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package router // import ""
import (
// ExperimentalRoute defines an experimental API route that can be enabled or disabled.
type ExperimentalRoute interface {
// experimentalRoute defines an experimental API route that can be enabled or disabled.
// It implements ExperimentalRoute
type experimentalRoute struct {
local Route
handler httputils.APIFunc
// Enable enables this experimental route
func (r *experimentalRoute) Enable() {
r.handler = r.local.Handler()
// Disable disables the experimental route
func (r *experimentalRoute) Disable() {
r.handler = experimentalHandler
type notImplementedError struct{}
func (notImplementedError) Error() string {
return "This experimental feature is disabled by default. Start the Docker daemon in experimental mode in order to enable it."
func (notImplementedError) NotImplemented() {}
func experimentalHandler(ctx context.Context, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, vars map[string]string) error {
return notImplementedError{}
// Handler returns the APIFunc to let the server wrap it in middlewares.
func (r *experimentalRoute) Handler() httputils.APIFunc {
return r.handler
// Method returns the http method that the route responds to.
func (r *experimentalRoute) Method() string {
return r.local.Method()
// Path returns the subpath where the route responds to.
func (r *experimentalRoute) Path() string {
return r.local.Path()
// Experimental will mark a route as experimental.
func Experimental(r Route) Route {
return &experimentalRoute{
local: r,
handler: experimentalHandler,