- [designspaceLib] Allow to use ``\\UNC`` absolute paths on Windows (#2299, #2306).
- [varLib.merger] Fixed bug where ``VarLibMergeError`` was raised with incorrect
  parameters (#2300).
- [feaLib] Allow substituting a glyph class with ``NULL`` to delete multiple glyphs
- [glyf] Fixed ``NameError`` exception in ``getPhantomPoints`` (#2295, #2305).
- [removeOverlaps] Retry pathops.simplify after rounding path coordinates to integers
  if it fails the first time using floats, to work around a rare and hard to debug
  Skia bug (#2288).
- [varLib] Added support for building, reading, writing and optimizing 32-bit
  ``ItemVariationStore`` as used in COLRv1 table (#2285).
- [otBase/otConverters] Add array readers/writers for int types (#2285).
- [feaLib] Allow more than one lookahead glyph/class in contextual positioning with
  "value at end" (#2293, #2294).
- [COLRv1] Default varIdx should be 0xFFFFFFFF (#2297, #2298).
- [pens] Make RecordingPointPen actually pass on identifiers; replace asserts with
  explicit ``PenError`` exception (#2284).
- [mutator] Round lsb for CF2 fonts as well (#2286).
Release 4.23.0
4 files changed