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2020-09-25 Werner Lemberg <>
[autofit] Synchronize with ttfautohint.
This corresponds to the following commits in the ttfautohint git
bb6842bd3bd437b7b4a7921b0376c860f5e73d18 Typo, formatting.
d5c91ddb1cb310257a3dfe9a8e20e1fc51335faa Add Medefaidrin script.
* src/autofit/afblue.dat: Add blue zone data for Medefaidrin.
* src/autofit/afblue.c, src/autofit/afblue.h: Regenerated.
* src/autofit/afscript.h: Add Medefaidrin standard characters.
* src/autofit/afranges.c, src/autofit/afstyles.h: Add Medefaidrin
2020-09-25 Werner Lemberg <>
Move `scripts/` to `src/tools`.
* scr/tools/scripts/ (_TOP_DIR,
_SCRIPT_DIR): Updated to new location.
(main): s/shutils.copyfile/shutils.copy/ to preserve file
(main): Prefix source file paths with `git_dir` while copying files
to allow calls of the script from other places than the top-level
2020-09-24 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cff/cffgload.c (cff_slot_load): Scale `vertBearingY`.
Towards the end of the the function there is a call to
`FT_Outline_Get_CBox` that retrieves the glyph bbox in scaled units.
That sets `horiBearing{X,Y}` and `vertBearingX` but `vertBearingY`
is left alone, and is not scaled.
Patch from Eric Muller <>.
2020-09-24 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Trace glyph metrics.
2020-09-22 Werner Lemberg <>
[meson] Move auxiliary scripts to `builds/meson`.
Suggested by Alexei.
* scripts/*.py: Move meson scripts to...
* builds/meson/*.py: ... this new location.
* Updated.
2020-09-21 David Turner <>
Add python script for building tarballs.
* scripts/ New file.
This standalone Python script should be equivalent to running `make
dist` with the Make-based build system, with the following minor
- Since `make distclean` doesn't always clean up `objs/` properly,
`make dist` archives may contain some stale binaries like
`objs/.libs/` or others.
- `config.guess` and `config.sub` are not updated unless option
`--gnu-config-dir=DIR` is used to specify the location of these
- Some bits of the auto-generated reference documentation may
appear in slightly different order, probably due to issues related
to mkdocs and docwriter.
As an example, the call
scripts/ /tmp/freetype2-dist
creates the following files under `/tmp/freetype2-dist`:
2020-09-21 Werner Lemberg <>
* scripts/ Fix regex typos.
2020-09-21 David Turner <>
Add Meson build project file.
Example usage:
# Configure Meson build in directory `build-meson` to generate
# release binaries comparable to to the ones from the
# autotools/make build system.
meson setup build-meson \
--prefix=/usr/local \
--buildtype=debugoptimized \
--strip \
# After configuring the Meson build with the above command,
# compile and install to `/usr/local/`; this includes a pkg-config
# file.
ninja -C build-meson install
# Alternatively, compile and install to `/tmp/aa/usr/local/...`
# for packaging.
DESTDIR=/tmp/aa ninja -C build-meson install
# Generate documentation under `build-meson/docs`.
ninja -C build-meson docs
Library size comparison for stripped `` generated by
all three build systems:
- Default build (autotools + libtool): 712 KiB
- CMake build (RelWithDebInfo): 712 KiB
- Meson build: 712 KiB
* New top-level Meson build file for the library.
* meson_options.txt: New file. It holds user-selectable options for
the build, which can be printed with `meson configure`, and selected
at `meson setup` or `meson --reconfigure` time with
* scripts/ A script invoked by `` to
parse `modules.cfg` and extract important information out of it
(i.e., the list of modules).
* scripts/ New script invoked by ``
to process the original `ftoption.h` file. It enables or disables
configuration macro variables based on the available dependencies.
This is similar to what other build systems are using (i.e., Meson's
`configure_file()` command is not used here).
* scripts/ New script invoked by
`` to extract the FreeType version number from
* scripts/ New script invoked by
`` to extract the libtool `revision_info` data from
`builds/unix/configure.raw`, and to generate the corresponding
shared library suffix.
* scripts/ New script invoked by
`` to generate the FreeType 2 reference documentation
(using the `docwriter` and `mkdocs` packages, which must be already
2020-09-11 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[raster] Improve the second pass (#58373).
Besides dropout control the second horizontal sweep is supposed to
clean up straight horizontal edges that are mishandled by the first
vertical sweep when a line passes through pixel centers. This line
would present as perfectly aligned span edges in the second sweep.
* src/raster/ftraster.c (Horizontal_Sweep_Span): Replace the old
implementation with a better one focusing on aligned span edges only.
2020-09-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[raster] Tune SMART macro (#58352).
Windows seems to perform smart dropout control at 26.6 precision.
To mimick Windows independent of increased precision, we need to tweak
the macro so that some close calls break down rather than up.
* src/raster/ftraster.c (SMART): Tweak the macro.
2020-09-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[raster] Introduce SMART macro.
* src/raster/ftraster.c (SMART): New macro for smart dropout rounding.
(Verstical_Sweep_Drop, Horizontal_Sweep_Drop): Use it.
2020-09-03 Boris Dalstein <>
[build] Make CMake install basic version information.
* CMakeLists.txt: Do it.
2020-09-02 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[truetype] Reduce Infinality footprint (cont'd).
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_DELTAP): Shrink variable scope.
(Ins_SHPIX, Ins_MIRP): Revise if-logic.
2020-09-02 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[truetype] Reduce Infinality footprint.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_SHPIX, Ins_MSIRP, Ins_MIAP, Ins_MDRP,
Ins_MIRP): Shrink variable scopes and consolidate ifdefs.
2020-09-01 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[truetype] Refactor compensation color.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.h (TT_Round_Func): Change the last argument.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_ROUND, Ins_NROUND, Ins_MDAP, Ins_MIAP,
Ins_MDRP, Ins_MIRP): Move compensation retrieval from here...
(Round_*): ... to here.
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_size_init_bytecode): Reserve zero
compensation at color index 3.
2020-08-28 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Don't set target in direct mode.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_raster_overlap): Remove assignment.
(ft_smooth_raster_lcd) [!FT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_RENDERING]: Ditto.
2020-08-25 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_raster_overlap): Limit width.
Segmentation fault reported as
2020-08-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Get_VMetrics): Add tracing message.
2020-08-05 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
FT_OUTLINE_OVERLAP to render them with direct oversampling, which
mitigates artifacts (see 3bb512bc9f62).
* include/freetype/ftimage.h (FT_OUTLINE_OVERLAP): Redefine to rhyme
* src/base/ftgloadr.c (FT_GlyphLoader_Rewind): Reset outline flags.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c
(TT_Load_Simple_Glyph): Retain OVERLAP_SIMPLE.
(load_truetype_glyph): Retain OVERLAP_COMPOUND.
2020-08-04 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): More tracing.
2020-07-28 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Hide internal functions with SunPro.
* include/freetype/internal/compiler-macros.h
2020-07-28 Anuj Verma <>
Fix static compilation with Visual C.
* include/freetype/internal/compiler-macros.h
2020-07-28 Priyesh Kumar <>
Fix `-Wformat' compiler warnings.
* src/*: Fix format specifiers.
* builds/unix/ftsystem.c (FT_Stream_Open): Ditto.
2020-07-25 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix `-Wformat' compiler warnings.
Problem reported by Priyesh kumar <>
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Decompose): Fix number of arguments
to tracing macro.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (bdf_cmap_char_next, bdf_get_bdf_property):
* src/cache/ftcbasic.c (ftc_basic_family_get_count): Ditto.
Reformulate message.
* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (pcf_get_bdf_property): Ditto.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Ditto.
Trace table offset, too.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_apply_tuple): Ditto.
2020-07-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_decompress): Fix compiler warning.
Reported by Hin-Tak.
2020-07-12 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Fix inclusion of `ftoption.h'.
2020-07-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix clang warnings.
* include/freetype/internal/autohint.h
* src/autofit/afmodule.h: Use it to declare
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_DECLARE_GLYPH): New macro.
* src/base/ftbase.h: Use it to declare `ft_bitmap_glyph_class' and
* src/base/ftglyph.c: Include `ftbase.h'.
* src/cff/cffparse.c (cff_parser_run): Fix type of `t2_size'.
* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (pcf_cmap_char_next): Fix type of `result'.
* src/psaux/psauxmod.c (psaux_module_class): Use `FT_DEFINE_MODULE'.
* src/psaux/psauxmod.h: Declare `afm_parser_funcs',
`t1_cmap_classes', `cff_decoder_funcs', and `psaux_module_class'.
* src/pshinter/pshmod.c: Include `pshmod.h'.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (ROUND4, WRITE_SHORT): Fix implicit sign
(compute_ULong_sum): Fix return type.
Fix implicit sign conversion.
(store_points): Fix type of `last_flag', `repeat_count', and `flag'.
Use casts to avoid warnings.
(reconstruct_glyf): Fix implicit sign conversion.
Use cast to avoid warning.
(get_x_mins): Fix implicit sign conversion.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c: Undef `TTCMAPCITEM'.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.h: Define `TTCMAPCITEM' and include `ttcmapc.h' to
declare cmap classes.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_overlap_spans): Use cast.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_MIAP): Fix typo.
2020-07-07 David Turner <>
[build] Really fix multi and C++ builds.
The following builds were still failing due to previous changes:
make multi
make multi CC="c++"
make CC="c++"
This patch fixes the issues, which were missing includes to get the
right macro definitions in multi-build mode.
Also, `FT_UNUSED' is actually used by third-party code, so move it
back to `public-macros.h' to avoid breaking it.
* include/freetype/config/public-macros.h (FT_EXPORT): Remove
special definition for C++.
(FT_UNUSED): Define here instead of...
* include/freetype/config/compiler-macros.h: ... here.
(FT_FUNCTION_DECLARATION): Remove special definition for C++.
(FT_LOCAL_ARRAY_DEF): Fix definition.
* src/cache/ftccback.h, src/lzw/ftzopen.h, src/gxvalid/gxvmort.h,
src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.h: Add `FT_BEGIN_HEADER' and `FT_END_HEADER'.
2020-07-06 David Turner <>
[build] Fix multi and C++ builds.
The following builds were failing due to previous changes:
make multi
make multi CC="c++"
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Remove `FT_END_HEADER'.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_BEGIN_HEADER,
FT_END_HEADER): Protect against redefinition.
* src/cache/ftccache.h, src/cache/ftcmru.h, src/pcf/pcfutil.h,
src/psaux/pserror.h, src/psaux/psft.h, src/psaux/psstack.h,
src/sfnt/woff2tags.h: Include `compiler-macros.h'.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.c: Include `woff2tags.h'.
2020-07-06 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Improve `t1_decoder_parse_metrics' (#58646).
* src/psaux/t1decode.c (t1_decoder_parse_metrics): Copy
corresponding code from old engine's `t1_decoder_parse_charstrings'
function to handle `op_callsubr' and `op_return'.
2020-07-05 David Turner <>
[build] Improve visibility support of library function names.
* include/freetype/config/public-macros.h
(FT_PUBLIC_FUNCTION_ATTRIBUTE): New macro to tag functions as
public (and thus exportable).
(FT_EXPORT): Use it.
* include/freetype/config/compiler-macros.h
(FT_INTERNAL_FUNCTION_ATTRIBUTE): New macro to tag functions as
internal to the library (and thus hidden). Note that on ELF
systems, all internal functions have hidden visibility, which avoids
the need to enforce this when invoking the compiler (e.g., with an
option like `-fvisibility=hidden').
to deal with C and C++ linkage issues at the same time.
