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.TH dbclient 1
dbclient \- lightweight SSH2 client
.B dbclient
[\-Tt] [\-p
.I port\fR] [\-i
.I id\fR] [\-L
.I l\fR:\fIh\fR:\fIr\fR] [\-R
.I l\fR:\fIh\fR:\fIr\fR] [\-l
.IR user ]
.I host
.B dbclient
is a SSH 2 client designed to be small enough to be used in small memory
environments, while still being functional and secure enough for general use.
.B \-p \fIport
Remote port.
Connect to port
.I port
on the remote host.
Default is 22.
.B \-i \fIidfile
Identity file.
Read the identity from file
.I idfile
(multiple allowed).
.B \-L \fIlistenport\fR:\fIhost\fR:\fIport\fR
Local port forwarding.
Forward the port
.I listenport
on the local host through the SSH connection to port
.I port
on the host
.IR host .
.B \-R \fIlistenport\fR:\fIhost\fR:\fIport\fR
Remote port forwarding.
Forward the port
.I listenport
on the remote host through the SSH connection to port
.I port
on the host
.IR host .
.B \-l \fIuser
Login as
.I user
on the remote host.
.B \-t
Allocate a pty.
.B \-T
Don't allocate a pty.
.B \-N
Don't request a remote shell or run any commands. Any command arguments are ignored.
.B \-f
Fork into the background after authentication. A command argument (or -N) is required.
This is useful when using password authentication.
.B \-g
Allow non-local hosts to connect to forwarded ports. Applies to -L and -R
forwarded ports, though remote connections to -R forwarded ports may be limited
by the ssh server.
.B \-y
Always accept hostkeys if they are unknown. If a hostkey mismatch occurs the
connection will abort as normal.
.B \-W \fIwindowsize
Specify the per-channel receive window buffer size. Increasing this
may improve network performance at the expense of memory use. Use -h to see the
default buffer size.
.B \-K \fItimeout_seconds
Ensure that traffic is transmitted at a certain interval in seconds. This is
useful for working around firewalls or routers that drop connections after
a certain period of inactivity. The trade-off is that a session may be
closed if there is a temporary lapse of network connectivity. A setting
if 0 disables keepalives.
Matt Johnston (
Gerrit Pape ( wrote this manual page.
dropbear(8), dropbearkey(8)