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package git
#include <git2.h>
import "C"
type Feature int
const (
// libgit2 was built with threading support
FeatureThreads Feature = C.GIT_FEATURE_THREADS
// libgit2 was built with HTTPS support built-in
FeatureHttps Feature = C.GIT_FEATURE_HTTPS
// libgit2 was build with SSH support built-in
FeatureSsh Feature = C.GIT_FEATURE_SSH
// libgit2 was built with nanosecond support for files
FeatureNSec Feature = C.GIT_FEATURE_NSEC
// Features returns a bit-flag of Feature values indicating which features the
// loaded libgit2 library has.
func Features() Feature {
features := C.git_libgit2_features()
return Feature(features)