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Release 2.4.7 Fri March 4 2022
Bug fixes:
#572 #577 Relax fix to CVE-2022-25236 (introduced with release 2.4.5)
with regard to all valid URI characters (RFC 3986),
i.e. the following set (excluding whitespace):
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
0123456789 % -._~ :/?#[]@ !$&'()*+,;=
Other changes:
#555 #570 #581 CMake|Windows: Store Expat version in the DLL
#577 Document consequences of namespace separator choices not just
in doc/reference.html but also in header <expat.h>
#577 Document Expat's lack of validation of namespace URIs against
RFC 3986, and that the XML 1.0r4 specification doesn't
require Expat to validate namespace URIs, and that Expat
may do more in that regard in future releases.
If you find need for strict RFC 3986 URI validation on
application level today, may
be of interest.
#579 Fix documentation of XML_EndDoctypeDeclHandler in <expat.h>
#575 Document that a call to XML_FreeContentModel can be done at
a later time from outside the element declaration handler
#574 Make hardcoded namespace URIs easier to find in code
#573 Update documentation on use of XML_POOR_ENTOPY on Solaris
#569 #571 tests: Resolve use of macros NAN and INFINITY for GNU G++
4.8.2 on Solaris.
#578 #580 Version info bumped from 9:6:8 to 9:7:8;
see for what these numbers do
Special thanks to:
Jeffrey Walton
Johnny Jazeix
Thijs Schreijer
Release 2.4.6 Sun February 20 2022
Bug fixes:
#566 Fix a regression introduced by the fix for CVE-2022-25313
in release 2.4.5 that affects applications that (1)
call function XML_SetElementDeclHandler and (2) are
parsing XML that contains nested element declarations
(e.g. "<!ELEMENT junk ((bar|foo|xyz+), zebra*)>").
Other changes:
#567 #568 Version info bumped from 9:5:8 to 9:6:8;
see for what these numbers do
Special thanks to:
Matt Sergeant
Samanta Navarro
Sergei Trofimovich
Perl XML::Parser
Release 2.4.5 Fri February 18 2022
Security fixes:
#562 CVE-2022-25235 -- Passing malformed 2- and 3-byte UTF-8
sequences (e.g. from start tag names) to the XML
processing application on top of Expat can cause
arbitrary damage (e.g. code execution) depending
on how invalid UTF-8 is handled inside the XML
processor; validation was not their job but Expat's.
Exploits with code execution are known to exist.
#561 CVE-2022-25236 -- Passing (one or more) namespace separator
characters in "xmlns[:prefix]" attribute values
made Expat send malformed tag names to the XML
processor on top of Expat which can cause
arbitrary damage (e.g. code execution) depending
on such unexpectable cases are handled inside the XML
processor; validation was not their job but Expat's.
Exploits with code execution are known to exist.
#558 CVE-2022-25313 -- Fix stack exhaustion in doctype parsing
that could be triggered by e.g. a 2 megabytes
file with a large number of opening braces.
Expected impact is denial of service or potentially
arbitrary code execution.
#560 CVE-2022-25314 -- Fix integer overflow in function copyString;
only affects the encoding name parameter at parser creation
time which is often hardcoded (rather than user input),
takes a value in the gigabytes to trigger, and a 64-bit
machine. Expected impact is denial of service.
#559 CVE-2022-25315 -- Fix integer overflow in function storeRawNames;
needs input in the gigabytes and a 64-bit machine.
Expected impact is denial of service or potentially
arbitrary code execution.
Other changes:
#557 #564 Version info bumped from 9:4:8 to 9:5:8;
see for what these numbers do
Special thanks to:
Ivan Fratric
Samanta Navarro
Google Project Zero
Release 2.4.4 Sun January 30 2022
Security fixes:
#550 CVE-2022-23852 -- Fix signed integer overflow
(undefined behavior) in function XML_GetBuffer
(that is also called by function XML_Parse internally)
for when XML_CONTEXT_BYTES is defined to >0 (which is both
common and default).
Impact is denial of service or more.
#551 CVE-2022-23990 -- Fix unsigned integer overflow in function
doProlog triggered by large content in element type
declarations when there is an element declaration handler
present (from a prior call to XML_SetElementDeclHandler).
Impact is denial of service or more.
Bug fixes:
#544 #545 xmlwf: Fix a memory leak on output file opening error
Other changes:
#546 Autotools: Fix broken CMake support under Cygwin
#554 Windows: Add missing files to the installer to fix
compilation with CMake from installed sources
#552 #554 Version info bumped from 9:3:8 to 9:4:8;
see for what these numbers do
Special thanks to:
Carlo Bramini
Roland Illig
Samanta Navarro
Clang LeakSan and the Clang team
Release 2.4.3 Sun January 16 2022
Security fixes:
#531 #534 CVE-2021-45960 -- Fix issues with left shifts by >=29 places
resulting in
a) realloc acting as free
b) realloc allocating too few bytes
c) undefined behavior
depending on architecture and precise value
for XML documents with >=2^27+1 prefixed attributes
on a single XML tag a la
"<r xmlns:a='[..]' a:a123='[..]' [..] />"
where XML_ParserCreateNS is used to create the parser
(which needs argument "-n" when running xmlwf).
Impact is denial of service, or more.
#532 #538 CVE-2021-46143 (ZDI-CAN-16157) -- Fix integer overflow
on variable m_groupSize in function doProlog leading
to realloc acting as free.
Impact is denial of service or more.
#539 CVE-2022-22822 to CVE-2022-22827 -- Prevent integer overflows
near memory allocation at multiple places. Mitre assigned
a dedicated CVE for each involved internal C function:
- CVE-2022-22822 for function addBinding
- CVE-2022-22823 for function build_model
- CVE-2022-22824 for function defineAttribute
- CVE-2022-22825 for function lookup
- CVE-2022-22826 for function nextScaffoldPart
- CVE-2022-22827 for function storeAtts
Impact is denial of service or more.
