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Dropbear for Debian
This package will attempt to listen on port 22. If the OpenSSH
package ("ssh") is installed, the file /etc/default/dropbear
will be set up so that the server does not start by default.
You can run Dropbear concurrently with OpenSSH 'sshd' by
modifying /etc/default/dropbear so that "NO_START" is set to
"0" and changing the port number that Dropbear runs on. Follow
the instructions in the file.
This package suggests you install the "ssh" package. This package
provides the "ssh" client program, as well as the "/usr/bin/scp"
binary you will need to be able to retrieve files from a server
running Dropbear via SCP.
Replacing OpenSSH "sshd" with Dropbear
You will still want to have the "ssh" package installed, as it
provides the "ssh" and "scp" binaries. When you install this
package, it checks for existing OpenSSH host keys and if found,
converts them to the Dropbear format.
If this appears to have worked, you should be able to change over
by following these steps:
1. Stop the OpenSSH server
% /etc/init.d/ssh stop
2. Prevent the OpenSSH server from starting in the future
% touch /etc/ssh/sshd_not_to_be_run
3. Modify the Dropbear defaults file, set NO_START to 0 and
ensure DROPBEAR_PORT is set to 22.
% editor /etc/default/dropbear
4. Restart the Dropbear server.
% /etc/init.d/dropbear restart
See the Dropbear homepage for more information: