Roll crashpad/third_party/googletest/googletest/ e589a3371..11da093e0 (288 commits)

$ git log e589a3371..11da093e0 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2021-04-20 github Use URL instead of git-repo
2021-04-15 sebkraemer Apply missing suggestions from code review for GTEST_SKIP
2021-04-15 sebkraemer Apply suggestions from code review for GTEST_SKIP documentation
2020-12-15 sebkraemer Add subsection for GTEST_SKIP documentation
2021-04-15 jbampton chore: fix spelling
2021-04-14 github Mention to explicitely set the option to it's default.
2021-04-14 github Changes like Requested.
2021-03-17 77407429+a-sully Update nicestrictnaggy gmock cook_book links
2021-03-11 absl-team Internal change
2021-03-14 zekewarren Use @platforms instead of @bazel_tools for windows constraint
2021-03-13 github Use Fetchcontent instead of ExternalProject
2018-05-01 lantw44 Avoid using environ on FreeBSD
2020-02-17 krystian.kuzniarek remove a duplicated include
2020-06-10 rharrison Fix build issue for MinGW
2020-05-30 eli fix compilation on OpenBSD 6.7
2020-03-07 krystian.kuzniarek make UniversalPrinter<std::any> support RTTI
2020-03-07 krystian.kuzniarek specialize UniversalPrinter<> for std::any (without support for RTTI)
2020-03-07 krystian.kuzniarek specialize UniversalPrinter<> for std::optional
2020-03-07 krystian.kuzniarek specialize UniversalPrinter<> for std::variant
2020-05-25 invalid_ms_user Use count function instead of handwritten loop
2020-05-10 mate.pek Renamed related open source project name: Catch2 and Google Test Explorer -> C++ TestMate
2020-05-08 martin Remove an explicit include of debugapi.h
2020-05-05 igor.n.nazarenko Detect proto messages based on presense of DebugString.
2020-03-26 mvoorsluys Fix test with stack.
2020-03-29 verdoialaurent Fix --gtest_print_time coloring
2020-03-26 mvoorsluys Fixed xml unit-tests and added extra tests
2020-03-26 mvoorsluys Fix multiple \n characters in xml file when using GTEST_SKIP.
2020-03-26 mvoorsluys Only write ">\n" once when there is failure and skipped tests.
2020-03-26 mvoorsluys Output skipped information in the xml file.
2020-03-21 ngompa13 Set the version for the libraries
2020-02-21 nini16041988-gitbucket Add missing call for gtest_list_output_unittest_ unitTest. Add unitTest for fixed TEST_P line number. Use CodeLocation TestInfo struct.
2020-02-18 nini16041988-gitbucket Fix: shadow member
2020-02-18 nini16041988-gitbucket Add correct line number to TEST_P test cases for gtest_output.
2020-02-06 59134746+aribibek fix a link to documentation
2020-01-17 hgsilverman Fix always false condition and clean function body
2020-01-22 mjvk Fixes extensions missing for QNX

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