curl the next few years - perhaps

Roadmap of things Daniel Stenberg wants to work on next. It is intended to serve as a guideline for others for information, feedback and possible participation.


Complete and merge the existing PR.

Loading a huge preload file is probably not too interesting to most people, but using a custom file and reacting to HSTS response header probably are good features.


Similar to DNS-over-HTTPS. Could share quite a lot of generic code.

ESNI (Encrypted SNI)

See Daniel's post on Support of Encrypted SNI on the mailing list.

Initial work exists in

thread-safe curl_global_init()

Fix the libcurl specific parts of the function to be thread-safe. Make sure it can be thread-safe if built with thread-safe 3rd party libraries. (probably can't include curl_global_init_mem() for obvious reasons)


There's no immediate action for this but users seem keen on being able to building custom minimized versions of libcurl for their products. Make sure new features that are “niche” can still be disabled at build-time.


Support receiving and sending MQTT messages. Initial work exists in

Hardcode “localhost”

No need to resolve it. Avoid a risk where this is resolved over the network and actually responds with something else than a local address. Some operating systems already do this. Also:

“menu config”-style build feature selection

Allow easier building of custom libcurl versions with only a selected feature where the available features are easily browsable and toggle-able ON/OFF or similar.