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for OpenVMS
9-MAR-2004, Created this readme. file. Marty Kuhrt (MSK).
15-MAR-2004, MSK, Updated to reflect the new files in this directory.
14-FEB-2005, MSK, removed config-vms.h_with* file comments
10-FEB-2010, SMS. General update.
14-Jul-2013, JEM, General Update, add GNV build information.
The release notes installed by the PCSI kit consist of this file and the
curl_gnv_build_steps.txt and other useful information.
OpenVMS V7.0 or later (any platform)
DECC V6.5 or later
OpenSSL or hp SSL, if you want SSL support
What is Here:
This directory contains the following files for a DCL based build. This procedure backs up the source modules for
creating a PCSI kit.
Procedure to create the curl-config script. This procedure does a build of curl using the
GNV utilities and then uses DCL tools to build
the libcurl shared image. The
procedure must be run first.
This procedure builds the pcsi$desc file for
creating a PCSI based package.
This procedure builds the pcsi$text file for
creating a PCSI based package.
This procedure creates the release notes for
a PCSI kit based on curl_release_note_start.txt,
this readme file, and the curl_gnv_build_steps.txt Procedure to create a libcurl.pc file. DCL based build procedure. This procedure cleans up the files generated by
a GNV based build. DCL based procedure used by
to run generate the curl_config.h file.
This is a generic procedure that does most
of the work for generating config.h files. Procedure to compare the working directory
with a repository directory or a backup staging
curl_crtl_init.c A special pre-initialization routine to for
programs to behave more Unix like when run
under GNV.
Detailed instructions on how to built curl using
GNV and how to build the libcurl shared image and
PCSI kit.
The first part of the curl release notes. A procedure run at VMS startup to install the
libcurl shared image and to set up the needed
logical names.
curlmsg.h C header defining curl status code macros.
curlmsg.msg Error message source for curlmsg.h and curlmsg.sdl.
curlmsg.sdl SDL source defining curl status code constants.
curlmsg_vms.h Mapping of curl status codes to VMS-form codes.
DCL procedure to generate the curl specific
definitions for curl_config.h that
can not properly generate.
DCL procedure to read an Alpha/IA64 symbol vector
linker option file and generate the VAX transfer
vector modules.
gnv_conftest.c_first A helper file for the configure script. A script to run the configure script with the
options needed for VMS.
gnv_libcurl_symbols.opt The symbol vectors needed for Alpha and IA64
libcurl shared image. Links the libcurl shared image and then links a curl
image to use the libcurl.
macro32_exactcase.patch The patch file needed to modify VAX Macro32 to be
case sensitive and case preserving. curl kit file list for this directory. curl kit makefile source for this directory.
Script to do a make install using GNV after running
the configure script.
This generates the name of the PCSI kit based on
the version of curl being built.
This is a text file describing what files should
be included in a PCSI kit.
This generates the PCSI kit after the libcurl
shared image has been made.
readme. This file.
Program to check that the openssl version is new
enough for building a shared libcurl image.
This procedure sets up symbols and logical names
for a GNV build environment and also copies some
helper files. This procedure sets up new_gnu: directory tree to
for testing the install and building the PCSI kit.
It takes a "remove" option to remove all the staged
vms_eco_level.h This sets the ECO level for the PCSI kit name.
How to Build:
The GNV based build and the DCL based build procedures are not compatible
and you must make sure that none of the build files are present before
running a different type of build. Use the "REALCLEAN" option for
BUILD_VMS.COM and the "REALCLEAN" option for
The (brute-force) DCL based builder is [.packages.vms]
Comments in this procedure describe various optional parameters which
enable or disable optional program features, or which control the build
in other ways. Product files (.EXE, .H, .LIS, .MAP, .OBJ, .OLB, ...)
should be produced in an architecture-specific subdirectory under this
directory ([.ALPHA], [.IA64], [.VAX]).
The file curl_gnv_build_steps.txt contains information on buildling using
the GNV tool kit, building a shared libcurl, and producting a PCSI kit for
distribution. The curl_gnv_build_steps.text is included in the release
notes file of the PCSI kit.
The building with 64 bit pointers does not currently work.
The build procedure will detect if HP OpenSSL, LDAP, and Kerberos are
installed and default to building with them.
The build procedure will also detect if a compatible ZLIB shared image
is installed from a PCSI kit and default to using it.
Example build commands:
@ [.packages.vms] CLEAN
@ [.packages.vms] LARGE LDAP
submit /noprint [.packages.vms] /param = (LARGE, LDAP)
The procedure does not build the shared image file or the PCSI
kit. If you have built a curl with ZLIB and HPSSL support as well as if
LDAP and Kerberos installed, you can use the GNV_LINK_CURL.COM file.
The GNV_LINK_CURL.COM contains information on how to link and run with a newer
version of HP SSL than what may be install on an Alpha or IA64 based system.
To build the PCSI kit, follow the instructions in the file
Other Notes:
This release fixes known bugs #22, and #57 in the []known_bugs.
The libcurl formdata.c module and Curl tools post form now have some
understanding of VMS file types. Files will be posted in STREAM_LF format.
The Curl tool now has some understanding of VMS file types and will upload the
files in STREAM_LF format.
When CURL is uploading a VARIABLE format VMS file, it is less efficient as in
order to get the file size, it will first read the entire file once, and then
read the file again for the actual upload.
The Curl tool will now always download files into STREAM_LF format. Even if a
file by that name with a different format already exists. This is needed to
allow interrupted downloads to be continued.
The libcurl file module still does not understand VMS file types and requires
the input files to be in STREAM_LF to work property.
The test suites are not supported as of 7.11.0.
The curlmsg.sdl and curlmsg.h files are generated from curlmsg.msg.
This is not done automatically, since the .MSG file is a hand edit
of the relevant stuff from the curl.h file. If you want to do this
yourself you'll need the SDL package from the freeware collection.