- [ttLib/glyf] Raise more specific error when encountering recursive
  component references (#1545, #1546).
- [Doc/designspaceLib] Defined new ``public.skipExportGlyphs`` lib key (#1534,
- [varLib] Use ``vmtx`` to compute vertical phantom points; or ``hhea.ascent``
  and ``head.unitsPerEM`` if ``vmtx`` is missing (#1528).
- [gvar/cvar] Sort XML element's min/value/max attributes in TupleVariation
  toXML to improve readability of TTX dump (#1527).
- [varLib.plot] Added support for 2D plots with only 1 variation axis (#1522).
- [designspaceLib] Use axes maps when normalizing locations in
  DesignSpaceDocument (#1226, #1521), and when finding default source (#1535).
- [mutator] Set ``OVERLAP_SIMPLE`` and ``OVERLAP_COMPOUND`` glyf flags by
  default in ``instantiateVariableFont``. Added ``--no-overlap`` cli option
  to disable this (#1518).
- [subset] Fixed subsetting ``VVAR`` table (#1516, #1517).
  Fixed subsetting an ``HVAR`` table that has an ``AdvanceWidthMap`` when the
  option ``--retain-gids`` is used.
- [feaLib] Added ``forceChained`` in MultipleSubstStatement (#1511).
  Fixed double indentation of ``subtable`` statement (#1512).
  Added support for ``subtable`` statement in more places than just PairPos
  lookups (#1520).
  Handle lookupflag 0 and lookupflag without a value (#1540).
- [varLib] In ``load_designspace``, provide a default English name for the
  ``ital`` axis tag.
- Remove pyftinspect because it is unmaintained and bitrotted.
Release 3.39.0
4 files changed