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package container // import ""
import (
containerpkg ""
// execBackend includes functions to implement to provide exec functionality.
type execBackend interface {
ContainerExecCreate(name string, config *types.ExecConfig) (string, error)
ContainerExecInspect(id string) (*backend.ExecInspect, error)
ContainerExecResize(name string, height, width int) error
ContainerExecStart(ctx context.Context, name string, stdin io.Reader, stdout io.Writer, stderr io.Writer) error
ExecExists(name string) (bool, error)
// copyBackend includes functions to implement to provide container copy functionality.
type copyBackend interface {
ContainerArchivePath(name string, path string) (content io.ReadCloser, stat *types.ContainerPathStat, err error)
ContainerCopy(name string, res string) (io.ReadCloser, error)
ContainerExport(name string, out io.Writer) error
ContainerExtractToDir(name, path string, copyUIDGID, noOverwriteDirNonDir bool, content io.Reader) error
ContainerStatPath(name string, path string) (stat *types.ContainerPathStat, err error)
// stateBackend includes functions to implement to provide container state lifecycle functionality.
type stateBackend interface {
ContainerCreate(config types.ContainerCreateConfig) (container.ContainerCreateCreatedBody, error)
ContainerKill(name string, sig uint64) error
ContainerPause(name string) error
ContainerRename(oldName, newName string) error
ContainerResize(name string, height, width int) error
ContainerRestart(name string, seconds *int) error
ContainerRm(name string, config *types.ContainerRmConfig) error
ContainerStart(name string, hostConfig *container.HostConfig, checkpoint string, checkpointDir string) error
ContainerStop(name string, seconds *int) error
ContainerUnpause(name string) error
ContainerUpdate(name string, hostConfig *container.HostConfig) (container.ContainerUpdateOKBody, error)
ContainerWait(ctx context.Context, name string, condition containerpkg.WaitCondition) (<-chan containerpkg.StateStatus, error)
// monitorBackend includes functions to implement to provide containers monitoring functionality.
type monitorBackend interface {
ContainerChanges(name string) ([]archive.Change, error)
ContainerInspect(name string, size bool, version string) (interface{}, error)
ContainerLogs(ctx context.Context, name string, config *types.ContainerLogsOptions) (msgs <-chan *backend.LogMessage, tty bool, err error)
ContainerStats(ctx context.Context, name string, config *backend.ContainerStatsConfig) error
ContainerTop(name string, psArgs string) (*container.ContainerTopOKBody, error)
Containers(config *types.ContainerListOptions) ([]*types.Container, error)
// attachBackend includes function to implement to provide container attaching functionality.
type attachBackend interface {
ContainerAttach(name string, c *backend.ContainerAttachConfig) error
// systemBackend includes functions to implement to provide system wide containers functionality
type systemBackend interface {
ContainersPrune(ctx context.Context, pruneFilters filters.Args) (*types.ContainersPruneReport, error)
type commitBackend interface {
CreateImageFromContainer(name string, config *backend.CreateImageConfig) (imageID string, err error)
// Backend is all the methods that need to be implemented to provide container specific functionality.
type Backend interface {