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""" -- Various Mac-specific stuff."""
from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import
from fontTools.misc.py23 import *
from fontTools.misc.macRes import ResourceReader, ResourceError
def getSFNTResIndices(path):
"""Determine whether a file has a 'sfnt' resource fork or not."""
reader = ResourceReader(path)
indices = reader.getIndices('sfnt')
return indices
except ResourceError:
return []
def openTTFonts(path):
"""Given a pathname, return a list of TTFont objects. In the case
of a flat TTF/OTF file, the list will contain just one font object;
but in the case of a Mac font suitcase it will contain as many
font objects as there are sfnt resources in the file.
from fontTools import ttLib
fonts = []
sfnts = getSFNTResIndices(path)
if not sfnts:
for index in sfnts:
fonts.append(ttLib.TTFont(path, index))
if not fonts:
raise ttLib.TTLibError("no fonts found in file '%s'" % path)
return fonts
class SFNTResourceReader(BytesIO):
"""Simple read-only file wrapper for 'sfnt' resources."""
def __init__(self, path, res_name_or_index):
from fontTools import ttLib
reader = ResourceReader(path)
if isinstance(res_name_or_index, basestring):
rsrc = reader.getNamedResource('sfnt', res_name_or_index)
rsrc = reader.getIndResource('sfnt', res_name_or_index)
if rsrc is None:
raise ttLib.TTLibError("sfnt resource not found: %s" % res_name_or_index)
self.rsrc = rsrc
super(SFNTResourceReader, self).__init__( = path