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//===-- asan_allocator.h ----------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file is a part of AddressSanitizer, an address sanity checker.
// ASan-private header for
#include "asan_flags.h"
#include "asan_internal.h"
#include "asan_interceptors.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_allocator.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_list.h"
namespace __asan {
enum AllocType {
FROM_MALLOC = 1, // Memory block came from malloc, calloc, realloc, etc.
FROM_NEW = 2, // Memory block came from operator new.
FROM_NEW_BR = 3 // Memory block came from operator new [ ]
struct AsanChunk;
struct AllocatorOptions {
u32 quarantine_size_mb;
u32 thread_local_quarantine_size_kb;
u16 min_redzone;
u16 max_redzone;
u8 may_return_null;
u8 alloc_dealloc_mismatch;
s32 release_to_os_interval_ms;
void SetFrom(const Flags *f, const CommonFlags *cf);
void CopyTo(Flags *f, CommonFlags *cf);
void InitializeAllocator(const AllocatorOptions &options);
void ReInitializeAllocator(const AllocatorOptions &options);
void GetAllocatorOptions(AllocatorOptions *options);
class AsanChunkView {
explicit AsanChunkView(AsanChunk *chunk) : chunk_(chunk) {}
bool IsValid() const; // Checks if AsanChunkView points to a valid
// allocated or quarantined chunk.
bool IsAllocated() const; // Checks if the memory is currently allocated.
bool IsQuarantined() const; // Checks if the memory is currently quarantined.
uptr Beg() const; // First byte of user memory.
uptr End() const; // Last byte of user memory.
uptr UsedSize() const; // Size requested by the user.
uptr AllocTid() const;
uptr FreeTid() const;
bool Eq(const AsanChunkView &c) const { return chunk_ == c.chunk_; }
u32 GetAllocStackId() const;
u32 GetFreeStackId() const;
StackTrace GetAllocStack() const;
StackTrace GetFreeStack() const;
AllocType GetAllocType() const;
bool AddrIsInside(uptr addr, uptr access_size, sptr *offset) const {
if (addr >= Beg() && (addr + access_size) <= End()) {
*offset = addr - Beg();
return true;
return false;
bool AddrIsAtLeft(uptr addr, uptr access_size, sptr *offset) const {
if (addr < Beg()) {
*offset = Beg() - addr;
return true;
return false;
bool AddrIsAtRight(uptr addr, uptr access_size, sptr *offset) const {
if (addr + access_size > End()) {
*offset = addr - End();
return true;
return false;
AsanChunk *const chunk_;
AsanChunkView FindHeapChunkByAddress(uptr address);
AsanChunkView FindHeapChunkByAllocBeg(uptr address);
// List of AsanChunks with total size.
class AsanChunkFifoList: public IntrusiveList<AsanChunk> {
explicit AsanChunkFifoList(LinkerInitialized) { }
AsanChunkFifoList() { clear(); }
void Push(AsanChunk *n);
void PushList(AsanChunkFifoList *q);
AsanChunk *Pop();
uptr size() { return size_; }
void clear() {
size_ = 0;
uptr size_;
struct AsanMapUnmapCallback {
void OnMap(uptr p, uptr size) const;
void OnUnmap(uptr p, uptr size) const;
# if defined(__powerpc64__)
const uptr kAllocatorSpace = 0xa0000000000ULL;
const uptr kAllocatorSize = 0x20000000000ULL; // 2T.
typedef DefaultSizeClassMap SizeClassMap;
# elif defined(__aarch64__) && SANITIZER_ANDROID
const uptr kAllocatorSpace = 0x3000000000ULL;
const uptr kAllocatorSize = 0x2000000000ULL; // 128G.
typedef VeryCompactSizeClassMap SizeClassMap;
# elif defined(__aarch64__)
// AArch64/SANITIZER_CAN_USER_ALLOCATOR64 is only for 42-bit VMA
// so no need to different values for different VMA.
const uptr kAllocatorSpace = 0x10000000000ULL;
const uptr kAllocatorSize = 0x10000000000ULL; // 3T.
typedef DefaultSizeClassMap SizeClassMap;
const uptr kAllocatorSpace = ~(uptr)0;
const uptr kAllocatorSize = 0x8000000000ULL; // 500G
typedef DefaultSizeClassMap SizeClassMap;
# else
const uptr kAllocatorSpace = 0x600000000000ULL;
const uptr kAllocatorSize = 0x40000000000ULL; // 4T.
typedef DefaultSizeClassMap SizeClassMap;
# endif
struct AP64 { // Allocator64 parameters. Deliberately using a short name.
static const uptr kSpaceBeg = kAllocatorSpace;
static const uptr kSpaceSize = kAllocatorSize;
static const uptr kMetadataSize = 0;
typedef __asan::SizeClassMap SizeClassMap;
typedef AsanMapUnmapCallback MapUnmapCallback;
static const uptr kFlags = 0;
typedef SizeClassAllocator64<AP64> PrimaryAllocator;
#else // Fallback to SizeClassAllocator32.
static const uptr kRegionSizeLog = 20;
static const uptr kNumRegions = SANITIZER_MMAP_RANGE_SIZE >> kRegionSizeLog;
typedef FlatByteMap<kNumRegions> ByteMap;
typedef TwoLevelByteMap<(kNumRegions >> 12), 1 << 12> ByteMap;
# endif
typedef CompactSizeClassMap SizeClassMap;
typedef SizeClassAllocator32<0, SANITIZER_MMAP_RANGE_SIZE, 16,
SizeClassMap, kRegionSizeLog,
AsanMapUnmapCallback> PrimaryAllocator;
static const uptr kNumberOfSizeClasses = SizeClassMap::kNumClasses;
typedef SizeClassAllocatorLocalCache<PrimaryAllocator> AllocatorCache;
typedef LargeMmapAllocator<AsanMapUnmapCallback> SecondaryAllocator;
typedef CombinedAllocator<PrimaryAllocator, AllocatorCache,
SecondaryAllocator> AsanAllocator;
struct AsanThreadLocalMallocStorage {
uptr quarantine_cache[16];
AllocatorCache allocator_cache;
void CommitBack();
// These objects are allocated via mmap() and are zero-initialized.
AsanThreadLocalMallocStorage() {}
void *asan_memalign(uptr alignment, uptr size, BufferedStackTrace *stack,
AllocType alloc_type);
void asan_free(void *ptr, BufferedStackTrace *stack, AllocType alloc_type);
void asan_sized_free(void *ptr, uptr size, BufferedStackTrace *stack,
AllocType alloc_type);
void *asan_malloc(uptr size, BufferedStackTrace *stack);
void *asan_calloc(uptr nmemb, uptr size, BufferedStackTrace *stack);
void *asan_realloc(void *p, uptr size, BufferedStackTrace *stack);
void *asan_valloc(uptr size, BufferedStackTrace *stack);
void *asan_pvalloc(uptr size, BufferedStackTrace *stack);
int asan_posix_memalign(void **memptr, uptr alignment, uptr size,
BufferedStackTrace *stack);
uptr asan_malloc_usable_size(const void *ptr, uptr pc, uptr bp);
uptr asan_mz_size(const void *ptr);
void asan_mz_force_lock();
void asan_mz_force_unlock();
void PrintInternalAllocatorStats();
void AsanSoftRssLimitExceededCallback(bool exceeded);
} // namespace __asan