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Here is a list of items that need to be addressed in FreeType 2
* Implement stem3/counter hints properly in the Postscript hinter.
* Add CIDCMap support to the CID driver.
* Add track kerning support to the PFR driver.
* Add kerning (AFM file) support to the CID driver.
Here is a list of bugs which should be handled
Other bugs have been registered at the savannah bugzilla of FreeType.
* CID driver:
Handle the case where a CID font has a top-level font matrix also
(see PLRM, 5.11.3, Type 0 CIDFonts). Since CID_FaceInfoRec lacks
a font_matrix entry we have to directly apply it to all subfont
* CID driver:
Use top-level font matrix entry for setting the upem value, not the
entries in the FDarray. If absent, use 1000.
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