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* Copyright (C) 1998 - 2018, Daniel Stenberg, <>, et al.
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#include "curl_setup.h"
#define READBUFFER_MIN 1024
/* The default upload buffer size, should not be smaller than
CURL_MAX_WRITE_SIZE, as it needs to hold a full buffer as could be sent in
a write callback.
The size was 16KB for many years but was bumped to 64KB because it makes
libcurl able to do significantly faster uploads in some circumstances. Even
larger buffers can help further, but this is deemed a fair memory/speed
compromise. */
#define UPLOADBUFFER_MAX (2*1024*1024)
* Prototypes for library-wide functions provided by url.c
CURLcode Curl_init_do(struct Curl_easy *data, struct connectdata *conn);
CURLcode Curl_open(struct Curl_easy **curl);
CURLcode Curl_init_userdefined(struct Curl_easy *data);
void Curl_freeset(struct Curl_easy * data);
/* free the URL pieces */
void Curl_up_free(struct Curl_easy *data);
CURLcode Curl_uc_to_curlcode(CURLUcode uc);
CURLcode Curl_close(struct Curl_easy *data); /* opposite of curl_open() */
CURLcode Curl_connect(struct Curl_easy *, struct connectdata **,
bool *async, bool *protocol_connect);
CURLcode Curl_disconnect(struct Curl_easy *data,
struct connectdata *, bool dead_connection);
CURLcode Curl_protocol_connect(struct connectdata *conn, bool *done);
CURLcode Curl_protocol_connecting(struct connectdata *conn, bool *done);
CURLcode Curl_protocol_doing(struct connectdata *conn, bool *done);
CURLcode Curl_setup_conn(struct connectdata *conn,
bool *protocol_done);
void Curl_free_request_state(struct Curl_easy *data);
int Curl_protocol_getsock(struct connectdata *conn,
curl_socket_t *socks,
int numsocks);
int Curl_doing_getsock(struct connectdata *conn,
curl_socket_t *socks,
int numsocks);
CURLcode Curl_parse_login_details(const char *login, const size_t len,
char **userptr, char **passwdptr,
char **optionsptr);
int Curl_removeHandleFromPipeline(struct Curl_easy *handle,
struct curl_llist *pipeline);
/* remove the specified connection from all (possible) pipelines and related
queues */
void Curl_getoff_all_pipelines(struct Curl_easy *data,
struct connectdata *conn);
CURLcode Curl_upkeep(struct conncache *conn_cache, void *data);
const struct Curl_handler *Curl_builtin_scheme(const char *scheme);
#define CURL_DEFAULT_PROXY_PORT 1080 /* default proxy port unless specified */
#define CURL_DEFAULT_HTTPS_PROXY_PORT 443 /* default https proxy port unless
specified */
CURLcode Curl_connected_proxy(struct connectdata *conn, int sockindex);
#define Curl_verboseconnect(x) Curl_nop_stmt
void Curl_verboseconnect(struct connectdata *conn);
(conn->http_proxy.proxytype == CURLPROXY_HTTPS &&\
(conn->http_proxy.proxytype == CURLPROXY_HTTPS &&\
(conn->http_proxy.proxytype == CURLPROXY_HTTPS &&\
#endif /* HEADER_CURL_URL_H */