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  1. 52d4ecc [compiler-rt] Provide __dso_handle on Fuchsia by Petr Hosek · 7 weeks ago master
  2. 97ef764 Add support for Fuchsia by Petr Hosek · 10 months ago
  3. d595db5 [msan] Test for alloca handling. by Evgeniy Stepanov · 4 weeks ago upstream/master
  4. 75f58d1 [test] Use @LINE macro by Filipe Cabecinhas · 4 weeks ago
  5. 38d99a1 [xray] Unbreak unittest after r295967. by Benjamin Kramer · 4 weeks ago
  6. 809532d [Xray] fix building the runtime with GCC. by Benjamin Kramer · 4 weeks ago
  7. e257e18 Re-commit of r295318, which was reverted due to AArch64 flakiness. Moving the test to Darwin only. by Kuba Mracek · 5 weeks ago
  8. d0f13c2 [XRay] Change the ppc trampoline asm file into a different name, to not collide with the cc file. NFC. by Tim Shen · 5 weeks ago
  9. 7204e5a [compiler-rt] Prevent symbolizer from starting itself. by Vitaly Buka · 5 weeks ago
  10. 0fbafbe [asan] Re-enable a test on i386-darwin. by Anna Zaks · 5 weeks ago
  11. 796f898 [compiler-rt][asan] Fix incorrect macro preventing ICF with MSVC by Etienne Bergeron · 5 weeks ago
  12. cf1dffa [RT ARM] Avoid Linux include with a redefinition by Renato Golin · 5 weeks ago
  13. f9ab05c [compiler-rt][asan] Add support for desallocation of unhandled pointers by Etienne Bergeron · 5 weeks ago
  14. 7a9a60c Revert "[tsan] Provide external tags (object types) via debugging API" by Diana Picus · 5 weeks ago
  15. a577352 Revert "[PGO] Suspend SIGKILL for PR_SET_PDEATHSIG in profile-write" by Renato Golin · 5 weeks ago
  16. cb4a476 [XRay][compiler-rt] Allow for defining defaults at compile-time by Dean Michael Berris · 5 weeks ago
  17. e1e89fc Enable PROFILE, TSAN and UBSAN for Android by Pirama Arumuga Nainar · 5 weeks ago
  18. 0f527ee [PGO] remove unintended debug trace. NFC by Rong Xu · 5 weeks ago
  19. ffd1a9a Revert "Use pthreads for thread-local lsan allocator cache on darwin" by Francis Ricci · 5 weeks ago
  20. ce0bdf9 Revert "Upgrade ios min version to 8" by Francis Ricci · 5 weeks ago