Other changes:
#535 CMake: Make call to file(GENERATE [..]) work for CMake <3.19
#541 Autotools|CMake: MinGW: Make work for Cygwin
and MSYS2 by not going through Wine on these platforms
#527 #528 Address compiler warnings
#533 #543 Version info bumped from 9:2:8 to 9:3:8;
see for what these numbers do
#536 CI: Check for realistic minimum CMake version
#529 #539 CI: Cover compilation with -m32
#529 CI: Store coverage reports as artifacts for download
#528 CI: Upgrade Clang from 11 to 13
Special thanks to:
An anonymous whitehat
Christopher Degawa
J. Peter Mugaas
Tyson Smith
GCC Farm Project
Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative
Release 2.4.2 Sun December 19 2021
Other changes:
#509 #510 Link againgst libm for function "isnan"
#513 #514 Include expat_config.h as early as possible
#498 Autotools: Include files with release archives:
- fuzz/*.c
#507 #519 Autotools: Sync CMake templates
#495 #524 CMake: MinGW: Fix pkg-config section "Libs" for
- non-release build types (e.g. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug)
- multi-config CMake generators (e.g. Ninja Multi-Config)
#502 #503 docs: Document that function XML_GetBuffer may return NULL
when asking for a buffer of 0 (zero) bytes size
#522 #523 docs: Fix return value docs for both
XML_SetBillionLaughsAttackProtection* functions
#525 #526 Version info bumped from 9:1:8 to 9:2:8;
see for what these numbers do
Special thanks to:
Dong-hee Na
Joergen Ibsen
Kai Pastor
Release 2.4.1 Sun May 23 2021
Bug fixes:
#488 #490 Autotools: Fix installed header expat_config.h for multilib
systems; regression introduced in 2.4.0 by pull request #486
Other changes:
#491 #492 Version info bumped from 9:0:8 to 9:1:8;
see for what these numbers do
Special thanks to:
Gentoo's QA check "multilib_check_headers"
Release 2.4.0 Sun May 23 2021
Security fixes:
#34 #466 #484 CVE-2013-0340/CWE-776 -- Protect against billion laughs attacks
(denial-of-service; flavors targeting CPU time or RAM or both,
leveraging general entities or parameter entities or both)
by tracking and limiting the input amplification factor
(<amplification> := (<direct> + <indirect>) / <direct>).
By conservative default, amplification up to a factor of 100.0
is tolerated and rejection only starts after 8 MiB of output bytes
(=<direct> + <indirect>) have been processed.
The fix adds the following to the API:
signals this specific condition.
- Two new API functions ..
- XML_SetBillionLaughsAttackProtectionMaximumAmplification and
- XML_SetBillionLaughsAttackProtectionActivationThreshold
.. to further tighten billion laughs protection parameters
when desired. Please see file "doc/reference.html" for details.
If you ever need to increase the defaults for non-attack XML
payload, please file a bug report with libexpat.
- Two new XML_FEATURE_* constants ..
- that can be queried using the XML_GetFeatureList function, and
- that are shown in "xmlwf -v" output.
- Two new environment variable switches ..
.. for runtime debugging of accounting and entity processing.
Specific behavior of these values may change in the future.
- Two new command line arguments "-a FACTOR" and "-b BYTES"
for xmlwf to further tighten billion laughs protection
parameters when desired.
If you ever need to increase the defaults for non-attack XML
payload, please file a bug report with libexpat.
Bug fixes:
#332 #470 For (non-default) compilation with -DEXPAT_MIN_SIZE=ON (CMake)
or CPPFLAGS=-DXML_MIN_SIZE (GNU Autotools): Fix segfault
for UTF-16 payloads containing CDATA sections.
#485 #486 Autotools: Fix generated CMake files for non-64bit and
non-Linux platforms (e.g. macOS and MinGW in particular)
that were introduced with release 2.3.0
Other changes:
#468 #469 xmlwf: Improve help output and the xmlwf man page
#463 xmlwf: Improve maintainability through some refactoring
#477 xmlwf: Fix man page DocBook validity
#458 #459 CMake: Support absolute paths for both CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR
#471 #481 CMake: Add support for standard variable BUILD_SHARED_LIBS
#457 Unexpose symbol _INTERNAL_trim_to_complete_utf8_characters
#467 Resolve macro HAVE_EXPAT_CONFIG_H
#472 Delete unused legacy helper file "conftools/PrintPath"
#473 #483 Improve attribution
#464 #465 #477 doc/reference.html: Fix XHTML validity
#475 #478 doc/reference.html: Replace the 90s look by OK.css
#479 Version info bumped from 8:0:7 to 9:0:8
due to addition of new symbols and error codes;
see for what these numbers do
#456 CI: Enable periodic runs
#457 CI: Start covering the list of exported symbols
#474 CI: Isolate coverage task
#476 #482 CI: Adapt to breaking changes in image "ubuntu-18.04"
#477 CI: Cover well-formedness and DocBook/XHTML validity
of doc/reference.html and doc/xmlwf.xml
Special thanks to:
Dimitry Andric
Eero Helenius
Nick Wellnhofer
Rhodri James
Tomas Korbar
Yury Gribov
Clang LeakSan
Release 2.3.0 Thu March 25 2021
Bug fixes:
#438 When calling XML_ParseBuffer without a prior successful call to
XML_GetBuffer as a user, no longer trigger undefined behavior
(by adding an integer to a NULL pointer) but rather return
XML_STATUS_ERROR and set the error code to (new) code
XML_ERROR_NO_BUFFER. Found by UBSan (UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer)
of Clang 11 (but not Clang 9).
#444 xmlwf: Exit status 2 was used for both:
- malformed input files (documented) and
- invalid command-line arguments (undocumented).
