[freetype2] Reenable usan

The latest version of freetype2 fixes the usan errors that came up
when we enabled the sanitizer. This cl reenables usan for the project.

Bug: fxbug.dev/46923
Test: the following instructions work around problems connecting to
the package server from arm64.

1. fx set with core.arm64 and //src/fonts/font_info:font_info_tests and
//garnet/bin/run_test_component:run-test-component-pkg added to base.
2. fx emu --experiment-arm64 -m 8192 -N -I qemu -u /usr/bin/shortleash-upscript
3. run fuchsia-pkg://fuchsia.com/font_info_tests#meta/font_info_test.cmx

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