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This file is out of date - it remains here in case it is still of use.
The basic naming convention is svr- and cli- for seperate parts,
then common- for common parts. Some files have no prefix.
A brief rundown on which files do what, and their corresponding sections
in the IETF drafts. The .c files usually have corresponding .h files.
Transport layer draft-ietf-secsh-transport-16.txt
session.c Contains the main select() loop, and handles setting
up/closing down ssh connections
algo.c Framework for handling various ciphers/hashes/algos,
and choosing between the lists of client/server
preferred ones
kex.c Key exchange routines, used at startup to negotiate
which algorithms to use, and also to obtain session
keys. This also runs when rekeying during the
packet.c Handles the basic packet encryption/decryption,
and switching to the appropriate packet handlers.
Called from session.c's main select loop.
service.c Handles service requests (userauth or connection)
Authentication draft-ietf-secsh-userauth-17.txt
auth.c General auth handling, including user checking etc,
passes different auth types to auth{passwd,pubkey}
authpasswd.c Handles /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow auth
authpubkey.c Handles ~/.ssh/authorized_keys auth
Connection draft-ietf-secsh-connect-17.txt
channel.c Channel handling routines - each shell/tcp conn/agent
etc is a channel.
chansession.c Handles shell/exec requests
sshpty.c From OpenSSH, allocates PTYs etc
termcodes.c Mapping of POSIX terminal codes to SSH terminal codes
loginrec.c From OpenSSH, handles utmp/wtmp logging
x11fwd.c Handles X11 forwarding
agentfwd.c Handles auth-agent forwarding requests
localtcpfwd.c Handles -L style tcp forwarding requests, setting
up the listening port and also handling connections
to that port (and subsequent channels)
dbmulti.c Combination binary chooser main() function
dbutil.c Various utility functions, incl logging, memory etc
dropbearconvert.c Conversion from dropbear<->openssh keys, uses
keyimport.c to do most of the work
dropbearkey.c Generates keys, calling gen{dss,rsa}
keyimport.c Modified from PuTTY, converts between key types
main.c dropbear's main(), handles listening, forking for
new connections, child-process limits
runopts.c Parses commandline options
options.h Compile-time feature selection
config.h Features selected from configure
debug.h Compile-time selection of debug features
includes.h Included system headers etc
Generic Routines
signkey.c A generic handler for pubkeys, switches to dss or rsa
depending on the key type
rsa.c RSA asymmetric crypto routines
dss.c DSS asymmetric crypto routines
gendss.c DSS key generation
genrsa.c RSA key generation
bignum.c Some bignum helper functions
queue.c A queue, used to enqueue encrypted packets to send
random.c PRNG, based on /dev/urandom or prngd
atomicio.c From OpenSSH, does `blocking' IO on non-blocking fds
buffer.c Buffer-usage routines, with size checking etc
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