The case of invalid command-line arguments now
has its own exit status 4, resolving the ambiguity.
Other changes:
#439 xmlwf: Add argument -k to allow continuing after
non-fatal errors
#439 xmlwf: Add section about exit status to the -h help output
#422 #426 #447 Windows: Drop support for Visual Studio <=14.0/2015
#434 Windows: CMake: Detect unsupported Visual Studio at
configure time (rather than at compile time)
#382 #428 testrunner: Make verbose mode (argument "-v") report
about passed tests, and make default mode report about
failures, as well.
#442 CMake: Call "enable_language(CXX)" prior to tinkering
with CMAKE_CXX_* variables
#448 Document use of libexpat from a CMake-based project
#451 Autotools: Install CMake files as generated by CMake 3.19.6
so that users with "find_package(expat [..] CONFIG [..])"
are served on distributions that are *not* using the CMake
build system inside for libexpat packaging
#436 #437 Autotools: Drop obsolescent macro AC_HEADER_STDC
#450 #452 Autotools: Resolve use of obsolete macro AC_CONFIG_HEADER
#441 Address compiler warnings
#443 Version info bumped from 7:12:6 to 8:0:7
due to addition of error code XML_ERROR_NO_BUFFER
(see for what these numbers do)
#435 #446 Replace Travis CI by GitHub Actions
Special thanks to:
Alexander Richardson
Oleksandr Popovych
Thomas Beutlich
Tim Bray
Clang LeakSan, Clang 11 UBSan and the Clang team
Release 2.2.10 Sat October 3 2020
Bug fixes:
#390 #395 #398 Fix undefined behavior during parsing caused by
pointer arithmetic with NULL pointers
#404 #405 Fix reading uninitialized variable during parsing
#406 xmlwf: Add missing check for malloc NULL return
Other changes:
#396 Windows: Drop support for Visual Studio <=8.0/2005
#409 Windows: Add missing file "Changes" to the installer
to fix compilation with CMake from installed sources
#403 xmlwf: Document exit codes in xmlwf manpage and
exit with code 3 (rather than code 1) for output errors
when used with "-d DIRECTORY"
#356 #359 MinGW: Provide declaration of rand_s for mingwrt <5.3.0
#383 #392 Autotools: Use -Werror while configure tests the compiler
for supported compile flags to avoid false positives
#383 #393 #394 Autotools: Improve handling of user (C|CPP|CXX|LD)FLAGS,
e.g. ensure that they have the last word over flags added
while running ./configure
#360 CMake: Create libexpatw.{dll,so} and expatw.pc (with emphasis
on suffix "w") with -DEXPAT_CHAR_TYPE=(ushort|wchar_t)
#360 CMake: Detect and deny unsupported build combinations
involving -DEXPAT_CHAR_TYPE=(ushort|wchar_t)
#360 CMake: Install pre-compiled shipped xmlwf.1 manpage in case
#375 #380 #419 CMake: Fix use of Expat by means of add_subdirectory
#407 #408 CMake: Keep expat target name constant at "expat"
(i.e. refrain from using the target name to control
build artifact filenames)
#385 CMake: Fix compilation with -DEXPAT_SHARED_LIBS=OFF for
CMake: Expose man page compilation as target "xmlwf-manpage"
#413 #414 CMake: Introduce option EXPAT_BUILD_PKGCONFIG
to control generation of pkg-config file "expat.pc"
#424 CMake: Add minimalistic support for building binary packages
with CMake target "package"; based on CPack
#366 CMake: Add option -DEXPAT_OSSFUZZ_BUILD=(ON|OFF) with
default OFF to build fuzzer code against OSS-Fuzz and
related environment variable LIB_FUZZING_ENGINE
#354 Fix testsuite for -DEXPAT_DTD=OFF and -DEXPAT_NS=OFF, each
#354 #355 ..
#356 #412 Address compiler warnings
#368 #369 Address pngcheck warnings with doc/*.png images
#425 Version info bumped from 7:11:6 to 7:12:6
Special thanks to:
Ben Wagner
Bhargava Shastry
Frank Landgraf
Jeffrey Walton
Joe Orton
Kleber Tarcísio
Ma Lin
Maciej Sroczyński
Mohammed Khajapasha
Vadim Zeitlin
Cppcheck 2.0 and the Cppcheck team
Release 2.2.9 Wed September 25 2019
Other changes:
examples: Drop executable bits from elements.c
#349 Windows: Change the name of the Windows DLLs from expat*.dll
to libexpat*.dll once more (regression from 2.2.8, first
fixed in 1.95.3, issue #61 on SourceForge today,
was issue #432456 back then); needs a fix due
case-insensitive file systems on Windows and the fact that
Perl's XML::Parser::Expat compiles into Expat.dll.
#347 Windows: Only define _CRT_RAND_S if not defined
Version info bumped from 7:10:6 to 7:11:6
Special thanks to:
Ben Wagner
Release 2.2.8 Fri September 13 2019
Security fixes:
#317 #318 CVE-2019-15903 -- Fix heap overflow triggered by
XML_GetCurrentLineNumber (or XML_GetCurrentColumnNumber),
and deny internal entities closing the doctype;
fixed in commit c20b758c332d9a13afbbb276d30db1d183a85d43
Bug fixes:
#240 Fix cases where XML_StopParser did not have any effect
when called from inside of an end element handler
#341 xmlwf: Fix exit code for operation without "-d DIRECTORY";
previously, only "-d DIRECTORY" would give you a proper
exit code:
# xmlwf -d . <<<'<not well-formed>' 2>/dev/null ; echo $?
# xmlwf <<<'<not well-formed>' 2>/dev/null ; echo $?
Now both cases return exit code 2.
Other changes:
#299 #302 Windows: Replace LoadLibrary hack to access
unofficial API function SystemFunction036 (RtlGenRandom)
by using official API function rand_s (needs WinXP+)
#325 Windows: Drop support for Visual Studio <=7.1/2003
and document supported compilers in
#286 Windows: Remove COM code from xmlwf; in case it turns
out needed later, there will be a dedicated repository
below for that code
#322 Windows: Remove explicit MSVC solution and project files.
You can generate Visual Studio solution files through
CMake, e.g.: cmake -G"Visual Studio 15 2017" .
#338 xmlwf: Make "xmlwf -h" help output more friendly
#339 examples: Improve elements.c
#244 #264 Autotools: Add argument --enable-xml-attr-info
#239 #301 Autotools: Add arguments
#312 #343 Autotools: Fix linking issues with "./configure LD=clang"
Autotools: Fix "make run-xmltest" for out-of-source builds
#329 #336 CMake: Pull all options from Expat <=2.2.7 into namespace
prefix EXPAT_ with the exception of DOCBOOK_TO_MAN:
- BUILD_doc -> EXPAT_BUILD_DOCS (plural)
#244 #264 CMake: Add argument -DEXPAT_ATTR_INFO=(ON|OFF),
default OFF
#326 CMake: Add argument -DEXPAT_LARGE_SIZE=(ON|OFF),
default OFF
#328 CMake: Add argument -DEXPAT_MIN_SIZE=(ON|OFF),
default OFF
#239 #277 CMake: Add arguments
#326 CMake: Install expat_config.h to include directory
#326 CMake: Generate and install configuration files for
future find_package(expat [..] CONFIG [..])
CMake: Now produces a summary of applied configuration
CMake: Require C++ compiler only when tests are enabled
#330 CMake: Fix compilation for 16bit character types,
#265 CMake: Fix linking with MinGW
#330 CMake: Add full support for MinGW; to enable, use
#330 CMake: Port "make run-xmltest" from GNU Autotools to CMake
#316 CMake: Windows: Make binary postfix match MSVC
Old: expat[d].lib
New: expat[w][d][MD|MT].lib
CMake: Migrate files from Windows to Unix line endings
#308 CMake: Integrate OSS-Fuzz fuzzers, option
#14 Drop an OpenVMS support leftover
#235 #268 ..
#270 #310 ..
#313 #331 #333 Address compiler warnings
#282 #283 ..
#284 #285 Address cppcheck warnings
#294 #295 Address Clang Static Analyzer warnings
#24 #293 Mass-apply clang-format 9 (and ensure conformance during CI)
Version info bumped from 7:9:6 to 7:10:6
Special thanks to:
David Loffredo
Joonun Jang
Kishore Kunche
Marco Maggi
Mitch Phillips
Mohammed Khajapasha
Rolf Ade
Zhongyuan Zhou
Release 2.2.7 Wed June 19 2019
Security fixes:
#186 #262 CVE-2018-20843 -- Fix extraction of namespace prefixes from
XML names; XML names with multiple colons could end up in
the wrong namespace, and take a high amount of RAM and CPU
resources while processing, opening the door to
use for denial-of-service attacks
Other changes:
#195 #197 Autotools/CMake: Utilize -fvisibility=hidden to stop
exporting non-API symbols
#227 Autotools: Add --without-examples and --without-tests
#228 Autotools: Modernize
#245 #246 Autotools: Fix check for -fvisibility=hidden for Clang
#247 #248 Autotools: Fix compilation for lack of docbook2x-man
#236 #258 Autotools: Produce .tar.{gz,lz,xz} release archives
#212 CMake: Make libdir of pkgconfig expat.pc support multilib
#158 #263 CMake: Build man page in PROJECT_BINARY_DIR not _SOURCE_DIR
#219 Remove fallback to bcopy, assume that memmove(3) exists
#257 Use portable "/usr/bin/env bash" shebang (e.g. for OpenBSD)
#243 Windows: Fix syntax of .def module definition files
Version info bumped from 7:8:6 to 7:9:6
Special thanks to:
Benjamin Peterson
Caolán McNamara
Hanno Böck
Kishore Kunche
Marco Maggi
Rhodri James
Sebastian Dröge
Yury Gribov
Release 2.2.6 Sun August 12 2018
Bug fixes:
#170 #206 Avoid doing arithmetic with NULL pointers in XML_GetBuffer
#204 #205 Fix 2.2.5 regression with suspend-resume while parsing
a document like '<root/>'
Other changes:
#165 #168 Autotools: Fix docbook-related configure syntax error
#166 Autotools: Avoid grep option `-q` for Solaris
#167 Autotools: Support
./configure DOCBOOK_TO_MAN="xmlto man --skip-validation"
#159 #167 Autotools: Support DOCBOOK_TO_MAN command which produces
xmlwf.1 rather than XMLWF.1; also covers case insensitive
file systems
#181 Autotools: Drop -rpath option passed to libtool
#188 Autotools: Detect and deny SGML docbook2man as ours is XML
#188 Autotools/CMake: Support command db2x_docbook2man as well
#174 CMake: Introduce option WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS, defaults to OFF
#184 #185 CMake: Introduce option MSVC_USE_STATIC_CRT, defaults to OFF
#207 #208 CMake: Introduce option XML_UNICODE and XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T,
both defaulting to OFF
#175 CMake: Prefer check_symbol_exists over check_function_exists
#176 CMake: Create the same pkg-config file as with GNU Autotools
#178 #179 CMake: Use GNUInstallDirs module to set proper defaults for
install directories
#208 CMake: Utilize expat_config.h.cmake for XML_DEV_URANDOM
#180 Windows: Fix compilation of test suite for Visual Studio 2008
#131 #173 #202 Address compiler warnings
#187 #190 #200 Fix miscellaneous typos
Version info bumped from 7:7:6 to 7:8:6
Special thanks to:
Anton Maklakov
Benjamin Peterson
Brad King
Franek Korta
Frank Rast
Joe Orton
Pedro Vicente
Rainer Jung
Rhodri James
Rolf Ade
Rolf Eike Beer
Thomas Beutlich
Tomasz Kłoczko
Release 2.2.5 Tue October 31 2017
Bug fixes:
#8 If the parser runs out of memory, make sure its internal
state reflects the memory it actually has, not the memory
it wanted to have.
