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Long: version
Short: V
Help: Show version number and quit
Displays information about curl and the libcurl version it uses.
The first line includes the full version of curl, libcurl and other 3rd party
libraries linked with the executable.
The second line (starts with "Protocols:") shows all protocols that libcurl
reports to support.
The third line (starts with "Features:") shows specific features libcurl
reports to offer. Available features include:
.IP "IPv6"
You can use IPv6 with this.
.IP "krb4"
Krb4 for FTP is supported.
SSL versions of various protocols are supported, such as HTTPS, FTPS, POP3S
and so on.
.IP "libz"
Automatic decompression of compressed files over HTTP is supported.
NTLM authentication is supported.
.IP "Debug"
This curl uses a libcurl built with Debug. This enables more error-tracking
and memory debugging etc. For curl-developers only!
.IP "AsynchDNS"
This curl uses asynchronous name resolves. Asynchronous name resolves can be
done using either the c-ares or the threaded resolver backends.
SPNEGO authentication is supported.
.IP "Largefile"
This curl supports transfers of large files, files larger than 2GB.
This curl supports IDN - international domain names.
GSS-API is supported.
SSPI is supported.
SRP (Secure Remote Password) authentication is supported for TLS.
HTTP/2 support has been built-in.
.IP "UnixSockets"
Unix sockets support is provided.
.IP "HTTPS-proxy"
This curl is built to support HTTPS proxy.
.IP "Metalink"
This curl supports Metalink (both version 3 and 4 (RFC 5854)), which
describes mirrors and hashes. curl will use mirrors for failover if
there are errors (such as the file or server not being available).
PSL is short for Public Suffix List and means that this curl has been built
with knowledge about "public suffixes".
.IP "MultiSSL"
This curl supports multiple TLS backends.