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package git
import (
func Test_Push_ToRemote(t *testing.T) {
repo := createBareTestRepo(t)
defer os.RemoveAll(repo.Path())
repo2 := createTestRepo(t)
defer os.RemoveAll(repo2.Workdir())
remote, err := repo2.CreateRemote("test_push", repo.Path())
checkFatal(t, err)
index, err := repo2.Index()
checkFatal(t, err)
err = index.Write()
checkFatal(t, err)
newTreeId, err := index.WriteTree()
checkFatal(t, err)
tree, err := repo2.LookupTree(newTreeId)
checkFatal(t, err)
sig := &Signature{Name: "Rand Om Hacker", Email: "", When: time.Now()}
// this should cause master branch to be created if it does not already exist
_, err = repo2.CreateCommit("HEAD", sig, sig, "message", tree)
checkFatal(t, err)
push, err := remote.NewPush()
checkFatal(t, err)
err = push.AddRefspec("refs/heads/master")
checkFatal(t, err)
err = push.Finish()
checkFatal(t, err)
err = push.StatusForeach(func(ref string, msg string) int {
return 0
checkFatal(t, err)
if !push.UnpackOk() {
t.Fatalf("unable to unpack")
defer remote.Free()
defer repo.Free()