#11 The default handler wasn't being called when it should for
a SYSTEM or PUBLIC doctype if an entity declaration handler
was registered.
#137 #138 Fix a case of mistakenly reported parsing success where
XML_StopParser was called from an element handler
#162 Function XML_ErrorString was returning NULL rather than
introduced with release 2.2.1
Other changes:
#106 xmlwf: Add argument -N adding notation declarations
#75 #106 Test suite: Resolve expected failure cases where xmlwf
output was incomplete
#127 Windows: Fix test suite compilation
#126 #127 Windows: Fix compilation for Visual Studio 2012
Windows: Upgrade shipped project files to Visual Studio 2017
#33 #132 tests: Mass-fix compilation for XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T
#129 examples: Fix compilation for XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T
#130 benchmark: Fix compilation for XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T
#144 xmlwf: Fix compilation for XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T; still needs
Windows or MinGW for 2-byte wchar_t
#9 Address two Clang Static Analyzer false positives
#59 Resolve troublesome macros hiding parser struct membership
and dereferencing that pointer
#6 Resolve superfluous internal malloc/realloc switch
#153 #155 Improve docbook2x-man detection
#160 Undefine NDEBUG in the test suite (rather than rejecting it)
#161 Address compiler warnings
Version info bumped from 7:6:6 to 7:7:6
Special thanks to:
Benbuck Nason
Hans Wennborg
José Gutiérrez de la Concha
Pedro Monreal Gonzalez
Rhodri James
Rolf Ade
Stephen Groat
Core Infrastructure Initiative
Release 2.2.4 Sat August 19 2017
Bug fixes:
#115 Fix copying of partial characters for UTF-8 input
Other changes:
#109 Fix "make check" for non-x86 architectures that default
to unsigned type char (-128..127 rather than 0..255)
#109 Cover -funsigned-char
Autotools: Introduce --without-xmlwf argument
#65 Autotools: Replace handwritten Makefile with GNU Automake
#43 CMake: Auto-detect high quality entropy extractors, add new
option USE_libbsd=ON to use arc4random_buf of libbsd
#74 CMake: Add -fno-strict-aliasing only where supported
#114 CMake: Always honor manually set BUILD_* options
#114 CMake: Compile man page if docbook2x-man is available, only
#117 Include file tests/xmltest.log.expected in source tarball
(required for "make run-xmltest")
#117 Include (existing) Visual Studio 2013 files in source tarball
Improve test suite error output
#111 Fix some typos in documentation
Version info bumped from 7:5:6 to 7:6:6
Special thanks to:
Jakub Wilk
Joe Orton
Lin Tian
Rolf Eike Beer
Release 2.2.3 Wed August 2 2017
Security fixes:
#82 CVE-2017-11742 -- Windows: Fix DLL hijacking vulnerability
using Steve Holme's LoadLibrary wrapper for/of cURL
Bug fixes:
#85 Fix a dangling pointer issue related to realloc
Other changes:
Increase code coverage
#91 Linux: Allow getrandom to fail if nonblocking pool has not
yet been initialized and read /dev/urandom then, instead.
This is in line with what recent Python does.
#81 Pre-10.7/Lion macOS: Support entropy from arc4random
#86 Check that a UTF-16 encoding in an XML declaration has the
right endianness
#4 #5 #7 Recover correctly when some reallocations fail
Repair "./configure && make" for systems without any
provider of high quality entropy
and try reading /dev/urandom on those
Ensure that user-defined character encodings have converter
functions when they are needed
Fix mis-leading description of argument -c in xmlwf.1
Rely on macro HAVE_ARC4RANDOM_BUF (rather than __CloudABI__)
for CloudABI
#100 Fix use of SIPHASH_MAIN in siphash.h
#23 Test suite: Fix memory leaks
Version info bumped from 7:4:6 to 7:5:6
Special thanks to:
Chanho Park
Joe Orton
Pascal Cuoq
Rhodri James
Simon McVittie
Vadim Zeitlin
Viktor Szakats
Core Infrastructure Initiative
Release 2.2.2 Wed July 12 2017
Security fixes:
#43 Protect against compilation without any source of high
quality entropy enabled, e.g. with CMake build system;
commit ff0207e6076e9828e536b8d9cd45c9c92069b895
#60 Windows with _UNICODE:
Unintended use of LoadLibraryW with a non-wide string
resulted in failure to load advapi32.dll and degradation
in quality of used entropy when compiled with _UNICODE for
Windows; you can launch existing binaries with
EXPAT_ENTROPY_DEBUG=1 in the environment to inspect the
quality of entropy used during runtime; commits
* 95b95032f907ef1cd17ee7a9a1768010a825d61d
* 73a5a2e9c081f49f2d775cf7ced864158b68dc80
[MOX-006] Fix non-NULL parser parameter validation in XML_Parse;
resulted in NULL dereference, previously;
commit ac256dafdffc9622ab0dc2c62fcecb0dfcfa71fe
Bug fixes:
#69 Fix improper use of unsigned long long integer literals
Other changes:
#73 Start requiring a C99 compiler
#49 Fix "==" Bashism in configure script
#50 Fix too eager getrandom detection for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
#52 and macOS
#51 Address lack of stdint.h in Visual Studio 2003 to 2008
#58 Address compile warnings
#68 Fix "./ && ./configure" for some versions
of Dash for /bin/sh
#72 CMake: Ease use of Expat in context of a parent project
with multiple CMakeLists.txt files
#72 CMake: Resolve mistaken executable permissions
#76 Address compile warning with -DNDEBUG (not recommended!)
