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""" TSI{0,1,2,3,5} are private tables used by Microsoft Visual TrueType (VTT)
tool to store its hinting source data.
TSI5 contains the VTT character groups.
from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import
from fontTools.misc.py23 import *
from fontTools.misc.textTools import safeEval
from . import DefaultTable
import sys
import array
class table_T_S_I__5(DefaultTable.DefaultTable):
def decompile(self, data, ttFont):
numGlyphs = ttFont['maxp'].numGlyphs
assert len(data) == 2 * numGlyphs
a = array.array("H")
if sys.byteorder != "big":
self.glyphGrouping = {}
for i in range(numGlyphs):
self.glyphGrouping[ttFont.getGlyphName(i)] = a[i]
def compile(self, ttFont):
glyphNames = ttFont.getGlyphOrder()
a = array.array("H")
for i in range(len(glyphNames)):
a.append(self.glyphGrouping.get(glyphNames[i], 0))
if sys.byteorder != "big":
return a.tostring()
def toXML(self, writer, ttFont):
names = sorted(self.glyphGrouping.keys())
for glyphName in names:
writer.simpletag("glyphgroup", name=glyphName, value=self.glyphGrouping[glyphName])
def fromXML(self, name, attrs, content, ttFont):
if not hasattr(self, "glyphGrouping"):
self.glyphGrouping = {}
if name != "glyphgroup":
self.glyphGrouping[attrs["name"]] = safeEval(attrs["value"])