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//===-- hwasan_allocator.h --------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file is a part of HWAddressSanitizer.
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_allocator.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_allocator_checks.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_allocator_interface.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_allocator_report.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_common.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_ring_buffer.h"
#include "hwasan_poisoning.h"
#if !defined(__aarch64__) && !defined(__x86_64__)
#error Unsupported platform
namespace __hwasan {
struct Metadata {
u32 requested_size : 31; // sizes are < 2G.
u32 right_aligned : 1;
u32 alloc_context_id;
struct HwasanMapUnmapCallback {
void OnMap(uptr p, uptr size) const { UpdateMemoryUsage(); }
void OnUnmap(uptr p, uptr size) const {
// We are about to unmap a chunk of user memory.
// It can return as user-requested mmap() or another thread stack.
// Make it accessible with zero-tagged pointer.
TagMemory(p, size, 0);
static const uptr kMaxAllowedMallocSize = 2UL << 30; // 2G
struct AP64 {
static const uptr kSpaceBeg = ~0ULL;
static const uptr kSpaceSize = 0x2000000000ULL;
static const uptr kMetadataSize = sizeof(Metadata);
typedef __sanitizer::VeryDenseSizeClassMap SizeClassMap;
using AddressSpaceView = LocalAddressSpaceView;
typedef HwasanMapUnmapCallback MapUnmapCallback;
static const uptr kFlags = 0;
typedef SizeClassAllocator64<AP64> PrimaryAllocator;
typedef CombinedAllocator<PrimaryAllocator> Allocator;
typedef Allocator::AllocatorCache AllocatorCache;
void AllocatorSwallowThreadLocalCache(AllocatorCache *cache);
class HwasanChunkView {
HwasanChunkView() : block_(0), metadata_(nullptr) {}
HwasanChunkView(uptr block, Metadata *metadata)
: block_(block), metadata_(metadata) {}
bool IsAllocated() const; // Checks if the memory is currently allocated
uptr Beg() const; // First byte of user memory
uptr End() const; // Last byte of user memory
uptr UsedSize() const; // Size requested by the user
uptr ActualSize() const; // Size allocated by the allocator.
u32 GetAllocStackId() const;
bool FromSmallHeap() const;
uptr block_;
Metadata *const metadata_;
HwasanChunkView FindHeapChunkByAddress(uptr address);
// Information about one (de)allocation that happened in the past.
// These are recorded in a thread-local ring buffer.
// TODO: this is currently 24 bytes (20 bytes + alignment).
// Compress it to 16 bytes or extend it to be more useful.
struct HeapAllocationRecord {
uptr tagged_addr;
u32 alloc_context_id;
u32 free_context_id;
u32 requested_size;
typedef RingBuffer<HeapAllocationRecord> HeapAllocationsRingBuffer;
void GetAllocatorStats(AllocatorStatCounters s);
} // namespace __hwasan