#77 Address compile warning about macro redefinition
Special thanks to:
Alexander Bluhm
Ben Boeckel
Cătălin Răceanu
Kerin Millar
László Böszörményi
S. P. Zeidler
Segev Finer
Václav Slavík
Victor Stinner
Viktor Szakats
Radically Open Security
Release 2.2.1 Sat June 17 2017
Security fixes:
CVE-2017-9233 -- External entity infinite loop DoS
Commit c4bf96bb51dd2a1b0e185374362ee136fe2c9d7f
[MOX-002] CVE-2016-9063 -- Detect integer overflow; commit
(Fixed version of existing downstream patches!)
( #539 Fix regression from fix to CVE-2016-0718 cutting off
longer tag names; commits
* 896b6c1fd3b842f377d1b62135dccf0a579cf65d
* af507cef2c93cb8d40062a0abe43a4f4e9158fb2
#16 * 0dbbf43fdb20f593ddf4fa1ff67288000dd4a7fd
#25 More integer overflow detection (function poolGrow); commits
* 810b74e4703dcfdd8f404e3cb177d44684775143
* 44178553f3539ce69d34abee77a05e879a7982ac
[MOX-002] Detect overflow from len=INT_MAX call to XML_Parse; commits
* 4be2cb5afcc018d996f34bbbce6374b7befad47f
* 7e5b71b748491b6e459e5c9a1d090820f94544d8
[MOX-005] #30 Use high quality entropy for hash initialization:
* arc4random_buf on BSD, systems with libbsd
(when configured with --with-libbsd), CloudABI
* RtlGenRandom on Windows XP / Server 2003 and later
* getrandom on Linux 3.17+
In a way, that's still part of CVE-2016-5300.
[MOX-005] For the low quality entropy extraction fallback code,
the parser instance address can no longer leak, commit
[MOX-003] Prevent use of uninitialised variable; commit
[MOX-004] a4dc944f37b664a3ca7199c624a98ee37babdb4b
Add missing parameter validation to public API functions
and dedicated error code XML_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT:
[MOX-006] * NULL checks; commits
* d37f74b2b7149a3a95a680c4c4cd2a451a51d60a (merge/many)
* 9ed727064b675b7180c98cb3d4f75efba6966681
* 6a747c837c50114dfa413994e07c0ba477be4534
* Negative length (XML_Parse); commit
[MOX-002] 70db8d2538a10f4c022655d6895e4c3e78692e7f
[MOX-001] #35 Change hash algorithm to William Ahern's version of SipHash
to go further with fixing CVE-2012-0876.
Bug fixes:
#32 Fix sharing of hash salt across parsers;
relevant where XML_ExternalEntityParserCreate is called
prior to XML_Parse, in particular (e.g. FBReader)
#28 xmlwf: Auto-disable use of memory-mapping (and parsing
as a single chunk) for files larger than ~1 GB (2^30 bytes)
rather than failing with error "out of memory"
#3 Fix double free after malloc failure in DTD code; commit
#17 Fix memory leak on parser error for unbound XML attribute
prefix with new namespaces defined in the same tag;
found by Google's OSS-Fuzz; commits
* 16f87daae5a16132e479e4f71862128c7a915c73
* b47dbc9745932c160893d433220e462bd605f8cd
xmlwf on Windows: Add missing calls to CloseHandle
New features:
#30 Introduced environment switch EXPAT_ENTROPY_DEBUG=1
for runtime debugging of entropy extraction
Other changes:
Increase code coverage
#33 Reject use of XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T with sizeof(wchar_t) != 2;
XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T was never meant to be used outside
of Windows; 4-byte wchar_t is common on Linux
( #538 Start using -fno-strict-aliasing
( #540 Support compilation against cloudlibc of CloudABI
Allow MinGW cross-compilation
( #534 CMake: Introduce option "BUILD_doc" (enabled by default)
to bypass compilation of the xmlwf.1 man page
( pr2 CMake: Introduce option "INSTALL" (enabled by default)
to bypass installation of expat files
CMake: Fix ninja support
Autotools: Add parameters --enable-xml-context [COUNT]
and --disable-xml-context; default of context of 1024
bytes enabled unchanged
#14 Drop AmigaOS 4.x code and includes
#14 Drop ancient build systems:
* Borland C++ Builder
* OpenVMS
* Open Watcom
* Visual Studio 6.0
* Pre-X Mac OS (MPW Makefile)
If you happen to rely on some of these, please get in
touch for joining with maintenance.
