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from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import
from fontTools.misc.py23 import *
from fontTools.misc import sstruct
from fontTools.misc.textTools import safeEval, num2binary, binary2num
from fontTools.misc.timeTools import timestampFromString, timestampToString, timestampNow
from fontTools.misc.timeTools import epoch_diff as mac_epoch_diff # For backward compat
from . import DefaultTable
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
headFormat = """
> # big endian
tableVersion: 16.16F
fontRevision: 16.16F
checkSumAdjustment: I
magicNumber: I
flags: H
unitsPerEm: H
created: Q
modified: Q
xMin: h
yMin: h
xMax: h
yMax: h
macStyle: H
lowestRecPPEM: H
fontDirectionHint: h
indexToLocFormat: h
glyphDataFormat: h
class table__h_e_a_d(DefaultTable.DefaultTable):
dependencies = ['maxp', 'loca', 'CFF ']
def decompile(self, data, ttFont):
dummy, rest = sstruct.unpack2(headFormat, data, self)
if rest:
# this is quite illegal, but there seem to be fonts out there that do this
log.warning("extra bytes at the end of 'head' table")
assert rest == "\0\0"
# For timestamp fields, ignore the top four bytes. Some fonts have
# bogus values there. Since till 2038 those bytes only can be zero,
# ignore them.
for stamp in 'created', 'modified':
value = getattr(self, stamp)
if value > 0xFFFFFFFF:
log.warning("'%s' timestamp out of range; ignoring top bytes", stamp)
value &= 0xFFFFFFFF
setattr(self, stamp, value)
if value < 0x7C259DC0: # January 1, 1970 00:00:00
log.warning("'%s' timestamp seems very low; regarding as unix timestamp", stamp)
value += 0x7C259DC0
setattr(self, stamp, value)
def compile(self, ttFont):
if ttFont.recalcBBoxes:
# For TT-flavored fonts, xMin, yMin, xMax and yMax are set in table__m_a_x_p.recalc().
if 'CFF ' in ttFont:
topDict = ttFont['CFF '].cff.topDictIndex[0]
self.xMin, self.yMin, self.xMax, self.yMax = topDict.FontBBox
if ttFont.recalcTimestamp:
self.modified = timestampNow()
data = sstruct.pack(headFormat, self)
return data
def toXML(self, writer, ttFont):
writer.comment("Most of this table will be recalculated by the compiler")
formatstring, names, fixes = sstruct.getformat(headFormat)
for name in names:
value = getattr(self, name)
if name in ("created", "modified"):
value = timestampToString(value)
if name in ("magicNumber", "checkSumAdjustment"):
if value < 0:
value = value + 0x100000000
value = hex(value)
if value[-1:] == "L":
value = value[:-1]
elif name in ("macStyle", "flags"):
value = num2binary(value, 16)
writer.simpletag(name, value=value)
def fromXML(self, name, attrs, content, ttFont):
value = attrs["value"]
if name in ("created", "modified"):
value = timestampFromString(value)
elif name in ("macStyle", "flags"):
value = binary2num(value)
value = safeEval(value)
setattr(self, name, value)