FT_BASE_CALLBACK_DEF): Redefined using new macros.
2020-07-05 David Turner <>
[build] Split off more stuff from `ftconfig.h'.
* builds/unix/, builds/vms/ftconfig.h,
include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Split off macro definitions
required by the FreeType API headers to...
* include/freetype/config/public-macros.h: ...this new file.
* builds/unix/, builds/vms/ftconfig.h,
include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Split off macro definitions used
by the library but not to be exposed to clients to...
* include/freetype/config/compiler-macros.h: ...this new file.
* include/freetype/internal/*.h, src/raster/ftraster.h: Include
`compiler-macros.h' where needed.
2020-07-05 David Turner <>
[build] Move mac support code to `mac-support.h'.
* builds/unix/, builds/vms/ftconfig.h,
include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Split off mac-specific stuff
* include/freetype/config/mac-support.h: ...this new file.
* CMakeLists.txt, builds/unix/configure.raw: Remove `/undef ->
#undef' string replacement; the affected code is no longer part of
the `ftconfig.h' template.
2020-07-05 David Turner <>
[build] Put integer type definitions into `integer-types.h'.
Refactor some of the `ftconfig.h' headers and template to move the
definition of the FreeType integer types (e.g., `FT_Int16') to a
common header file `freetype/config/integer-types.h'.
* builds/unix/, builds/vms/ftconfig.h,
include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Split off integer type
definition stuff to...
* include/freetype/config/integer-types.h: ...this new file.
* builds/unix/ Control the definition of
`FT_SIZEOF_INT' and `FT_SIZEOF_LONG' with macro
`FT_USE_AUTOCONF_SIZEOF_TYPES'. If these are not defined, auto
detection happens in `integer-types.h' as usual based on `INTXX_MAX'
values. Otherwise the autoconf-detected values are used.
* builds/unix/configure.raw (CPPFLAGS): Don't include path to
`config' directory. Instead, ...
(FT_CONFIG_STANDARD_LIBRARY_H): Use complete path.
2020-07-05 David Turner <>
[build] Rename `build/unix/' to `'.
Since we are no longer limited to 8.3 file names, it is simpler to
follow the usual conventions for template files.
* builds/unix/ Renamed to...
* builds/unix/ ...this.
* CMakeLists.txt, builds/unix/configure.raw: Updated.
2020-07-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Introduce direct oversampling for overlaps.
This implements oversampling to mitigate artifacts in pixels partially
covered by overlapping contours. It turns out that the 4x4
oversampling is sufficient but, at least, quadruples the rendering
time. The outline has to set FT_OUTLINE_OVERLAP to use this method.
* include/freetype/ftimage.h (FT_OUTLINE_OVERLAP): New flag.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render): Check it to...
(ft_smooth_raster_overlap): ... inflate outline and set up direct
rendering for oversampling with...
(ft_smooth_overlap_spans): ... new span function that integrates them.
2020-07-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Use direct rendering mode in Harmony.
Instead of rendering 3 bitmaps side by side and reshuffling, we use
direct rendering to deliver the bitmaps on each third byte.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_raster_lcd)
[!FT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_RENDERING]: Set up direct mode with...
(ft_smooth_lcd_spans): ... new span function.
2020-07-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Separate LCD paths from gray rendering.
This makes `ft_smooth_render' a lot smaller and easier to follow. It
also cleanly separates Harmony and ClearType-style LCD rendering
algorithms. Now I only wish to move LCD filtering and geometry from
FT_Library to FT_Renderer.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render): Move LCD code from here...
(ft_smooth_raster_lcd, ft_smooth_raster_lcdv): ... to here.
2020-06-20 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[cff] Fix handling of `style_name == NULL' (#58630).
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_face_init): If a call to `cff_strcpy' fails
by returning NULL in `cff_face_init', `remove_style' is still
called. This means that the NULL pointer is dereferenced, causing a
2020-06-19 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[cff] Fix another two memory leaks (#58629).
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_size_init): If a call to `funcs->create'
fails to allocate one of the `internal->subfont' variables, make
sure to free `internal->topfont' and any successfully allocated
2020-06-19 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[psaux] Fix memory leak (#58626).
* src/psaux/psstack.c (cf2_stack_init): If `cf2_stack_init' fails to
allocate the stack, return error early.
2020-06-19 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[base] Fix memory leak (#58624).
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_New_Size): Avoid trying to free
`size->internal' unless `size' has been allocated. This mistake
appeared in the fix for issue #58611.
2020-06-19 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] Rework d1180b5f9598 until further notice.
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Get_Orientation): Reject large
2020-06-19 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[cff, cid] Fix segfaults in case of error (#58621).
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_slot_done), src/cid/cidobjs.c
(cid_slot_done): If `ft_glyphslot_init' fails to allocate
`internal', then the class' `done_slot' callback (called by
`ft_glyphslot_done') must not dereference the pointer to `internal'.
2020-06-19 Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Fix UBSAN error.
Reported as
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Get_Orientation): Avoid values
larger than 32 bits.
2020-06-19 Werner Lemberg <>
[woff2] Fix segfault.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (get_x_mins): Check whether `loca' table
2020-06-19 Stephen McDowell <>
[sfnt] Support Intel compilers.
* src/sfnt/pngshim.c (premultiply_data): Intel compilers do not
currently support `__builtin_shuffle'.
2020-06-19 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[base] Fix memory leak (#58611).
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_New_Size): When the call to `clazz->init_size'
fails, make sure to free `size->internal'.
2020-06-19 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[cff] Fix memory leak (#58610).
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_size_init): When the call to
`funcs->create' fails, make sure to free `internal'.
2020-06-19 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_index_get_pointers): Rename `t' to `tbl'.
2020-06-19 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[cff] Free table upon error allocating other data (#58609).
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_index_get_pointers): When new_bytes fails
to allocate, make sure to free the table. Do the same for both
allocations if there is a later error.
2020-06-13 Werner Lemberg <>
Remove redundant inclusion of `ft2build.h'.
* */*: Remove `#include <ft2build.h>' where possible.
* include/freetype/freetype.h: Remove cpp error about missing
inclusion of `ft2build.h'.
2020-06-08 David Turner <>
Make macros for header file names optional.
We no longer have to take care of the 8.3 file name limit; this
allows us (a) to introduce longer, meaningful file names, and (b) to
avoid macro names in `#include' lines altogether since some
compilers (most notably Visual C++) doesn't support this properly.
*/*: Replace
#include FOO_H
#include <freetype/foo.h>
or something similar. Also update the documentation.
2020-06-02 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_face_build_cmaps): Trace number of cmaps.
2020-05-18 David Turner <>
Remove obsolete HAVE_STDINT_H probing macro.
This macro was updated by the unix configure script and the
`CMakeLists.txt' one, but is never used in the source tree (nor is
<stdint.h> included anywhere).
* CMakeLists.txt, builds/unix/ Don't handle
2020-05-18 David Turner <>
Remove Jamfile files from the tree.
These have not been used in a very, very long time, so better remove
them. A corresponding patch will be submitted to the
`freetype2-demos' repository.
* src/Jamfile, src/*/Jamfile, Jamrules: Delete.
2020-05-12 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Turn on LCD filtering during FreeType initialization.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_init): Enable LCD filtering.
* include/freetype/ftlcdfil.h: Document it, remove patent warnings.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Render_Mode): Updated.
* include/freetype/config/ftoption.h, devel/ftoption.h
2020-05-11 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Stop using dedicated LCD modules and classes.
The LCD modules were never truly independent. They mostly served as
a way to disable patented LCD rendering, which is no longer necessary.
The `smooth' module now handles LCD modes as well.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_lcd_renderer_class.
ft_smooth_lcdv_renderer_class): Deleted.
(ft_render_smooth): Reworked from `ft_render_smooth_generic'.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.h: Remove dedicated LCD classes.
* src/smooth/ Remove dedicated LCD modules.
* include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h: Ditto.
* builds/amiga/include/config/ftmodule.h: Ditto.
* include/freetype/ftmodapi.h: Do not mention LCD modules.
2020-05-09 Werner Lemberg <>
* Version 2.10.2 released.
Tag sources with `VER-2-10-2'.
* docs/VERSION.TXT: Add entry for version 2.10.2.
* README, Jamfile (RefDoc), src/base/ftver.rc,
builds/windows/vc2010/index.html, builds/windows/visualc/index.html,
builds/wince/vc2008-ce/index.html, docs/freetype-config.1:
s/2.10.1/2.10.2/, s/2101/2102/.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FREETYPE_PATCH): Set to 2.
* builds/unix/configure.raw (version_info): Set to 23:2:17.
* CMakeLists.txt (VERSION_PATCH): Set to 2.
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
2020-05-08 Jakub Alba <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (TT_RunIns): Adjust loop counter (#58319).
The font that exceeds the old limit is Icono Regular, version
2020-05-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* builds/ Refactor for readability.
2020-05-02 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[builds] Clean up Windows CE project files.
Remove version from filenames that caused a lot of polution in the
release process. Use VERSIONINFO resource instead.
* builds/wince/vc2005-ce/freetype.vcproj,
builds/windows/visualce/freetype.dsp: s/2101//g, but add `ftver.rc'.
* builds/wince/vc2008-ce/index.html,
builds/windows/visualce/index.html: s/2101//g.
2020-05-01 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* devel/ft2build.h: Override FT_CONFIG_MODULES_H here as well.
2020-05-01 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[builds/unix] Consolidate marco overrides (for the demos to see them).
Override them here...
* builds/ ... instead of here.
2020-04-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Allow setting `CC' in Unix build (#58051).
* builds/unix/ (CC): Use `override'. The command line
value of `CC' (if any) is stored already in `CCraw'.
2020-04-04 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Return if single stream operation fails.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (get_x_mins): Do it.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.c: Remove unused include.
2020-03-22 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[docs] Fix building docs if `srcdir' != `builddir'.
`docs/reference/*' was moved one directory up in commit 237fed6.
* builds/unix/ (PIP): Remove variable.
* configure: Create `docs' directory and copy assets from
* docs/README: Output directory is `reference'.
2020-03-21 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[docwriter] Drop support for Python < 3.5.
Python versions < 3.5 have reached end-of-life and as such, no
security or bug fixes will be provided for those versions. See
for more information.
* Jamfile (RefDoc): Add `site' parameter.
* builds/ (std_setup): Update Python version requirement.
* builds/ (refdoc-venv): Use pip as `python -m pip'.
* builds/unix/ax_compare_version.m4,
builds/unix/ax_prog_python_version.m4: Macros to detect Python
version. New files.
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Check for Python >= 3.5 and remove
check for `pip'.
* docs/CHANGES, docs/INSTALL.GNU, docs/README: Updated.
2020-03-02 Moazin Khatti <>
[gzip] Support `gzip' encoded header conditionally.
In order to support `gzip' encoded header the call to
`inflateInit2' was modified in commit 6a92b1fadde26477a9179.
However, this code breaks with the outdated internal version
of zlib. This is a temporary fix to conditionally support
`gzip' encoded header whenever a system installation of zlib
is being used.
Problem report in
* src/gzip/ftgzip.c (FT_Gzip_Uncompress): Change the the call to
`inflateInit2' depending on whether the system installation is
being used or the internal copy.
2020-02-29 Ben Wagner <>
[truetype] Fix state of `FT_Face' for buggy `gvar' tables (#57923).
By resetting the blend as implemented with this commit fonts with
invalid `gvar' tables may keep calling into `ft_var_load_gvar' from
`tt_set_mm_blend' and failing, but the font was invalid anyway and
we want to keep seeing the failure in `tt_set_mm_blend'.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_load_gvar): Calculate length of
offset array once.