#10 Move from WIN32 to _WIN32
#13 Fix "make run-xmltest" order instability
Address compile warnings
Bump version info from 7:2:6 to 7:3:6
Add AUTHORS file
#1 Migrate from SourceForge to GitHub (except downloads):
#1 Re-create project website
Start utilizing Travis CI
Special thanks to:
Andy Wang
Don Lewis
Ed Schouten
Karl Waclawek
Pascal Cuoq
Rhodri James
Sergei Nikulov
Tobias Taschner
Viktor Szakats
Core Infrastructure Initiative
Mozilla Foundation (MOSS Track 3: Secure Open Source)
Radically Open Security
Release 2.2.0 Tue June 21 2016
Security fixes:
#537 CVE-2016-0718 -- Fix crash on malformed input
CVE-2016-4472 -- Improve insufficient fix to CVE-2015-1283 /
CVE-2015-2716 introduced with Expat 2.1.1
#499 CVE-2016-5300 -- Use more entropy for hash initialization
than the original fix to CVE-2012-0876
#519 CVE-2012-6702 -- Resolve troublesome internal call to srand
that was introduced with Expat 2.1.0
when addressing CVE-2012-0876 (issue #496)
Bug fixes:
Fix uninitialized reads of size 1
(e.g. in little2_updatePosition)
Fix detection of UTF-8 character boundaries
Other changes:
#532 Fix compilation for Visual Studio 2010 (keyword "C99")
Autotools: Resolve use of "$<" to better support bmake
Autotools: Add QA script "" (and make target "qa")
Autotools: Respect CXXFLAGS if given
Autotools: Fix "make run-xmltest"
Autotools: Have "make run-xmltest" check for expected output
p90 CMake: Fix static build (BUILD_shared=OFF) on Windows
#536 CMake: Add soversion, support -DNO_SONAME=yes to bypass
#323 CMake: Add suffix "d" to differentiate debug from release
CMake: Define WIN32 with CMake on Windows
Annotate memory allocators for GCC
Address all currently known compile warnings
Make sure that API symbols remain visible despite
Remove executable flag from source files
Resolve COMPILED_FROM_DSP in favor of WIN32
Special thanks to:
Björn Lindahl
Christian Heimes
Cristian Rodríguez
Daniel Krügler
Gustavo Grieco
Karl Waclawek
László Böszörményi
Marco Grassi
Pascal Cuoq
Sergei Nikulov
Thomas Beutlich
Warren Young
Yann Droneaud
Release 2.1.1 Sat March 12 2016
Security fixes:
#582: CVE-2015-1283 - Multiple integer overflows in XML_GetBuffer
Bug fixes:
#502: Fix potential null pointer dereference
#520: Symbol XML_SetHashSalt was not exported
Output of "xmlwf -h" was incomplete
Other changes:
#503: Document behavior of calling XML_SetHashSalt with salt 0
Minor improvements to man page xmlwf(1)
Improvements to the experimental CMake build system
libtool now invoked with --verbose
Release 2.1.0 Sat March 24 2012
- Security fixes:
#2958794: CVE-2012-1148 - Memory leak in poolGrow.
#2895533: CVE-2012-1147 - Resource leak in readfilemap.c.
#3496608: CVE-2012-0876 - Hash DOS attack.
#2894085: CVE-2009-3560 - Buffer over-read and crash in big2_toUtf8().
#1990430: CVE-2009-3720 - Parser crash with special UTF-8 sequences.
- Bug Fixes:
#1742315: Harmful XML_ParserCreateNS suggestion.
#1785430: Expat build fails on linux-amd64 with gcc version>=4.1 -O3.
#1983953, 2517952, 2517962, 2649838:
Build modifications using autoreconf instead of
#2815947, #2884086: OBJEXT and EXEEXT support while building.
#2517938: xmlwf should return non-zero exit status if not well-formed.
#2517946: Wrong statement about XMLDecl in xmlwf.1 and xmlwf.sgml.
#2855609: Dangling positionPtr after error.
#2990652: CMake support.
#3010819: UNEXPECTED_STATE with a trailing "%" in entity value.
#3206497: Uninitialized memory returned from XML_Parse.
#3287849: make check fails on mingw-w64.
- Patches:
#1749198: pkg-config support.
#3010222: Fix for bug #3010819.
#3312568: CMake support.
#3446384: Report byte offsets for attr names and values.
- New Features / API changes:
Added new API member XML_SetHashSalt() that allows setting an initial
value (salt) for hash calculations. This is part of the fix for
bug #3496608 to randomize hash parameters.
When compiled with XML_ATTR_INFO defined, adds new API member
XML_GetAttributeInfo() that allows retrieving the byte
offsets for attribute names and values (patch #3446384).
Added CMake build system.
See bug #2990652 and patch #3312568.
Added run-benchmark target to - relies on testdata module
present in the same relative location as in the repository.
Release 2.0.1 Tue June 5 2007
- Fixed bugs #1515266, #1515600: The character data handler's calling
of XML_StopParser() was not handled properly; if the parser was
stopped and the handler set to NULL, the parser would segfault.
- Fixed bug #1690883: Expat failed on EBCDIC systems as it assumed
some character constants to be ASCII encoded.
- Minor cleanups of the test harness.
- Fixed xmlwf bug #1513566: "out of memory" error on file size zero.
- Fixed outline.c bug #1543233: missing a final XML_ParserFree() call.
- Fixes and improvements for Windows platform:
bugs #1409451, #1476160, #1548182, #1602769, #1717322.
- Build fixes for various platforms:
HP-UX, Tru64, Solaris 9: patch #1437840, bug #1196180.
All Unix: #1554618 (refreshed config.sub/config.guess).
#1490371, #1613457: support both, DESTDIR and INSTALL_ROOT,
without relying on GNU-Make specific features.
#1647805: Patched to work better with Intel compiler.
- Fixes to to have make check work correctly:
bugs #1408143, #1535603, #1536684.
- Added Open Watcom support: patch #1523242.
Release 2.0.0 Wed Jan 11 2006
- We no longer use the "check" library for C unit testing; we
always use the (partial) internal implementation of the API.
- Report XML_NS setting via XML_GetFeatureList().
- Fixed headers for use from C++.
- XML_GetCurrentLineNumber() and XML_GetCurrentColumnNumber()
now return unsigned integers.
- Added XML_LARGE_SIZE switch to enable 64-bit integers for
byte indexes and line/column numbers.
- Updated to use libtool 1.5.22 (the most recent).
- Added support for AmigaOS.
- Some mostly minor bug fixes. SF issues include: #1006708,
#1021776, #1023646, #1114960, #1156398, #1221160, #1271642.
Release 1.95.8 Fri Jul 23 2004
- Major new feature: suspend/resume. Handlers can now request
that a parse be suspended for later resumption or aborted
altogether. See "Temporarily Stopping Parsing" in the
documentation for more details.
