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package image // import ""
import (
specs ""
// Backend is all the methods that need to be implemented
// to provide image specific functionality.
type Backend interface {
type imageBackend interface {
ImageDelete(imageRef string, force, prune bool) ([]types.ImageDeleteResponseItem, error)
ImageHistory(imageName string) ([]*image.HistoryResponseItem, error)
Images(imageFilters filters.Args, all bool, withExtraAttrs bool) ([]*types.ImageSummary, error)
LookupImage(name string) (*types.ImageInspect, error)
TagImage(imageName, repository, tag string) (string, error)
ImagesPrune(ctx context.Context, pruneFilters filters.Args) (*types.ImagesPruneReport, error)
type importExportBackend interface {
LoadImage(inTar io.ReadCloser, outStream io.Writer, quiet bool) error
ImportImage(src string, repository, platform string, tag string, msg string, inConfig io.ReadCloser, outStream io.Writer, changes []string) error
ExportImage(names []string, outStream io.Writer) error
type registryBackend interface {
PullImage(ctx context.Context, image, tag string, platform *specs.Platform, metaHeaders map[string][]string, authConfig *types.AuthConfig, outStream io.Writer) error
PushImage(ctx context.Context, image, tag string, metaHeaders map[string][]string, authConfig *types.AuthConfig, outStream io.Writer) error
SearchRegistryForImages(ctx context.Context, filtersArgs string, term string, limit int, authConfig *types.AuthConfig, metaHeaders map[string][]string) (*registry.SearchResults, error)