Allocate arrays after `FT_FRAME_ENTER' (extra check before
allocating and avoid needing to free array later if error entering
Always call `FT_FRAME_EXIT'.
Consistently set counts immediately after array initialized.
Reset the blend (particularly `blend->glyphoffsets') on failure.
2020-03-01 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[docs] Update docwriter stylesheet.
This change is required to support docwriter 1.2.1.
for more information.
* docs/markdown/stylesheets/extra.css:
(.md-typeset code) -> (.md-typeset pre>code)
(pre) -> (pre>code)
(p, .md-typeset p, h4): Remove commented styles.
(table.index): Remove unused styles.
2020-02-28 Ben Wagner <>
[truetype] Add better checks for loading `gvar' table (#57905).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_load_gvar): Delay settings of any
`blend->xxxcount' values until the corresponding data has been
Also do some sanitizing to avoid a too early exit.
(TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas): Improve tracing message.
2020-02-27 Werner Lemberg <>
Make `FT_HAS_*' and `FT_IS_*' really return true (#57906).
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_HAS_*, FT_IS_*): Implement it.
2020-02-25 Dominik Röttsches <>
Fix for CFF space glyph regression (#57541).
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_decoder_parse_substrings): Replace early-out
2020-02-22 Werner Lemberg <>
[woff2] Fix font table access.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (get_x_mins): Explicitly check for presence of
`head' table, which might not have been processed yet.
2020-02-21 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Make `t1_decoder_parse_metrics' handle `op_div' (#57519).
* src/psaux/t1decode.c (t1_decoder_parse_metrics): Copy
corresponding code from old engine's `t1_decoder_parse_charstrings'
2020-02-19 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
[autofit] Add support for Hanifi Rohingya script.
* src/autofit/afblue.dat: Add blue zone data for Hanifi Rohingya.
* src/autofit/afblue.c, src/autofit/afblue.h: Regenerated.
* src/autofit/afscript.h: Add Hanifi Rohingya standard character.
* src/autofit/afranges.c, src/autofit/afstyles.h: Add Hanifi
Rohingya data.
2020-02-19 Werner Lemberg <>
Require HarfBuzz 1.8.
* builds/unix/configure.raw, CMakeLists.txt: Request HarfBuzz 1.8.0
or newer.
We are going to add auto-hinter support for Hanifi Rohingya, which
was introduced in Unicode 11.0.
2020-02-12 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_face_build_cmaps): Ignore version (#57708).
2020-02-04 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (TT_RunIns): Adjust loop counter (#57732).
The font that exceeds the old limit is Constantine, version 1.001.
2020-01-04 Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Fix `FREETYPE_PROPERTIES=type1:hinting-engine=adobe`.
* src/base/ftpsprop.c (ps_property_set) [hinting-engine]: Avoid an
incorrect return value that caused a warning. The function did the
right thing, though.
2020-01-03 Werner Lemberg <>
[woff2] Fix memory leaks and a runtime warning.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (compute_ULong_sum): Add missing cast.
(reconstruct_hmtx): Add missing deallocation calls.
2020-01-02 Dominik Röttsches <>
[truetype] Fix UBSan warning on offset to nullptr (#57501).
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_CALL): Fail if `exc->FDefs' is null.
2019-12-31 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Allow bitmap-only fonts (#57394).
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_font): Fix test for `glyf' and
`loca' tables.
2019-12-21 Hugh McMaster <>
[docs] (2/2) Fix generation of API documentation (#56745).
Creating the API Reference in the (new) `reference' sub-directory is
consistent with other documentation sub-topics, such as `design',
`glyphs' and `tutorial'.
This patch fixes broken hyperlinks in the documentation pointing to
and from the API Reference. It also allows web assets to load from
their relative paths.
* builds/ (DOC_DIR): Adjust.
(refdoc, refdoc-venv): Add `--site' argument.
* builds/ (do-dist): Updated.
2019-12-21 Hugh McMaster <>
[docs] (1/2) Move static web assets (#56745).
* docs/reference/*: Move ...
* docs: ... one directory up.
2019-12-21 Dominik Röttsches <>
Fix more UBSan warnings on adding offset to nullptr (#57432).
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_LOOPCALL), src/psaux/psft.c
(cf2_initLocalRegionBuffer): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
2019-12-16 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Fix UBSan warnings on adding offsets to nullptr.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_FDEF, Ins_IDEF): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
2019-12-14 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Fix integer overflow.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_MIRP): Use `ADD_LONG'.
2019-12-13 Werner Lemberg <>
Another bunch of UBSan warnings on adding offsets to nullptr.
Reported as
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_hints_compute_segments,
af_latin_hints_compute_edges): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
* src/base/ftstream.c (FT_Stream_EnterFrame): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings): Exit early
if there is no charstring.
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (t1_decrypt): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Exit early for
zero bitmap dimensions.
2019-12-09 Dominik Röttsches <>
Fix more UBSan warnings on adding offset to nullptr (#57384).
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic),
src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_table_add): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
2019-12-05 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (TT_RunIns): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
Reported as
2019-12-03 Werner Lemberg <>
More nullptr offset UBSan warnings (#57331, #57347).
* src/autofit/afcjk.c (af_cjk_hints_compute_segments),
src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_getSeacComponent), src/truetype/ttinterp.c
2019-11-29 Dominik Röttsches <>
Avoid more nullptr offset UBSan warnings (#57316).
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Transform): Bail on empty points.
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_subfont_load): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_decoder_parse_substrings): Early out if
`charstring_base' or `charstring_len' are null.
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (tt_face_load_name): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
2019-11-23 John Stracke <>
[base] Really fix #57194.
Apply accidentally missed second part of patch.
* src/base/ftgloadr.c (FT_GlyphLoader_CheckPoints): Call
2019-11-23 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Avoid sanitizer warning (#57289).
* src/truetype/ttpload.c (tt_face_get_device_metrics): Use
2019-11-23 Armin Hasitzka <>
[truetype] Fix integer overflow (#57287).
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (compute_glyph_metrics): Use `SUB_LONG'.
2019-11-23 Ben Wagner <>
[sfnt] Avoid sanitizer warning (#57286).
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_face_build_cmaps): Avoid possible `NULL +
offset' computation.
Tag `table' as `const'.
2019-11-23 John Stracke <>
Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Fix `NULL + offset' sanitizer warnings (#57194).
* src/base/ftgloadr.c (FT_GlyphLoader_Adjust_Points,
FT_GlyphLoader_Adjust_Subglyphs): Use `FT_OFFSET'.
(FT_GlyphLoader_CreateExtra): Add short cut if some values are zero.
2019-11-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h (FT_OFFSET): New macro.
Use this for `base + offset' pointer calculations where `base' can
be NULL (triggering a sanitizer warning even if the resulting
pointer gets never dereferenced since it is undefined behaviour
in C).
Suggested by Ben Wagner.
2019-11-23 Ben Wagner <>
[sfnt] Ensure OTTO fonts have tables (#57285).
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (tt_face_load_font_dir): Add test.
2019-11-23 Behdad Esfahbod <>
Minor fixes for recent compilers.
* src/gzip/infutil.h (inflate_mask): Add `const'.
* src/autofit/aflatin2.c: Include `ft2build.h'.
2019-11-07 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
* CMakeLists.txt: Minor additions to the notes, compile
builds/unix/ftsystem.c instead of src/base/ftsystem.c on UNIX.
The latter change is based on the code proposed by rim in #55235.
2019-10-25 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Check `num_fonts' for TTCs.
Reported as
2019-10-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Avoid undefined shift.
Also improve tracing.
Reported as
2019-10-10 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/sfnt/pngshim.c (premultiply_data): Optimize for __SSE__ only.
2019-10-10 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_glyf): Check `triplet_size'.
Reported as
2019-10-09 John Tytgat <>
[cff] Fix FT_FACE_FLAG_GLYPH_NAMES for CFF2 based fonts (#57023).
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_face_init): Don't set
FT_FACE_FLAG_GLYPH_NAMES for CFF2 based fonts.
2019-10-08 Werner Lemberg <>
[woff2] Fix SFNT table checks.
Also reduce number of SFNT table lookups.
Reported as
* include/freetype/internal/wofftypes.h (WOFF2_InfoRec): Add fields
`glyf_table', `loca_table', and `head_table'.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_glyf): Update signature.
Use table pointers in `info' parameter.
(get_x_mins): Check `maxp_table'
Use table pointers in `info' parameter.
(reconstruct_font): Use and set table pointers in `info' parameter.
Fix check for `glyf' and `loca' tables.
Update call to `reconstruct_glyf'.
(woff2_open_font): Updated.
2019-10-06 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_glyf): Fix reallocation.
Reported as
2019-10-06 Werner Lemberg <>
Improve memory debugging.
* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h (FT_MEM_FREE): Use
`FT_DEBUG_INNER' to set source code file name and line.
* src/base/ftdbgmem.c (ft_mem_table_remove): Better formatting of
tracing message.
2019-10-03 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2 (reconstruct_font): Fix reallocation.
Reported as
2019-10-01 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftstroke.c (ft_stroker_inside): Speed up.
2019-10-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2 (woff2_open_font): Initialize `woff2.ttc_fonts'.
Reported as
2019-09-30 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_font): Fix memory leak.
Reported as
2019-09-30 Werner Lemberg <>
[woff2] Reject fonts without `head' table.
Also fix memory deallocation in case of error.
`head' problem reported as
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_glyf): Don't use `stream_close'.
Abort if `head_table' is NULL.
Don't free `transformed_buf' in case of error.
(woff2_open_font): Don't set `uncompressed_buf' to NULL.
2019-09-29 Werner Lemberg <>
[woff2] Fix compiler warnings.
Problem reported by Alexei.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_glyf): Initialize `x_min'.
(reconstruct_font): Initialize `num_hmetrics'.
(woff2_open_font): Initialize `info'.
2019-09-28 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Fix sanity check.
Correct thinkos in patch from 2019-09-01.
2019-09-28 Werner Lemberg <>
[woff2] Fix memory leaks.
One of them reported as
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Free `info->x_mins' and
(reconstruct_glyf): Initialize `info->x_mins'.
2019-09-27 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftstroke.c (ft_stroker_cap): Speed up caps.
2019-09-25 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftstroke.c (ft_stroker_outside): Speed up clipped miter.
* include/freetype/ftstroke.h: Wordsmith miter docs.
2019-09-25 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Check (sum of) table sizes.
Reported as
2019-09-23 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftstroke.c (ft_stroke_border_arcto): Speed up calculations.
2019-09-20 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Fix memory leaks.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Fix error handling.
Free `uncompressed_buf'.
(reconstruct_font): Free `transformed_buf'.
2019-09-17 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/otvalid/otvcommon.c (otv_Coverage_get_last): Guard `count'.
Problem reported by Marc Schönefeld <>.
2019-09-17 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Check table index.
Reported as
2019-09-15 Avi Halachmi (:avih) <>
[cmake] Don't fail if brotli is missing (#56894).
The libs which cmake controls are commented out at
and cmake un-comment each enabled library, but the brotli option was
not commented out, therefore `FT_CONFIG_OPTION_USE_BROTLI' remained
defined even if brotli was missing/disabled/etc.
Comment it such that cmake can control it, which means leaving it
undefined if brotli is missing.
* include/freetype/config/ftoption.h: Fix typo.
2019-09-05 Werner Lemberg <>
[cmake] Add brotli support.
* CMakeLists.txt (FT_WITH_BROTLI): New option.
