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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ttFont sfntVersion="\x00\x01\x00\x00" ttLibVersion="2.5">
<!-- The 'id' attribute is only for humans; it is ignored when parsed. -->
<GlyphID id="0" name=".notdef"/>
<GlyphID id="1" name=".null"/>
<GlyphID id="2" name="CR"/>
<GlyphID id="3" name="space"/>
<GlyphID id="4" name="period"/>
<GlyphID id="5" name="ellipsis"/>
<!-- Most of this table will be recalculated by the compiler -->
<tableVersion value="0x10000"/>
<numGlyphs value="6"/>
<maxPoints value="8"/>
<maxContours value="2"/>
<maxCompositePoints value="12"/>
<maxCompositeContours value="3"/>
<maxZones value="1"/>
<maxTwilightPoints value="0"/>
<maxStorage value="0"/>
<maxFunctionDefs value="0"/>
<maxInstructionDefs value="0"/>
<maxStackElements value="0"/>
<maxSizeOfInstructions value="0"/>
<maxComponentElements value="3"/>
<maxComponentDepth value="1"/>
<mtx name=".notdef" width="500" lsb="50"/>
<mtx name=".null" width="0" lsb="0"/>
<mtx name="CR" width="250" lsb="0"/>
<mtx name="ellipsis" width="723" lsb="55"/>
<mtx name="period" width="241" lsb="55"/>
<mtx name="space" width="250" lsb="0"/>
<tableVersion version="0"/>
<cmap_format_4 platformID="3" platEncID="1" language="0">
<map code="0x0" name=".null"/><!-- ???? -->
<map code="0xd" name="CR"/><!-- ???? -->
<map code="0x20" name="space"/><!-- SPACE -->
<map code="0x2e" name="period"/><!-- FULL STOP -->
<map code="0x2026" name="ellipsis"/><!-- HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS -->
<!-- The xMin, yMin, xMax and yMax values
will be recalculated by the compiler. -->
<TTGlyph name=".notdef" xMin="50" yMin="0" xMax="450" yMax="750">
<pt x="250" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="50" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="50" y="375" on="1"/>
<pt x="50" y="750" on="0"/>
<pt x="250" y="750" on="1"/>
<pt x="450" y="750" on="0"/>
<pt x="450" y="375" on="1"/>
<pt x="450" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="250" y="50" on="1"/>
<pt x="300" y="50" on="0"/>
<pt x="400" y="325" on="0"/>
<pt x="400" y="375" on="1"/>
<pt x="400" y="425" on="0"/>
<pt x="300" y="700" on="0"/>
<pt x="250" y="700" on="1"/>
<pt x="200" y="700" on="0"/>
<pt x="100" y="425" on="0"/>
<pt x="100" y="375" on="1"/>
<pt x="100" y="325" on="0"/>
<pt x="200" y="50" on="0"/>
<TTGlyph name=".null"/><!-- contains no outline data -->
<TTGlyph name="CR"/><!-- contains no outline data -->
<TTGlyph name="ellipsis" xMin="55" yMin="0" xMax="668" yMax="122">
<component glyphName="period" x="0" y="0" scale="1.5" flags="0x4"/>
<component glyphName="period" x="241" y="0" scale="1.5" flags="0x4"/>
<component glyphName="period" x="482" y="0" scale="1.5" flags="0x4"/>
<TTGlyph name="period" xMin="55" yMin="0" xMax="186" yMax="122">
<pt x="55" y="122" on="0"/>
<pt x="186" y="122" on="0"/>
<pt x="186" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="55" y="0" on="0"/>
<TTGlyph name="space"/><!-- contains no outline data -->