dir
TypeBind Type = "bind"
// TypeVolume is the type for remote storage volumes
TypeVolume Type = "volume"
// TypeTmpfs is the type for mounting tmpfs
TypeTmpfs Type = "tmpfs"
// TypeNamedPipe is the type for mounting Windows named pipes
TypeNamedPipe Type = "npipe"
// Mount represents a mount (volume).
type Mount struct {
Type Type `json:",omitempty"`
// Source specifies the name of the mount. Depending on mount type, this
// may be a volume name or a host path, or even ignored.
// Source is not supported for tmpfs (must be an empty value)
Source string `json:",omitempty"`
Target string `json:",omitempty"`
ReadOnly bool `json:",omitempty"`
Consistency Consistency `json:",omitempty"`
BindOptions *BindOptions `json:",omitempty"`
VolumeOptions *VolumeOptions `json:",omitempty"`
TmpfsOptions *TmpfsOptions `json:",omitempty"`
// Propagation represents the propagation of a mount.
type Propagation string
const (
// PropagationRPrivate RPRIVATE
PropagationRPrivate Propagation = "rprivate"
// PropagationPrivate PRIVATE
PropagationPrivate Propagation = "private"
// PropagationRShared RSHARED
PropagationRShared Propagation = "rshared"
// PropagationShared SHARED
PropagationShared Propagation = "shared"
// PropagationRSlave RSLAVE
PropagationRSlave Propagation = "rslave"
// PropagationSlave SLAVE
PropagationSlave Propagation = "slave"
// Propagations is the list of all valid mount propagations
var Propagations = []Propagation{
// Consistency represents the consistency requirements of a mount.
type Consistency string
const (
// ConsistencyFull guarantees bind mount-like consistency
ConsistencyFull Consistency = "consistent"
// ConsistencyCached mounts can cache read data and FS structure
ConsistencyCached Consistency = "cached"
// ConsistencyDelegated mounts can cache read and written data and structure
ConsistencyDelegated Consistency = "delegated"
// ConsistencyDefault provides "consistent" behavior unless overridden
ConsistencyDefault Consistency = "default"
// BindOptions defines options specific to mounts of type "bind".
type BindOptions struct {
Propagation Propagation `json:",omitempty"`
NonRecursive bool `json:",omitempty"`
// VolumeOptions represents the options for a mount of type volume.
type VolumeOptions struct {
NoCopy bool `json:",omitempty"`
Labels map[string]string `json:",omitempty"`
DriverConfig *Driver `json:",omitempty"`
// Driver represents a volume driver.
type Driver struct {
Name string `json:",omitempty"`
Options map[string]string `json:",omitempty"`
// TmpfsOptions defines options specific to mounts of type "tmpfs".
type TmpfsOptions struct {
// Size sets the size of the tmpfs, in bytes.
// This will be converted to an operating system specific value
// depending on the host. For example, on linux, it will be converted to
// use a 'k', 'm' or 'g' syntax. BSD, though not widely supported with
// docker, uses a straight byte value.
// Percentages are not supported.
SizeBytes int64 `json:",omitempty"`
// Mode of the tmpfs upon creation
Mode os.FileMode `json:",omitempty"`
// TODO(stevvooe): There are several more tmpfs flags, specified in the
// daemon, that are accepted. Only the most basic are added for now.
// From docker/docker/pkg/mount/flags.go:
// var validFlags = map[string]bool{
// "": true,
// "size": true, X
// "mode": true, X
// "uid": true,
// "gid": true,
// "nr_inodes": true,
// "nr_blocks": true,
// "mpol": true,
// }
// Some of these may be straightforward to add, but others, such as
// uid/gid have implications in a clustered system.