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for OpenVMS
9-MAR-2004, Created this readme. file. Marty Kuhrt (MSK).
15-MAR-2004, MSK, Updated to reflect the new files in this directory.
14-FEB-2005, MSK, removed config-vms.h_with* file comments
OpenVMS V7.0 or later (any platform)
DECC V6.5 or later
OpenSSL or hp SSL, if you want SSL support
What is Here:
This directory contains the following files:
AXP.DIR - Target directory for Alpha builds.
BATCH_COMPILE.COM - Quick and dirty batch build procedure.
BUILD_VMS.COM - The brute force build procedure that sets
up the config files, and builds all the C
and MSG files in the lib and src
CONFIG-VMS.H - The config file used for all builds.
(Needs freeware SDL tool)
CURLMSG.MSG - Source for .SDL and .H as well as the
.OBJ used to link against for error messages.
CURLMSG_VMS.H - Maps curl error codes to VMS error numbers.
DEFINES.COM - Some handy logicals needed for the build.
You may need to update this for your setup.
HPSSL_ALPHA.OPT - Option file for hp SSL link on Alpha.
HPSSL_IA64.OPT - Option file for hp SSL link on IA64.
HPSSL_VAX.OPT - Option file for hp SSL link on VAX.
IA64.DIR - Target directory for IA64 builds.
README. - This file.
VAX.DIR - Target directory for VAX builds.
How to Build:
In theory you should be able to do an @defines followed by an
@build_vms from this directory and it will create brand new .olbs and
an .exe. I say in theory because every release of cURL tosses in a
new twist that has to be addressed by updating the config-vms.h*
files, or other files. I'm working on keeping all the OpenVMS
dependant stuff in this config file to keep from having to wade
through gobs of #ifdefs and such.
Other Notes:
The test suites are not supported as of 7.11.0.
The CURLMSG.SDL and CURLMSG.H files are generated from CURLMSG.MSG.
This is not done automatically, since the .MSG file is a hand edit
of the relevant stuff from the CURL.H file. If you want to do this
yourself you'll need the SDL package from the freeware CD.