- Some mostly minor bug fixes, but compilation should no
longer generate warnings on most platforms. SF issues
include: #827319, #840173, #846309, #888329, #896188, #923913,
#928113, #961698, #985192.
Release 1.95.7 Mon Oct 20 2003
- Fixed enum XML_Status issue (reported on SourceForge many
times), so compilers that are properly picky will be happy.
- Introduced an XMLCALL macro to control the calling
convention used by the Expat API; this macro should be used
to annotate prototypes and definitions of callback
implementations in code compiled with a calling convention
other than the default convention for the host platform.
- Improved ability to build without the configure-generated
expat_config.h header. This is useful for applications
which embed Expat rather than linking in the library.
- Fixed a variety of bugs: see SF issues #458907, #609603,
#676844, #679754, #692878, #692964, #695401, #699323, #699487,
- Improved hash table lookups.
- Added more regression tests and improved documentation.
Release 1.95.6 Tue Jan 28 2003
- Added XML_FreeContentModel().
- Added XML_MemMalloc(), XML_MemRealloc(), XML_MemFree().
- Fixed a variety of bugs: see SF issues #615606, #616863,
#618199, #653180, #673791.
- Enhanced the regression test suite.
- Man page improvements: includes SF issue #632146.
Release 1.95.5 Fri Sep 6 2002
- Added XML_UseForeignDTD() for improved SAX2 support.
- Added XML_GetFeatureList().
- Defined XML_Bool type and the values XML_TRUE and XML_FALSE.
- Use an incomplete struct instead of a void* for the parser
(may not retain).
- Fixed UTF-8 decoding bug that caused legal UTF-8 to be rejected.
- Finally fixed bug where default handler would report DTD
events that were already handled by another handler.
Initial patch contributed by Darryl Miles.
- Removed unnecessary DllMain() function that caused static
linking into a DLL to be difficult.
- Added VC++ projects for building static libraries.
- Reduced line-length for all source code and headers to be
no longer than 80 characters, to help with AS/400 support.
- Reduced memory copying during parsing (SF patch #600964).
- Fixed a variety of bugs: see SF issues #580793, #434664,
#483514, #580503, #581069, #584041, #584183, #584832, #585537,
#596555, #596678, #598352, #598944, #599715, #600479, #600971.
Release 1.95.4 Fri Jul 12 2002
- Added support for VMS, contributed by Craig Berry. See
vms/README.vms for more information.
- Added Mac OS (classic) support, with a makefile for MPW,
contributed by Thomas Wegner and Daryle Walker.
- Added Borland C++ Builder 5 / BCC 5.5 support, contributed
by Patrick McConnell (SF patch #538032).
- Fixed a variety of bugs: see SF issues #441449, #563184,
#564342, #566334, #566901, #569461, #570263, #575168, #579196.
- Made skippedEntityHandler conform to SAX2 (see source comment)
- Re-implemented WFC: Entity Declared from XML 1.0 spec and
added a new error "entity declared in parameter entity":
see SF bug report #569461 and SF patch #578161
- Re-implemented section 5.1 from XML 1.0 spec:
see SF bug report #570263 and SF patch #578161
Release 1.95.3 Mon Jun 3 2002
- Added a project to the MSVC workspace to create a wchar_t
version of the library; the DLLs are named libexpatw.dll.
- Changed the name of the Windows DLLs from expat.dll to
libexpat.dll; this fixes SF bug #432456.
- Added the XML_ParserReset() API function.
- Fixed XML_SetReturnNSTriplet() to work for element names.
- Made the XML_UNICODE builds usable (thanks, Karl!).
- Allow xmlwf to read from standard input.
- Install a man page for xmlwf on Unix systems.
- Fixed many bugs; see SF bug reports #231864, #461380, #464837,
#466885, #469226, #477667, #484419, #487840, #494749, #496505,
#547350. Other bugs which we can't test as easily may also
have been fixed, especially in the area of build support.
Release 1.95.2 Fri Jul 27 2001
- More changes to make MSVC happy with the build; add a single
workspace to support both the library and xmlwf application.
- Added a Windows installer for Windows users; includes
- Added compile-time constants that can be used to determine the
Expat version
- Removed a lot of GNU-specific dependencies to aide portability
among the various Unix flavors.
- Fix the UTF-8 BOM bug.
- Cleaned up warning messages for several compilers.
- Added the -Wall, -Wstrict-prototypes options for GCC.
Release 1.95.1 Sun Oct 22 15:11:36 EDT 2000
- Changes to get expat to build under Microsoft compiler
- Removed all aborts and instead return an UNEXPECTED_STATE error.
- Fixed a bug where a stray '%' in an entity value would cause an
- Defined XML_SetEndNamespaceDeclHandler. Thanks to Darryl Miles for
finding this oversight.
- Changed default patterns in lib/ to fit non-GNU makes
Thanks to for reporting and providing an
account to test on.
- The reference had the wrong label for XML_SetStartNamespaceDecl.
Reported by an anonymous user.
Release 1.95.0 Fri Sep 29 2000
- XML_ParserCreate_MM
Allows you to set a memory management suite to replace the
standard malloc,realloc, and free.
- XML_SetReturnNSTriplet
If you turn this feature on when namespace processing is in
effect, then qualified, prefixed element and attribute names
are returned as "uri|name|prefix" where '|' is whatever
separator character is used in namespace processing.
- Merged in features from perl-expat
o XML_SetElementDeclHandler
o XML_SetAttlistDeclHandler
o XML_SetXmlDeclHandler
o XML_SetEntityDeclHandler
o StartDoctypeDeclHandler takes 3 additional parameters:
sysid, pubid, has_internal_subset
o Many paired handler setters (like XML_SetElementHandler)
now have corresponding individual handler setters
o XML_GetInputContext for getting the input context of
the current parse position.
- Added reference material
- Packaged into a distribution that builds a sharable library