* builds/cmake/FindBrotliDec.cmake: New file.
2019-09-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix handling of `AF_CONFIG_OPTION_INDIC'.
* devel/ftoption.h, include/freetype/config/ftoption.h:
2019-09-05 Werner Lemberg <>
CMakeLists.txt: Fix generation of DLL related stuff (#56852).
Extract `version_info' variable from `builds/unix/configure.raw' and
use the data to correctly set `LIBRARY_VERSION' and
Also use the data to set `ft_version' field in `freetype2.pc'.
Also fix the needed minimum version of HarfBuzz in `freetype2.pc'.
2019-09-03 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (compute_ULong_sum): Fix undefined shift.
Reported as
2019-09-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Add sanity check.
Don't trust `totalSfntSize' unconditionally.
Reported as
2019-08-27 Dominik Röttsches <>
[woff2] Don't use `FT_UInt64' (#56815).
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Use `FT_UInt32' for
`file_offset'. This fixes builds on platforms where `FT_LONG64' is
not defined while still being sufficient to store a file offset.
2019-08-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Prevent crash in `TT_Set_Named_Instance' (#56813).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Set_Named_Instance): Fix error
2019-08-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[woff2] Fix compiler warnings.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (read_num_hmetrics): Remove unused argument
Update caller.
(triplet_decode, compute_bbox, store_loca, reconstruct_glyf): Make
`i' variable unsigned.
(reconstruct_glyph): Remove condition which is always false.
(reconstruct_html): Removed unused argument `transformed_size'.
Update caller.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.c (woff2_known_tags): Remove condition which is
always false.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Check whether known tag is in array bounds.
If table tag is not 0x3f, we expect a value between 0 and 62. If
this is not the case, exit with errors.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2/c: Check whether table tag makes sense.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.c: Return 0 if tag is out of bounds.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c: Improve trace comments.
Adjust tracing levels for comments, and more formatting.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Support `hmtx' reconstruction when `glyf' is untransformed.
`reconstruct_hmtx' requires `info->x_mins' and `info->num_glyphs' to
reconstruct the hmtx table. In case glyf is not transformed, we
call `get_x_mins' which does the necessary work.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (get_x_mins): New function.
(reconstruct_font): Call get_x_mins.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[sfnt] Support `face->num_faces' for WOFF2 fonts.
Set correct value of `face->num_faces' for WOFF2 fonts. This is
being handled separately because we only load the tables for the
requested font face in `woff2_open_font' and create a single-face
sfnt stream.
The full discussion is at:
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_open_font): Add parameter
(sfnt_init_face): Introduce variable `woff2_num_faces', and change
`face->root.num_faces' if `woff2_num_faces' is set.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Validate requested face
index and handle negative face indices.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.h (woff2_open_font): Add parameter `num_faces' to
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Improve memory and error handling.
Free up memory after use, and improve error handling.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_font, woff2_open_font): Implement
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Avoid too many calls to `FT_REALLOC'.
We do this by using `totalSfntSize' as an initial reference, and
extending the buffer when required. This reduces rendering time
* include/freetype/internal/wofftypes.h (WOFF2_HeaderRec): Add
`totalSfntSize', rename `total_sfnt_size' to `actual_sfnt_size'.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (write_buf): Add parameter `dst_size' to keep
track of and update total size of stream.
(WRITE_SFNT_BUF, WRITE_SFNT_BUF_AT): Modify macros accordingly.
(pad4, store_loca, reconstruct_glyf, reconstruct_hmtx,
reconstruct_font): Update parameters to accept `sfnt_size'.
(woff2_open_font): Add variable `sfnt_size'. Use WOFF2 header field
`totalSfntSize' as initial reference (if value makes sense) and
allocate `totalSfntSize' bytes for the sfnt stream. `write_buf'
handles reallocation if and when required. Also resize the stream
to `actual_sfnt_size' after reconstruction.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Reconstruct `loca', `hmtx', and swap out stream.
Add necessary functions to reconstruct loca and hmtx tables (the two
remaining tables that can have a transform). `woff2_open_font' is
now capable of loading a woff2 font face. This code may still need
more refining and better memory management.
* include/freetype/internal/wofftypes.h (WOFF2_HeaderRec): Add total
(final) size of sfnt stream.
(WOFF2_InfoRec): Add header checksum value.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_open_font): Change `face_instance_index'
parameter to its pointer so its value can be modified by
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c: (WRITE_SFNT_BUF_AT): New macro to write into
sfnt buffer at given position.
(write_buf): Add parameter `extend_buf' which allows caller to
specify whether buffer should be reallocated before copying data.
(WRITE_SFNT_BUF): Updated.
(pad4, store_loca, reconstruct_htmx): New functions.
(reconstruct_glyf): Calculate loca values and store them.
(reconstruct_font): Call `reconstruct_hmtx', write table record
entries, and calculate table checksums. Also calculate font
checksum and update `checksumAdjustment' entry in head table.
(woff2_open_font): Open stream for sfnt buffer, swap out input
stream and return.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.h (woff2_open_font): Modify parameter to accept
pointer to `face_index'.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Reconstruct transformed `glyf' table.
Reconstruct `glyf' table if it is transformed in the uncompressed
table stream. Also add necessary structures, macros and functions.
* include/freetype/internal/wofftypes.h (WOFF2_InfoRec,
WOFF2_SubstreamRec, WOFF2_PointRec): New structures.
(WOFF2_TableRec): s/OrigLength/dst_length/.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (READ_255USHORT, READ_BASE128): Use
`FT_SET_ERROR' to set implicit `error' variable.
(WRITE_SHORT): New macro.
refer to substreams of the transformed `glyf' tables.
(Read255UShort, ReadBase128): Return errors set by `FT_READ_XXX'
(with_sign, safe_int_addition): New functions to add sign to values
based on a flag and perform safe addition respectively.
(triplet_decode): Decode variable-length (flag, xCoordinate,
yCoordinate) triplet for a simple glyph. See
(store_points, compute_bbox, composteGlyph_size, reconstruct_glyf):
New functions.
(reconstruct_font): Call `reconstruct_glyf'.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.h: Add required constants.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.h: Move out constants to `sfwoff2.h'.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Copy un-transformed tables to sfnt stream.
Copy un-transformed tables to the sfnt stream.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c: (WRITE_SFNT_BUF): New macro.
(write_buf): New function. Extend memory of `dst' buffer and copy
bytes from `src'.
(compute_ULong_sum): New function. Calculate checksum of table.
(reconstruct_font): Change `FT_Byte* sfnt' to `FT_Byte**
sfnt_bytes'. This has been done because we reallocate memory to
`sfnt' multiple times, which may change the pointer value of `sfnt'.
This new pointer must be propogated back to the caller. Same reason
for using a double pointer in `write_buf'.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.h (WOFF2_DEFAULT_MAX_SIZE): New macro used for
overflow checking.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Create stream for uncompressed buffer.
Uncompressed buffer is now an `FT_Stream'.
Perform basic checks and start iterating over tables.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (stream_close, find_table, read_num_hmetrics):
New functions.
(reconstruct_font): Modify parameters and iterate over tables.
(woff2_open_font): Updated.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Handle TTCs and start reconstructing font.
We `handle' TTCs by modifying the `indices' array to point to only
those tables that are part of the requested `face_index'.
Set and use `num_tables' in `WOFF2_TtcFont'.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (reconstruct_font): New function.
(woff2_open_font): Start reconstruction of font.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Get known tags from function.
Change `KnownTags' to a function (`woff2_known_tags'). This avoids
introducing a global constant array. This function returns the
specified index without *any* checks. The caller must ensure that
`index' is within array limits.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_open_font): Change `KnownTags[...]'
notation to `woff2_known_tags( ... )'.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.c: Perform changes.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.h: Update definitions.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Minor.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_uncompress): Add error message
(woff2_open_font): Free `uncompressed_buf'.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Uncompress Brotli streams and `face_index' support.
WOFF2 compressed stream is now uncompressed if Brotli is available.
This data is stored in a separate buffer (uncompressed_buf) because
it does not contain direct table data. Certain tables have
transformations applied to them, and they must be reconstructed
before we can write those tables to the SFNT stream.
`face_index' is now being passed as a parameter to
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_open_font): Add parameter
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (woff2_uncompress): New function.
(woff2_open_font): Call `woff2_uncompress'.
(compute_first_table_offset): Fix return type.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.h (woff2_open_font): Modify declaration.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Change argument name to `brotli'.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
Add Brotli dependency and required checks.
Brotli is required for decompressing WOFF2 font directory streams.
The library is thus being added as an optional dependency for
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Add checks for `libbrotlidec'.
* devel/ftoption.h, include/freetype/config/ftoption.h
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Write SFNT Offset table.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (WRITE_USHORT, WRITE_ULONG): New macros.
(compare_tags): New function.
(woff2_open_font): Implement it.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c: #undef macros.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[woff2] Read table and collection directory.
* include/freetype/internal/wofftypes.h (WOFF2_TtcFontRec): New
(WOFF2_HeaderRec): Add more fields.
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (READ_255USHORT, READ_BASE128, ROUND4): New
(Read255UShort, CollectionHeaderSize, compute_first_table_offset):
New functions.
(ReadBase128): Use `FT_READ_BYTE'.
(woff2_open_font): Add functionality to read table directory and
collection directory (if present).
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[sfnt] Include `woff2tags.c' for building.
* src/sfnt/ (SFNT_DRV_SRC): Add `woff2tags.c'.
* src/sfnt/sfnt.c: Include `woff2tags.c'.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[sfnt] Add WOFF2 constants.
Add constants required for WOFF2, and known table tags as defined in
the specification. See
for details.
* src/sfnt/woff2tags.c, src/sfnt/woff2tags.h: New files.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[sfnt] Read WOFF 2 header.
Check for WOFF2 tag, call `woff2_open_font', and implement it to read
header according to specification.
* include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h: Add `sfwoff2.c'.
* src/sfnt/ (SFNT_DRV_SRC): Add `sfwoff2.c'.
* src/sfnt/sfnt.c: Include `sfwoff2.c'.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_open_font): Check for `wOF2' tag and call
* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c, src/sfnt/sfwoff2.h: New files.
2019-08-27 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
Add structures for WOFF2.
Add structures and macro for WOFF 2 header and table directory.
* include/freetype/internal/wofftypes.h (WOFF2_HeaderRec,
WOFF2_TableRec_): New structures.
* include/freetype/tttags.h (TTAG_wOF2): New macro.
2019-08-26 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_operator_seac): Fix numeric overflow.
Reported as
2019-08-26 Werner Lemberg <>
[type1] Fix `FT_Get_Var_Axis_Flags' (#56804).
* src/type1/t1load.c (T1_Get_MM_Var): Allocate space for axis flags.
Also remove redundant assignment.
2019-07-24 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftbbox.c (cubic_peak): Sanitize left shift (#56586).
2019-07-22 Weiyi Wu <>
* src/cid/cidload.c (cid_hex_to_binary): Fix typo (#56653).
2019-07-12 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt, winfonts] Avoid memory leaks in case of error (#56587).
* src/sfnt/sfwoff.c (woff_open_font): Call `FT_FRAME_EXIT' in case
of error.
* src/winfonts/winfnt.c (fnt_face_get_dll_font): Ditto.
2019-07-12 Ben Wagner <>
Properly handle phantom points for variation fonts (#56601).
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Process_Simple_Glyph): Scale phantom
points if HVAR and/or VVAR is present.
2019-07-04 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] (2/2) Handle fonts that use SEAC for ligatures (#56580).
