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+Daniel (1 June 2004)
+- I clarified the --create-dirs option somewhat in the curl man page.
+- Renaud Duhaut corrected the curl_unescape man page.
+- David Byron modified one of Massimiliano Ziccardi's recent MSVC makefile
+  changes to now again use the mm lib by default.
 Daniel (26 May 2004)
 - Mohun Biswas added release-zlib and debug-zlib targets to the MSVC libcurl
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  o AdacURL 7.11.2 was released:
  o PycURL 7.11.3 was released:
  o A new German download mirror:
+ o Two new mailing lists are available:
+   curl-and-python - for python programmers using pycurl or curl
+   curl-perl-commmits - receives commits done to the curl-perl CVS module
 This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
 advice from friends like these:
  Gisle Vanem, Tommy Tam, Luca Altea, James Bursa, Mihai Ionescu, Michael
  Benedict, Andrés García, Joe Halpin, Seshubabu Pasam, Peter Sylvester, Robert
- D. Young, Jesse Noller, David Byron, Massimiliano Ziccardi, Mohun Biswas
+ D. Young, Jesse Noller, David Byron, Massimiliano Ziccardi, Mohun Biswas,
+ Renaud Duhaut
         Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)