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package types // import ""
import (
// configs holds structs used for internal communication between the
// frontend (such as an http server) and the backend (such as the
// docker daemon).
// ContainerCreateConfig is the parameter set to ContainerCreate()
type ContainerCreateConfig struct {
Name string
Config *container.Config
HostConfig *container.HostConfig
NetworkingConfig *network.NetworkingConfig
AdjustCPUShares bool
// ContainerRmConfig holds arguments for the container remove
// operation. This struct is used to tell the backend what operations
// to perform.
type ContainerRmConfig struct {
ForceRemove, RemoveVolume, RemoveLink bool
// ExecConfig is a small subset of the Config struct that holds the configuration
// for the exec feature of docker.
type ExecConfig struct {
User string // User that will run the command
Privileged bool // Is the container in privileged mode
Tty bool // Attach standard streams to a tty.
AttachStdin bool // Attach the standard input, makes possible user interaction
AttachStderr bool // Attach the standard error
AttachStdout bool // Attach the standard output
Detach bool // Execute in detach mode
DetachKeys string // Escape keys for detach
Env []string // Environment variables
WorkingDir string // Working directory
Cmd []string // Execution commands and args
// PluginRmConfig holds arguments for plugin remove.
type PluginRmConfig struct {
ForceRemove bool
// PluginEnableConfig holds arguments for plugin enable
type PluginEnableConfig struct {
Timeout int
// PluginDisableConfig holds arguments for plugin disable.
type PluginDisableConfig struct {
ForceDisable bool
// NetworkListConfig stores the options available for listing networks
type NetworkListConfig struct {
// TODO(@cpuguy83): naming is hard, this is pulled from what was being used in the router before moving here
Detailed bool
Verbose bool