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To be addressed before 7.18.2 (planned release: June 2008)
142 - Jeff Weber's reported (and verified) memory leaks on SCP and SFTP
uploads that are aborted due to timeout.
143 - Emil Romanus's reported (and verified) problems with HTTP pipelining
when using the multi_socket API:
Possibly postponed for 7.18.3
144 - Help apps use 64bit/LFS libcurl!
To be addressed before 7.18.3 (planned release: August 2008)
139 - Christopher Palow's CURLM_EASY_HANDLE_EXISTS patch
140 - Arnaud Ebalard and Axel Tillequin's CRL support and issuer check patches
141 - The sponsored feature CURLINFO_PRIMARY_IP that returns the IP address
as a string for the most recently used connection.
145 -