The same as previous commit but for the old engine.
* src/psaux/t1decode.c (t1operator_seac): Implement it.
2019-07-04 Chris Liddell <>
[psaux] (1/2) Handle fonts that use SEAC for ligatures (#56580).
As originally intended, a Type 1 SEAC charstring would be used for
an accented glyph (like `acaron' or `uumlaut'), where the advance
width of the SEAC glyph is the same as that of the `base' glyph
(like `a' or `u'). In this case it is not uncommon for the SEAC
glyph to not use an (H)SBW opcode of its own but to rely on the
value from the base glyph.
However, out-of-spec fonts also use SEAC glyphs for ligatures (like
`oe' or `fi'), and in those cases the overall advance width is
greater than that of the `base' glyph. For this reason we have to
allow that the SEAC glyph can have an (H)SBW value of its own, and
if it has, retain this value, rather than the one from the base
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_escSEAC>:
Implement it.
2019-07-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* Version 2.10.1 released.
Tag sources with `VER-2-10-1'.
* docs/VERSION.TXT: Add entry for version 2.10.1.
* README, Jamfile (RefDoc), src/base/ftver.rc,
builds/wince/vc2008-ce/index.html: s/2.10.0/2.10.1/, s/2100/2101/.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FREETYPE_PATCH): Set to 1.
* builds/unix/configure.raw (version_info): Set to 23:1:17.
* CMakeLists.txt (VERSION_PATCH): Set to 1.
* include/freetype/fterrors.h (FT_Error_String): Fix C++ compilation.
2019-06-26 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (bdf_cmap_char_{index,next}): Fix inequality.
Reported by Armin Hasitzka.
2019-06-16 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/tools/apinames.c: Formatting, minor edits.
2019-06-16 Werner Lemberg <>
[autofit] Disable hinting if no blue zones are available (#56450).
* src/autofit/afglobal.c (af_face_global_get_metrics): Start again
(with dummy hinter module) if no blue zones are present.
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_metrics_init_blues): Change
signature to return error code.
If no blue zones are found, update `glyph_styles' array to hold
AF_STYLE_NONE_DFLT instead of the current style.
(af_latin_metrics_init): Return internal error code if no blue zones
are found.
2019-06-16 Werner Lemberg <>
Towards better VMS support.
More to come.
* builds/vms/LIBS.OPT_IA64, builds/vms/_LINK.OPT_IA64,
builds/vms/vmslib.dat: New files provided by Jouk Jansen
* builds/vms/ftconfig.h: Update, also from Jouk.
2019-06-13 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_metrics_init_widths): Minor.
2019-06-13 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Restore the span buffering for direct mode only.
The buffer size FT_MAX_GRAY_SPANS is set to 10 spans, which should be
enough to cover the entire scanline for simple glyphs in most cases:
each slightly slanted edge needs up to two spans, plus a filling span
in-between. This is not new, we used to do it before cb4388783cecc.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_TWorker): Add `spans' and `num_spans'.
(gray_hline, gray_sweep): Implement the span buffering.
(gray_raster_render): Use negative `num_spans' to avoid the direct
2019-06-12 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* include/freetype/ftmodapi.h (FT_DebugHook_Func): Return error.
Fix a warning by adding a return value as in `TT_RunIns',
which should not be a compatibility issue.
2019-06-11 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_check_trickyness_family): Add `const'.
2019-06-11 Moazin Khatti <>
[gzip] Add support for `gzip' encoded header.
* src/gzip/ftgzip.c (FT_Gzip_Uncompress): Modify the the call to
`inflateInit2' to enable support for `gzip' encoded headers.
2019-06-10 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[type1,type42] Use `const' for string literals.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PS_Table_FuncsRec): Updated.
* include/freetype/internal/t1types.h (T1_EncodingRec): Updated.
* src/psaux/psobjs.[ch] (ps_table_add): Updated.
* src/type1/t1load.c (T1_Open_Face, parse_encoding): Updated.
* src/type42/t42objs.c (T42_Open_Face): Updated.
* src/type42/t42parse.c (t42_parse_encoding): Updated.
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_face_init): Minor.
2019-06-10 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[bdf,pcf] Use `const' for string literals.
* src/bdf/bdf.h (bdf_property_t): Updated `name'.
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (_bdf_list_split,bdf_create_property,
_bdf_add_property,_bdf_ato*): Updated.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (bdf_interpret_style): Updated.
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_intrpret_style): Ditto.
2019-06-07 Philip Race <>
* src/base/ftinit.c (FT_Set_Default_Properties): Fix crash.
Terminate loop at end of environment.
2019-05-31 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Solidify VC2005 builds.
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h (FT_MSB) [_MSC_VER]: Explicitly
declare `_BitScanReverse' intrinsic.
* builds/windows/visualc/freetype.vcproj [Debug]: Disable intrinsics.
2019-05-30 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[sfnt] Separate WOFF sources and headers.
Move WOFF sources and headers to separate files.
* include/freetype/internal/wofftypes.h, src/sfnt/sfwoff.c,
src/sfnt/sfwoff.h: New files.
* include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h: Register `sfwoff.c'.
* include/freetype/internal/internal.h: Define
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h: Include FT_INTERNAL_WOFF_TYPES_H.
* include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h: Move out WOFF structures.
* src/sfnt/ Add `sfwoff.c'.
* src/sfnt/sfnt.c: Include `sfwoff.c'.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c: Include `sfwoff.h', move out WOFF sources.
2019-05-30 Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Fix `make multi'.
Reported by Nikhil.
* src/base/fterrors.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_DEBUG_H.
2019-05-29 Ben Wagner <>
[truetype] Fix copy-and-paste error (#56409).
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (load_truetype_glyph): Use correct indices
into `unrounded' array for phantom points.
2019-05-29 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Fix 32bit builds (#56404).
Patch suggested by Ben Wagner <>.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (FT_fixedToInt, FT_fixedToFdot6): Remove
harmful cast to unsigned type.
2019-05-26 Ben Wagner <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Process_Simple_Glyph): Improve accuracy.
2019-05-23 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Draw glyphs without deltas in variation font (#56374).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas): Always fill
`unrounded' array.
2019-05-21 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (opcode_name): Improve mnemonics.
2019-05-16 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Actually scale varied CVT values.
Up to now, only the unscaled CVT values were varied; in other words,
the `CVAR' data was never used for bytecode hinting.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_cvt_ready_iterator): New auxiliary
(tt_face_vary_cvt): Use it to trigger rescaling of CVT values.
2019-05-16 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Use 26.6 format for storing unscaled CVT values.
If `CVAR' data is applied to variation fonts, fractional values are
* include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h (TT_FaceRec): Change type of
`cvt' from `FT_Short' to `FT_Int32'.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (FT_fdot6ToFixed): New macro.
(tt_face_vary_cvt): Use it to update code to 26.6 format.
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_size_run_prep): Update code to 26.6
* src/truetype/ttpload.c (tt_face_load_cvt): Stora data in 26.6
2019-05-16 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (load_truetype_glyph): Init `unrounded'.
This fixes linear advance width values for spacing glyphs. Bug
introduced 2019-05-09.
2019-05-16 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Avoid code duplication.
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_size_run_prep): Scale CVT values in this
(tt_size_ready_bytecode): Updated.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (tt_loader_init): Updated.
2019-05-13 Jouk Jansen <>
* Updated. Handle `bzip2' directory, too.
2019-05-13 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/psaux/psfont.c (cf2_font_setup): Fix compiler warning.
2019-05-12 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Doh. Fix last commit to make it work.
Very embarassing :-)
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (IS_DEFAULT_INSTANCE): Move up and add
argument; update all callers.
(TT_Process_Simple_Glyph): Use it. The `unrounded' array is active
for variation fonts only, thus also enclose related code with
`#ifdef TT_CONFIG_OPTION_GX_VAR_SUPPORT ... #endif' where
Revert commit a113e5d from 2019-05-09, and don't use `extra_points2'
but allocate a temporary array.
Speed up the scaling of the `unrounded' array.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (FT_fixedToInt, FT_FixedToFdot6): Fix type
conversions and rounding. The unsigned type must have more or equal
bits to the signed type.
2019-05-09 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Increase precision of font variation (#54371).
This patch makes FreeType use font units in 26.6 format internally
instead of integers.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (FT_fixedToFdot6): New macro.
(TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas): Add argument to output unrounded font
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.h: Updated.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Process_Simple_Glyph): Use
`extra_points2' array to temporarily hold unrounded point
coordinates; use them to compute scaled coordinates and linear
advance width and height.
(load_truetype_code): Adjust similarly.
2019-05-09 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Process_Simple_Glyph): Minor.
2019-05-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Faster fractions.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (SUBPIXELS): Replace with...
(FRACT): A fractional coordinate macro to use in...
(gray_render_line, gray_render_scanline): ... here.
2019-05-07 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/raster/ftraster.c (Draw_Sweep): Unbreak.
2019-05-05 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/raster/ftraster.c: Clean-ups.
2019-05-05 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c: More use of `FT_fdot14ToFixed'.
2019-05-04 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_render_line): Small shortcut.
2019-05-04 Werner Lemberg <>
Various clang 8.0 static analyzer fixes.
Reported by Sender Ghost <>.
* src/autofit/afcjk.c (af_cjk_hints_compute_edges): Catch a corner
case where `edge->first' could be NULL.
* src/pfr/pfrobjs.c (pfr_slot_load): Remove unnecessary test of
* src/raster/ftraster.c (Draw_Sweep): Catch a corner case where
`draw_right' might be NULL.
* src/sfnt/ttmtx.c (tt_face_get_metrics): Fix limit test for
Ensure `abearing' always hold a meaningful result.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (load_truetype_glyph): Ensure `subglyph' is
not NULL before accessing it.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Set_Named_Instance): Remove unnecessary
test of `namedstyle'.
* src/type42/t42parse.c (t42_parser_done): Ensure
`parser->root.funcs.done' is not NULL before accessing it.
2019-05-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Miscellaneous macro updates.
* src/base/ftoutln.c (SCALED): Updated.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (SCALED): Ditto.
* src/psaux/psfixed.h (cf2_fracToFixed): Updated.
2019-05-02 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Tweak LCD filtering.
* src/base/ftlcdfil.c (ft_lcd_filter_fir, _ft_lcd_filter_legacy):
Choose direction from bitmap's pixel_mode.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.c (FT_Bitmap_LcdFilterFunc):
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Updated.
2019-05-02 Werner Lemberg <>
* Updated (#56253).
Remove no longer existing directories (`autohint', `otlayout').
Update used base extensions.
Activate `autofit' module.
Add `gxvalid' module.
Update copyright notices.
2019-04-29 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Simplify cubic Bézier flattening.
The previous implementation is correct but it is too complex.
The revised algorithm is based on the fact that each split moves
the control points closer to the trisection points on the chord.
The corresponding distances are good surrogates for the curve
deviation from the straight line.
This cubic flattening algorithm is somewhat similar to the conic
algorithm based the distance from the control point to the middle of
the chord. The cubic distances, however, decrease less predictably
but are easy enough to calculate on each step.
The new algorithm produces slightly larger number of splits, which is
compensated by its simplicity. The overall rendering performance is
improved by 1-2%. The larger number of splits does not necessarily
result in higher quality, which stays comparable.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_render_cubic): Replace the split
2019-04-26 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Bithacks and cosmetics.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_record_cell, gray_set_cell, gray_hline,
gray_render_conic, gray_convert_glyph_inner): Updated.
2019-04-25 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Optimize Bézier bisections.
