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This is a port of expat for AmigaOS 4.x which includes the
SDK, some XML tools and the libraries.
Four library flavours are supported:
1. static clib2 (libexpat.a)
2. static newlib (libexpat.a)
3. AmigaOS library (expat.library)
4. AmigaOS shared object library (
The AmigaOS library version is based on the work of Fredrik Wikstrom.
To build all the library flavours, all the tools, examples and run the
test suite, simply type 'make all' in the amiga subdirectory.
To install expat into the standard AmigaOS SDK type 'make install'
in the amiga subdirectory.
You may want to edit the lib/amigaconfig.h file to remove
DTD and/or XML namespace support if they are not required by your
specific application for a smaller and faster implementation.
The source code is actively maintained and merged with the official
Expat repository available at
53.1 - bumped version to match AmigaOS streaming
- modified to remove all global variables (except INewLib)
- removed replacements for malloc(), etc. which are now
handled by the respective C library
- compiled with the latest binutils which bumps the
AMIGAOS_DYNVERSION to 2 for the target
- now strips the expat.library binary
5.2 - fixed XML_Parse 68k stub which enables xmlviewer to work
without crashing
- added some new functions to the 68k jump table available
in the latest expat.library for AmigaOS 3.x
- patches provided by Fredrik Wikstrom
5.1 - fixed package archive which was missing
- fixed library protection bits
- fixed up copyright notices
5.0 - integrated 68k patches from Fredrik Wikstrom which means
expat.library is now callable from 68k code
- bumped version for the addition of the 68k interface so
executables can explicitly ask for version 5 and know
it includes the 68k interface
- refactored Makefile to avoid recursive make calls and
build all the library flavours
- added static newlib version
- added shared objects version
- added package target to Makefile
- compiled with SDK 53.13 (GCC 4.2.4) at -O3
4.2 - updated to correspond to Expat 2.0.1 release
- bumped copyright banners and versions
- simplified amigaconfig.h
- updated include/libraries/expat.h file
- modified launch.c to use contructor/deconstructor
- removed need for amiga_main() from expat utilities
4.1 - fixed memory freeing bug in shared library version
- now allocates shared memory
4.0 - updated for corresponding Expat 2.0 release
- some minor CVS related changes
3.1 - removed obsolete sfd file
- added library description xml file
- refactored Makefile
- removed extraneous VARARGS68K keywords
- reworked default memory handling functions in shared lib
- updated amigaconfig.h
3.0 - initial release
- based on expat 1.95.8
- wide character support (UTF-16)