Merge topic 'cmake-verbose-print-build-tool-command'

8451a3f0b5 cmGlobalGenerator: use a stream for output in `Build`
e060666531 cmake: write the build command itself with `--verbose`
b017c9f127 cmGlobalGenerator: fix off-by-one for `&&` command joining
c715fd8d76 cmGlobalGenerator: quote commands in `::Build` output
d6c0e827bc cmGlobalGenerator: add a `QuotedPrintable` method for commands
28ee3bef34 cmGlobalGenerator: add missing spaces in output
465ab8d872 cmGlobalGenerator: use `cmStrCat` in `::Build`
81d45dabc4 cmOutputConverter: add a `static` version of `EscapeForShell`

Acked-by: Kitware Robot <>
Tested-by: buildbot <>
Acked-by: Alex <>
Merge-request: !8183