This change makes bisections faster by 20-30%. When inlined into
`gray_render_cubic', this makes the function faster by 10% and is
noticeable in the overall rendering performance.
* src/raster/ftraster.c (Split_Conic, Split_Cubic): Use shifts and
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_split_conic, gray_split_cubic): Ditto.
* src/base/ftstroke.c (ft_conic_split, ft_cubic_split): Ditto.
* src/base/ftbbox.c (cubic_peak): Use shifts.
2019-04-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap12_next): Remove dead code.
Found by clang 8.0's static analyzer and reported by Sender Ghost
2019-04-23 Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Fix thinko in previous commit.
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (FT_Bitmap_Blend): Check final width, not
target pitch.
Problem reported by Sender Ghost <>.
2019-04-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (FT_Bitmap_Blend): Check target pitch.
Problem reported by Sender Ghost <>.
2019-04-22 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix return value of `FT_Set_Named_Instance' (#56186).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Set_Named_Instance): Correctly handle
internal return value -1 of `TT_Set_Var_Design'.
2019-04-18 Werner Lemberg <>
[pcf] Fix handling of undefined glyph (#56067).
This commit fixes the changes from 2018-07-21, which broke charmap
iteration. We now add the default character as a new glyph with
index 0, thus increasing the number of glyphs by one (as before).
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_metrics): Adjust to new artificial
glyph with index 0.
Limit number of elements to 65534.
(pcf_get_bitmaps): Ditto.
Unify two loops into one; this avoids allocation of an intermediate
(pcf_get_encodings): Don't flip indices but copy glyph metrics of
default character to index 0.
Also handle invalid default character.
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
2019-04-15 Minmin Gong <>
* CMakeLists.txt: Avoid rewriting of unchanged configuration files.
Reported as
2019-04-15 JDG <>
* src/tools/apinames.c (main): Fix error message.
Reported as
2019-04-11 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Fix segfault in direct mode (#56092).
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Render): Set missing clip_box for
direct mode.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_raster_render): Use it.
2019-04-06 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_get_glyph_name): Pacify compiler (#56061).
This is for Visual Studio 2019 on ARM.
2019-04-06 Werner Lemberg <>
For distribution, replace `.tar.bz2' with `.tar.xz' bundles.
* builds/ (build): Do it.
* README, docs/CHANGES, docs/release: Updated.
2019-04-06 Antony Lee <>
Make `glyph_name' parameter to `FT_Get_Name_Index' a `const'.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Get_Name_Index),
include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Face_GetGlyphNameIndexFunc),
(FT_GlyphDict_NameIndexFunc), src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Get_Name_Index),
src/cff/cffdrivr.c (cff_get_name_index), src/sfnt/sfdriver.c
(sfnt_get_name_index), src/type1/t1driver.c (t1_get_name_index),
src/type42/t42drivr.c (t42_get_name_index): Add `const' to second
2019-03-31 Armin Hasitzka <>
[cff] Fix boundary checks.
642bc7590c701c8cd35a9f60fa899cfa518b17ff introduced dynamically
allocated memory when parsing CFF files with the "old" engine. Bounds
checks have never been updated, however, leading to pointless
comparisons of pointers in some cases. This commit presents a
solution for bounds checks in the CFF module with an extended logic
for the "old" engine while staying as concise as possible for the
"new" one.
* src/cff/cffparse.h: Introduce the struct `CFF_T2_StringRec' and
the additional field `t2_strings' within `CFF_ParserRec'.
* src/cff/cffparse.c (cff_parser_within_limits): Move all boundary
checks into this new function and update the rest of `cffparse.c' to
use it.
Reported as
2019-03-20 Werner Lemberg <>
[autofit] Fix Mongolian blue zone characters.
* src/autofit/afblue.dat: Use U+200D (ZERO-WIDTH JOINER) characters
to get medial forms for some Mongolian characters.
* src/autofit/afblue.c, src/autofit/afblue.h: Regenerated.
2019-03-19 Werner Lemberg <>
[autofit] Add support for Mongolian script.
As a de-facto standard, layouts using this script are constructed
horizontally line by line, then the lines are rotated clockwise for
vertical display.
* src/autofit/afblue.dat: Add blue zone data for Mongolian.
* src/autofit/afblue.c, src/autofit/afblue.h: Regenerated.
* src/autofit/afscript.h: Add Mongolian standard characters.
* src/autofit/afranges.c, src/autofit/afstyles.h: Add Mongolian
2019-03-15 Werner Lemberg <>
* Version 2.10.0 released.
Tag sources with `VER-2-10-0'.
* docs/VERSION.TXT: Add entry for version 2.10.0.
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
* README, Jamfile (RefDoc), src/base/ftver.rc,
builds/wince/vc2008-ce/index.html: s/2.9.1/2.10.0/, s/291/2100/.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FREETYPE_MINOR): Set to 10.
* builds/unix/configure.raw (version_info): Set to 23:0:17.
* CMakeLists.txt (VERSION_MINOR): Set to 10.
(VERSION_PATCH): Set to 0.
* builds/ (version, winversion): Since the minor version
number has two digits now, never omit the patch number. We would
get ambiguous zip file names otherwise.
(dist): Remove remnants of `docmaker' tool.
(do-dist): Remove unused intermediate files.
* src/cff/cffparse.c (destrict_c2s_item): Guard function with
2019-03-07 Andrei Alexeyev <>
Werner Lemberg <>
Fix invalid function pointer casts.
This change should allow Freetype to work on WASM/Emscripten without
* src/autofit/afdummy.c (af_dummy_hints_apply): Fix signature.
* src/cid/cidload.c (cid_parse_font_matrix, parse_fd_array,
parse_expansion_factor, parse_font_name): Return `void', not
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_CMap_CharVarIsDefaultFunc):
Fix signature.
2019-03-05 Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Handle numeric overflow (#55827).
* src/base/ftglyph.c (FT_Glyph_Get_CBox): Use `FT_PIX_CEIL_LONG'.
2019-03-05 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
[psaux] Fix use of uninitialized memory (#55832).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString): The call to
`cf2_arrstack_setCount' may fail because the allocator ran out of
memory. When this happens the stack is still written to before the
error condition is checked. This means that FreeType writes outside
of allocated memory. This commit moves the error check prior to the
stack assignment, hence the function now properly returns with an
error condition.
2019-02-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (FT_Bitmap_Blend): No fractional offsets.
The function only provided a framework without an actual
implementation, which this commit removes.
2019-02-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/tools/update-copyright-year: Insert `(C)'.
2019-02-21 Armin Hasitzka <>
[truetype] Mask numeric overflows.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Move_CVT, Move_CVT_Stretched, Ins_MIRP):
Mask numeric overflows.
Reported as
2019-02-21 Armin Hasitzka <>
[psaux] Mask numeric overflow.
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings): Mask numeric
Reported as
2019-02-16 Wink Saville <>
* src/autofit/afwarp.h (af_warper_compute): Fix declaration.
2019-02-02 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
[truetype] Apply MVAR hasc, hdsc and hlgp metrics to current FT_Face metrics.
Instead of setting typo or win metrics as the new `FT_Face' metrics
indiscriminately, apply only typo deltas to the currently active
`FT_Face' metrics. This prevents line height differences when the
default outlines were used as the regular face and instances for
everything else, for example.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_apply_mvar): Implement.
2019-02-02 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
[sfnt] Use typo metrics if OS/2 fsSelection USE_TYPO_METRICS bit is set.
If the `OS/2' table exists and `fsSelection' bit 7
(USE_TYPO_METRICS) is set, use the `sTypo*' set of values to compute
the `FT_Face's ascender, descender, and height. Otherwise, fall
back to old behavior.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face): Implement.
2019-01-18 John Tytgat <>
[sfnt] Handle TT fonts having two PostScript font names (#55471).
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_get_name_id): Prefer English over any
other language found for PostScript font names.
2019-01-08 Chris Liddell <>
[psaux] Fix closepath (#55414).
All of the Type 1 path building is done with code common to the
revised CFF engine, with the exception of closepath, which was still
calling ps_builder_close_contour(), thus previously cached segments
were not always written to the path, and glyph corruption, or even
invalid outlines were possible.
* src/psauc/psinterp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_cmdCLOSEPATH>:
Switch to calling `cf2_glyphpath_closeOpenPath'.
2018-12-29 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/autofit/aflatin2.c: Some fixes from `aflatin.c' (#55310).
2018-12-25 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_operaor_seac): Fix numeric overflow.
Reported as
2018-12-12 Werner Lemberg <>
[gxvalid] Fix compiler warnings.
* src/gxvalid/gxvjust.c (gxv_just_check_max_gid),
src/gxvalid/gxvmort.c (gxv_mort_coverage_validate): Use `FT_UNUSED'.
2018-12-11 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Hint_Glyph): Remove useless test.
`control_len' only gets its value from `n_ins' (and vice versa),
which is always read as `unsigned short' and thus can't be larger
than 0xFFFF.
2018-12-04 Werner Lemberg <>
[bdf] Ignore data after `ENDFONT'.
Reported as
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (_bdf_parse_end): New function.
(_bdf_parse_glyphs): Switch to `_bdf_parse_end' after `ENDFONT' has
been encountered.
2018-12-02 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* builds/windows/visualc/freetype.dsp: Dust off.
2018-11-27 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* builds/windows/vc2010/freetype.vcxproj: Simplify.
2018-11-27 Chris Liddell <>
[type1,cff] Add FT_{Set,Get}_MM_WeightVector API calls.
For multiple master fonts, common usage (in Postscript) is to modify
the WeightVector of an existing font instance, this addition
supports that use.
* include/freetype/ftmm.h, src/base/ftmm.c (FT_Set_MM_WeightVector,
FT_Get_MM_WeightVector): New API functions.
* include/freetype/internalservices/svmm.h
(FT_Set_MM_WeightVector_Func, FT_Get_MM_WeightVector_Func): New
function types.
(MultiMasters): Add `set_mm_weightvector' and `get_mm_weightvector'
* src/cffcffdrivr.c (cff_set_mm_weightvector,
cff_get_mm_weightvector): New functions.
(cff_service_multi_masters): Register them.
* src/truetype/ttdriver.c (tt_service_gx_multi_masters): Updated.
This driver doesn't use the new interface.
* src/type1/t1load.c (T1_Set_MM_WeightVector,
T1_Get_MM_WeightVector): New functions.
* src/type1/t1driver.c (t1_service_multi_masters): Register them.
* src/type1/t1load.h: Updated.
2018-11-27 Ben Wagner <>
[cff] Fix compiler warning (#55105).
* src/cff/cffparse.c (cff_parser_run): Guard label only used if
2018-11-27 Ben Wagner <>
[truetype] Fix numeric overflow (#55103).
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (compute_glyph_metrics): Use `SUB_LONG'.
2018-11-25 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[builds] Belated DLL support with vc2002-vc2008.
The solution and project files should be automatically upgraded for
the approriate Visual C++ version.
* builds/windows/visualc/freetype.{sln,vcproj}: Major upgrades.
* builds/windows/visualc/index.html: Document the change.
* builds/windows/vc2005, builds/windows/vc2008: Removed as redundant.
2018-11-22 Armin Hasitzka <>
* src/cff/cffparse.c: Please the compiler.
2018-11-22 Armin Hasitzka <>
[cff] Fix memory overflow.
Reported as
* src/cff/cffparse.c (destruct_t2s_item, cff_parser_run): Store
evaluated T2 charstrings in separately allocated memory.
2018-11-18 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* builds/windows/{visualc,vc2005,vc2008}/freetype.vcproj: Fix it.
2018-11-10 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Placeholder only for library-enabled LCD filtering.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_init): Add disabled
`FT_Library_SetLcdFilter' call.
2018-11-09 Young Xiao <>
[psaux] Add safety guard (#54985).
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (cff_builder_close_contour): Do it.
2018-11-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Require `windows.h' for windres.
2018-11-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[ftstroke] Fix unpredictable failures (#54986).
* src/base/ftstroke.c (ft_sroke_border_lineto): Fix lineto check.
2018-11-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[ftstroke] Fix unpredictable failures (#54976).
* src/base/ftstroke.c (ft_sroke_border_close): Set the start tags.
2018-11-07 Ben Wagner <>
[truetype] Fix VF check from 2018-09-12 (#54973).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas): Use correct
offsets for estimates.
2018-11-06 Werner Lemberg <>
[pshinter] Fix numeric overflow.
Reported as
* src/pshinter/pshrec.c (ps_dimension_add_t1stem): Implement it.
2018-11-06 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Fix timeout in old CFF engine.
Reported as
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings)
<cff_op_sqrt> [CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE]: Fix potential endless
2018-11-04 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c: Use enum definitions.
2018-11-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_apply_tuple): Adjust condition.
2018-11-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_apply_tuple): Tracing tweaks.
2018-11-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Revert due to specs: [truetype] Speed up variation IUP.
2018-11-02 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_get_item_delta): Fixed logic.
Reported and tested by Behdad.
2018-11-02 Shailesh Mistry <>
[autofit] Prevent SEGV.
for more details on how the bug was found.
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_load_glyph): Propagate error
2018-10-31 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[truetype] Speed up variation IUP.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_delta_interpolate): Separate trivial
snapping to the same position from true interpolation.
2018-10-31 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/type1/t1load.c (t1_set_mm_blend): Optimized.
2018-10-31 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_get_item_delta): Optimized.
2018-10-29 Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Fix numeric overflow.
Reported as
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Get_Orientation): Use `MUL_LONG'.
2018-10-29 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff] Fix numeric overflow.
Reported as
* src/cff/cffparse.c (cff_parser_run)
2018-10-27 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[sfnt] Make `head' timestamps unsigned.
It's been more than 2^31 seconds since 1904.
* include/freetype/tttables.h (TT_Header): Change field types.
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (tt_face_load_generic_header): Updated.
2018-10-27 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Revert: Align FreeType with standard C memory management.
2018-10-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Fix numeric overflow.
Triggered by
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings) <cff_op_blend>
[CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE]: Fix integer overflow.
2018-10-20 Werner Lemberg <>
Avoid endless loop while tracing (#54858).
* src/type1/t1load.c (parse_buildchar): Guard tracing stuff with
2018-10-17 David Demelier <>
* CMakeLists.txt: Specify `RUNTIME DESTINATION'.
This is needed for DLL builds.
2018-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
A missing Unicode cmap is not a fatal error.
This is a follow-up to the previous commit.
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_face_init), src/sfnt/sfobjs.c
(sfnt_load_face), src/type1/t1objs.c (T1_Face_Init),
src/type42/t42objs.c (T42_Face_Init): Implement it.
2018-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix handling of FT_CONFIG_OPTION_ADOBE_GLYPH_LIST (#54794).
* src/cff/cffcmap.c (cff_cmap_unicode_init), src/psaux/t1cmap.c
(t1_cmap_unicode_init), src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap_unicode_init):
Check `unicodes_init' field.
2018-10-03 Werner Lemberg <>
[ftgrays] Fix typo in stand-alone mode (#54771).
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (FT_THROW) [STANDALONE_ &&
2018-10-02 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Fix segfault.
Reported as
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings)
<cff_op_callothersubr> [CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE]: Check
2018-10-02 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Fix numeric overflow.
Reported as
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings) <cff_op_roll>
2018-10-02 Werner Lemberg <>
[pshinter] Handle numeric overflow.
Reported as
* src/pshinter/pshglob.c (psh_blues_snap_stem): Mask numeric
2018-09-27 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Align FreeType with standard C memory management.
* include/freetype/ftsystem.h: Include FT_TYPES_H.
(*FT_Alloc_Func, *FT_Realloc_Func): Use size_t for the size arguments.
* src/raster/ftmisc.h: Ditto.
* builds/amiga/src/base/ftsystem.c, builds/unix/ftsystem.c,
* builds/vms/ftsystem.c, src/base/ftsystem.c (ft_alloc, ft_realloc):
Use size_t for the size arguments.
* src/base/ftdbgmem.c (ft_mem_debug_alloc, ft_mem_debug_realloc): Use
FT_Offset, aka size_t, for the size arguments.
2018-09-25 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix handling of `FT_Bool'.
Before this commit we had code like
(FT_Bool)( globals->glyph_styles[gindex] & 0x8000)
Since `FT_Bool' is defined to be an `unsigned char', the code
evaluated to something like
(unsigned char)( 0x8532 & 0x8000)
which in turn expanded to
(unsigned char)( 0x8000)
and finally yielded 0x00 – i.e., false – not as expected.
Problem reported and analyzed by Tony Smith <>.
* include/freetype/fttypes.h (FT_BOOL): Add a comparison against
zero so that we always have a Boolean expression.
*/*: Replace castings to `FT_Bool' with calls to `FT_BOOL' where
2018-09-23 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[bdf] Speed up charmap access.
This makes FT_Get_Char_Index and FT_Get_Next_Char 4-5 times faster.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (bdf_cmap_char_{index,next}): Help binary search
with continuous prediction.
2018-09-22 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bimap): Another tweak.
This one should be clearer. When the rounded monochrome bbox collapses
we add a pixel that covers most if not all original cbox.
2018-09-21 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bimap): Further tweak.
2018-09-21 Ben Wagner <>
Improve auto-hinter handling of bitmap fonts (#54681).
For bitmap fonts, `FT_Load_Glyph' should either return an error or
not set the format to `FT_GLYPH_FORMAT_OUTLINE'. However, in this
case `FT_Load_Glyph' calls into the auto-hinter which calls back
into `FT_Load_Glyph' with `FT_LOAD_NO_SCALE' in the flags, which
marks the glyph as `FT_GLYPH_FORMAT_OUTLINE' with an empty path
(even though it doesn't have any path). It appears that the
auto-hinter should not be called when the face doesn't have
outlines. The current test for using the auto-hinter in
`FT_Load_Glyph' checks whether the driver supports scalable
outlines, but not if the face supports scalable outlines.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Directly check whether we have
scalable outlines.
2018-09-21 Werner Lemberg <>
[raster] Fix disappearing vertical lines (#54589).
* src/raster/ftraster.c (Vertical_Sweep_Span): Handle special case
where both left and right outline exactly pass pixel centers.
2018-09-20 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bimap): Tiny rounding tweak.
This adds pixels in case a contour goes through the center
and they need to be turned on in the b/w rasterizer.
2018-09-20 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Replace charmap implementation.
PCF comes with charmap lookup table, aka PCF encodings. Using it
directly makes FT_Get_Char_Index and FT_Get_Next_Char 4-5 times
faster than the original BDF-like binary searches.
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_EncodingRec): Removed.
(PCF_FaceRec): Remove `nencodings' and `encodings'.
* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (pcf_cmap_char_{index,next}): Replaced.
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Store data differently.
2018-09-20 Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Remove unused function `FT_GlyphLoader_CopyPoints'.
* include/freetype/internal/ftgloadr.h, src/base/ftgloadr.c
(FT_GlyphLoader_CopyPoints): Do it.
2018-09-19 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Prepare to replace charmap implementation.
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_FaceRec): Updated to include...
(PCF_EncRec): ... this new structure to store charmap geometry.
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Store charmap geometry.
2018-09-18 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Remove unused fields.
* src/pcf.h (PCF_FaceRec): Remove `charmap' and `charmap_handle'.
* src/bdfdrvr.h (BDF_FaceRec): Ditto.
* src/winfonts/winfnt.h (FNT_FaceRec): Ditto.
2018-09-17 Werner Lemberg <>
[pshinter] Handle numeric overflow.
Reported as
* src/pshinter/pshglob.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_CALC_H.
(psh_blues_snap_stem): Mask numeric overflow.
2018-09-13 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Some fixes for VF checks.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_load_gvar): Properly exit memory
frame if we have invalid glyph variation data offsets.
(tt_face_vary_cvt): Protect against missing `tuplecoords' array.
Fix typo.
2018-09-13 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_get_var_ps_name): Fix last commit.
2018-09-13 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_get_var_ps_name): Check `result'.
Reported as
2018-09-12 John Tytgat <>
[sfnt] Better PS name handling (#54629).
* src/sfnt/sfdriver (IS_WIN, IS_APPLE): Omit language ID checks.
(get_win_string, get_apple_string): Return NULL when the PostScript
font name characters is not according to specification.
(get_win_string): Make trace output work if the high byte if
(sfnt_get_var_ps_name, sfnt_get_ps_name): Previously we preferred
Win PS name (when there is also an Apple PS name); change this into
a fallback to Apple PS name in case the Win PS name is invalid.
2018-09-12 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Improve VF check.
Triggered by
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_load_gvar): Use better limit check
for `tupleCount'.
2018-09-12 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_load_gvar): Check `glyphoffsets'.
2018-09-10 Armin Hasitzka <>
* src/pshinter/pshrec.c (t2_hints_stems): Mask numeric overflow.
Reported as
2018-09-09 Ben Wagner <>
* builds/ (refdoc-venv): Ensure python version (#54631).
2018-09-07 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Fix assertion failure.
Triggered by
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (load_truetype_glyph): Reintroduce
`opened_frame' (removed in a change from 2018-08-26) to handle
deallocation of the second frame.
2018-09-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Synchronize `ftdebug.c' files.
* builds/amiga/src/base/ftdebug.c, builds/wince/ftdebug.c,
builds/windows/ftdebug.c: Synchronize with `src/base/ftdebug.c'.
2018-09-05 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
Add documentation guidelines file.
* docs/DOCGUIDE: New file.
2018-09-04 Werner Lemberg <>
* devel/ftoption.h: Synchronize with master `ftoption.h'.
2018-09-03 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[docwriter] Don't break code snippets accross lines.
Reported as
* docs/reference/markdown/stylesheets/extra.css (.md-typeset code):
Add rule `white-space'.
2018-09-03 Werner Lemberg <>
*/*: s/PSNames/psnames/.
Only tracing messages are affected.
2018-09-03 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Fix heap buffer overflow in CPAL handling.
* src/sfnt/ttcpal.c (tt_face_palette_set): Fix boundary test.
(tt_face_load_cpal): Updated.
2018-09-01 Werner Lemberg <>
Remove `FT_Outline_{New,Done}_Internal'.
These public API functions(!) were always undocumented and have
escaped all clean-up efforts until now.
* include/freetype/ftoutln.h (FT_Outline_New_Internal,
FT_Outline_Done_Internal): Removed.
* src/base/ftoutln.h (FT_Outline_New_Internal,
FT_Outline_Done_Internal): Merge into...
(FT_Outline_New, FT_Outline_Done): ... these functions.
* docs/README: Updated.
2018-08-30 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): Check glyph format.
2018-08-31 Armin Hasitzka <>
[errors] Refine the macro logic surrounding `FT_Error_String'.
* include/freetype/fterrors.h (FT_INCLUDE_ERR_PROTOS,
checking it and introduce a new macro that takes proper care of
multiple-inclusion protection.
2018-08-31 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftdebug.c (FT_Throw): Restore missing `FT_UNUSED' calls.
2018-08-31 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftdebug.c (FT_Throw): Reduce chattiness.
2018-08-31 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/autofit/afhints.c (af_glyph_hints_reload): Add initialization.
2018-08-30 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Consolidate bitmap presetting and size assessment.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap):
Change return type.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): Return the bitmap
size assessment.
* src/raster/ftrend1.c (ft_raster1_render): Use it to refuse the
rendering of enourmous or far-fetched outlines.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Ditto.
2018-08-30 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): Correct mono.
2018-08-30 Armin Hasitzka <>
[errors] Introduce a macro to control `FT_Error_String'.
* devel/ftoption.h (FT_CONFIG_OPTION_ERROR_STRINGS),
include/freetype/config/ftoption.h (FT_CONFIG_OPTION_ERROR_STRINGS):
New macro.
2018-08-30 Armin Hasitzka <>
[errors] Introduce `FT_Error_String'.
* include/freetype/fterrors.h (FT_Error_String),
src/base/fterrors.c (FT_Error_String): Implement `FT_Error_String'.
* src/base/ftbase.c, src/base/Jamfile (_source),
src/base/ (BASE_SRC): Add `fterrors.c' to the build logic.
* src/base/ftdebug.c (FT_Throw): Use `FT_Error_String'.
2018-08-30 Werner Lemberg <>
[autofit] Trace `before' and `after' edges of strong points.
* src/autofit/afhints.h (AF_PointRec) [FT_DEBUG_AUTOFIT]: New arrays
`before' and `after'.
* src/autofit/afhints.c (af_get_strong_edge_index): New auxiliary
(af_glyph_hints_dump_points): Trace `before' and `after' edges.
(af_glyph_hints_align_strong_points) [FT_DEBUG_AUTOFIT]: Set
`before' and `after' information.
2018-08-30 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] Overflow-resistant bitmap presetting.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): Implement it.
2018-08-29 Armin Hasitzka <>
Fix numeric overflows.
* src/pshint/pshalgo.c (psh_hint_align, psh_hint_align_light,
psh_hint_table_find_strong_points): Fix numeric overflows.
Reported as
2018-08-29 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff] Fix handling of `roll' op in old engine.
Reported as
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings) <cff_op_roll>
[CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE]: Use modulo for loop count, as
documented in the specification.
2018-08-26 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_size_read_bytecode): Trace CVT values.
2018-08-26 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
* configure: Copy assets required by docwriter.
Copy directory `docs/reference/markdown' when FreeType is compiled in a
different directory.
Fixes `make refdoc' if builddir != srcdir.
Reported as
2018-08-26 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/pshint/pshalgo.c (psh_hint_overlap): Fix numeric overflow.
Reported as
2018-08-26 Werner Lemberg <>
Minor tracing adjustments.
* src/base/ftstream.c (FT_Stream_EnterFrame, FT_Stream_ExitFrame):
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Access_Glyph_Frame): Remove tracing.
2018-08-26 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Avoid nested frames.
Triggered by
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (load_truetype_glyph): Don't use variable
`opened_frame' to trace whether a frame must be closed at the end of
function: This fails because `TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas' (which
gets called for space glyphs) uses a frame by itself. Instead,
close the frame after loading the header, then use another frame for
the remaining part of the glyph later on.
Also avoid calling `tt_get_metrics' twice under some circumstances.
2018-08-26 Werner Lemberg <>
Various minor clean-ups.
* src/base/ftapi.c: Remove. Unused.
* src/base/Jamfile (_sources): Updated.
* src/base/ftstream.c (FT_Stream_ReleaseFrame): Remove redundant
2018-08-25 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
Convert documentation markup to Markdown.
It is the result of a GSoC 2018 project; this separate ChangeLog
commit covers the last four commits
* docs/reference/markdown/images/favico.ico,
docs/reference/markdown/stylesheets/extra.css: New files.
* docs/reference/.gitignore, docs/reference/README: Updated.
* src/tools/docmaker/*: Removed. It has been replaced with
`docwriter', a python package available at
* Jamfile: Updated.
* builds/ansi/, builds/beos/,
builds/dos/, builds/os2/ (BIN),
builds/unix/, builds/windows/ New variable.
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Check for `python' and `pip'.
If not present, warn that `make refdoc' will fail.
* builds/unix/ (PYTHON, PIP, BIN): New variables.
ENV_PIP): New variables.
(refdoc): Updated.
(refdoc-venv): New target.
(.PHONY): Updated.
2018-08-23 Werner Lemberg <>
Add macros for handling over-/underflowing `FT_Int64' values.
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h (ADD_INT64, SUB_INT64,
MUL_INT64, DIV_INT64) [FT_LONG64]: New macros.
* src/base/ftcalc.c (ft_corner_orientation) [FT_LONG64]: Use
`SUB_INT64' and `MUL_INT64'.
Reported as
2018-08-22 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Improve legibility of `glyf' parsing.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (ON_CURVE_POINT, X_SHORT_VECTOR,
OVERLAP_SIMPLE): New macros.
(TT_Load_Simple_Glyph): Use new macros to make code more readable.
Remove useless adjustment of `outline->tags' elements.
2018-08-21 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttcpal.c (tt_face_load_cpal): Add missing safety check.
Reported as
2018-08-18 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Avoid slow PS font parsing in case of error.
Reported as
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_parser_to_bytes): Set `parser->cursor' even
in case of error to avoid potential re-scanning.
2018-08-18 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff] Fix heap buffer overflow in old engine.
Reported as
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings)
<cff_op_blend> [CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE]: `num_designs' must be
2018-08-16 Young Xiao <>
* builds/mac/ftmac.c (parse_fond): Fix buffer overrun.
Reported as bug #54515, duplicate of #43540.
2018-08-16 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/*/ftsystem.c (FT_COMPONENT): Updated also.
2018-08-15 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[bdf] Don't track duplicate encodings.
There is no harm except some umbiguity in broken fonts with duplicate
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (_bdf_parse_glyphs): Remove duplicate tracking.
(_bdf_parse_t): Remove large `have' bitfield.
2018-08-15 Werner Lemberg <>
Don't use `trace_' prefix for FT_COMPONENT arguments.
* include/freetype/internal/ftdebug.h (FT_TRACE_COMP,
FT_TRACE_COMP_): New auxiliary macros to add `trace_' prefix.
*/* (FT_COMPONENT): Updated.
2018-08-14 Werner Lemberg <>
Use formatting string in FT_TRACEX calls for non-simple arguments.
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings)
<cff_op_hstem, cff_op_hintmask, cff_op_hlineto, cff_op_vhcurveto>:
Do it.
* src/psaux/pshints.c (cf2_hintmap_build): Ditto.
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_cmdHSTEM,
cf2_cmdVSTEM, cf2_cmdHLINETO, cf2_cmdRRCURVETO, cf2_cmdCALLSUBR,
cf2_escHSTEM3, cf2_cmdHINTMASK, cf2_cmdHVCURVETO>: Ditto.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (TT_RunIns): Ditto.
2018-08-14 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[bdf] Remove unused fields.
* src/bdf/bdf.h (bdf_font_t): Remove `nmod', `umod', and `modified',
which were set but never used.
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (_bdf_parse_{glyphs,properties}, bdf_load_font):
Updated accordingly.
2018-08-14 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff] Fix another segv in old engine.
Reported as
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings)
[CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE]: Disallow invalid T1 opcodes in
2018-08-14 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff] Fix missing error handling.
Reported as
* src/psaux/cffparse.c (cff_parser_run)
[CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE]: Don't ignore return value of
2018-08-14 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[bdf] Remove unused overflow storage.
* src/bdf/bdf.h (bdf_glyphlist_t): Remove this type.
(bdf_font_t): Remove `overflow' field.
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (bdf_free_font): Remove `overflow' freeing.
2018-08-14 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff] Fix segv in old engine.
Reported as
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c (cff_decoder_parse_charstrings)
<cff_op_random> [CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE]: Use top dict's
`random' field directly if parsing dictionaries.
2018-08-13 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[bdf] Use unsigned types.
* src/bdf/bdf.h (bdf_glyph_t): Unsign `encoding'.
(bdf_font_t): Unsign `default_char'.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.h (BDF_encoding_el): Unsign `enc'.
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (_bdf_add_property, _bdf_parse_glyphs,
_bdf_parse_start): Updated accordingly.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (bdf_cmap_char_{index,next}): Ditto.
2018-08-13 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/type42/t42parse.c (t42_parse_sfnts): One more format check.
Reported as
2018-08-11 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftcalc.c (FT_Matrix_Check): Fix integer overflow.
Reported as
2018-08-10 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/sfnt/ttsbit.c (tt_sbit_decoder_load_compound): Follow specs.
2018-08-10 Ben Wagner <>
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_done_face): Fix memory leak (#54435).
2018-08-10 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Improve tracing.
2018-08-10 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix clang warnings.
* src/base/ftdebug.c (ft_trace_level_enabled,
ft_trace_level_disabled): Add `static' keyword.
2018-08-09 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[raster, smooth] Reinstate bitmap size limits.
This again moves outline and bitmap size checks one level up.
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Render): Explicitly reject enormous
* src/raster/ftrend1.c (ft_raster1_render): Reject enormous bitmaps
and, therefore, outlines that require them.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Ditto.
* src/raster/ftraster.c (ft_black_render): Remove outline size checks.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_raster_render): Ditto.
[STANDALONE]: Remove `FT_Outline_Get_CBox' copy.
2018-08-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Revert massive unsigning.
2018-08-08 Werner Lemberg <>
[smooth] Improve tracing.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_convert_glyph_inner): Only use tracing
if called the first time.
(gray_convert_glyph): Updated.
2018-08-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Add internal functions `FT_Trace_Disable' and `FT_Trace_Enable'.
It sometimes makes sense to suppress tracing informations, for
example, if it outputs identical messages again and again.
* include/freetype/internal/ftdebug.h: Make `ft_trace_levels' a
(FT_Trace_Disable, FT_Trace_Enable): New declarations.
* src/base/ftdebug.c (ft_trace_levels): Rename to...
(ft_trace_levels_enabled): ... this.
(ft_trace_levels_disabled): New array.
(ft_trace_levels): New pointer.
(FT_Trace_Disable, FT_Trace_Enable): Implement.
(ft_debug_init): Updated.
2018-08-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Debugging improvements.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (pixel_modes): Move this array to top level
from ...
(FT_Load_Glyph): ... here.
(FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Use `width' x `height' in trace message.
Use `pixel_modes'.
2018-08-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Massive unsigning (part 2).
Treat all size related properties as unsigned values.
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_ParsePropertyRec): Use unsigned `name' and
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_properties, pcf_load_font): Updated
parsing code and handling of AVERAGE_WIDTH, POINT_SIZE, PIXEL_SIZE,
2018-08-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Massive unsigning (part 1).
Unofficial specifications hesitate to use unsigned 32-bit integers.
Negative values caused a lot of trouble in the past and it is safer
and easier to treat some properties as unsigned.
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_AccelRec): Use unsigned values for `fontAscent',
`fontDescent', and `maxOverlap'.
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_load_font, pcf_get_accel): Updated.
* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (PCF_Glyph_Load, PCF_Size_Select,
PCF_Size_Request): Updated.
2018-08-07 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_bitmaps): Unsign `offsets' and
2018-08-06 Werner Lemberg <>
* devel/ftoption.h: Synchronize with main `ftoption.h'.
2018-08-06 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Use unsigned types.
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_Encoding): Use unsigned `enc'.
* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (pcf_cmap_char_{index,next}): Ditto.
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Use unsigned types.
2018-08-05 Werner Lemberg <>