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CMake - Cross Platform Makefile Generator
Copyright 2000-2009 Kitware, Inc., Insight Software Consortium
Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD License (the "License");
see accompanying file Copyright.txt for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
See the License for more information.
#include "cmCTest.h"
#include "cmSystemTools.h"
// Need these for documentation support.
#include "cmake.h"
#include "cmDocumentation.h"
#include "CTest/cmCTestScriptHandler.h"
#include "CTest/cmCTestLaunch.h"
#include "cmsys/Encoding.hxx"
static const char * cmDocumentationName[][2] =
" ctest - Testing driver provided by CMake."},
static const char * cmDocumentationUsage[][2] =
" ctest [options]"},
static const char * cmDocumentationOptions[][2] =
{"-C <cfg>, --build-config <cfg>", "Choose configuration to test."},
{"-V,--verbose", "Enable verbose output from tests."},
{"-VV,--extra-verbose", "Enable more verbose output from tests."},
{"--debug", "Displaying more verbose internals of CTest."},
{"--output-on-failure", "Output anything outputted by the test program "
"if the test should fail."},
{"--test-output-size-passed <size>", "Limit the output for passed tests "
"to <size> bytes"},
{"--test-output-size-failed <size>", "Limit the output for failed tests "
"to <size> bytes"},
{"-F", "Enable failover."},
{"-j <jobs>, --parallel <jobs>", "Run the tests in parallel using the "
"given number of jobs."},
{"-Q,--quiet", "Make ctest quiet."},
{"-O <file>, --output-log <file>", "Output to log file"},
{"-N,--show-only", "Disable actual execution of tests."},
{"-L <regex>, --label-regex <regex>", "Run tests with labels matching "
"regular expression."},
{"-R <regex>, --tests-regex <regex>", "Run tests matching regular "
{"-E <regex>, --exclude-regex <regex>", "Exclude tests matching regular "
{"-LE <regex>, --label-exclude <regex>", "Exclude tests with labels "
"matching regular expression."},
{"-D <dashboard>, --dashboard <dashboard>", "Execute dashboard test"},
{"-D <var>:<type>=<value>", "Define a variable for script mode"},
{"-M <model>, --test-model <model>", "Sets the model for a dashboard"},
{"-T <action>, --test-action <action>", "Sets the dashboard action to "
{"--track <track>", "Specify the track to submit dashboard to"},
{"-S <script>, --script <script>", "Execute a dashboard for a "
{"-SP <script>, --script-new-process <script>", "Execute a dashboard for a "
{"-A <file>, --add-notes <file>", "Add a notes file with submission"},
{"-I [Start,End,Stride,test#,test#|Test file], --tests-information",
"Run a specific number of tests by number."},
{"-U, --union", "Take the Union of -I and -R"},
{"--rerun-failed", "Run only the tests that failed previously"},
{"--repeat-until-fail <n>", "Require each test to run <n> "
"times without failing in order to pass"},
{"--max-width <width>", "Set the max width for a test name to output"},
{"--interactive-debug-mode [0|1]", "Set the interactive mode to 0 or 1."},
{"--no-label-summary", "Disable timing summary information for labels."},
{"--build-and-test", "Configure, build and run a test."},
{"--build-target", "Specify a specific target to build."},
{"--build-nocmake", "Run the build without running cmake first."},
{"--build-run-dir", "Specify directory to run programs from."},
{"--build-two-config", "Run CMake twice"},
{"--build-exe-dir", "Specify the directory for the executable."},
{"--build-generator", "Specify the generator to use."},
{"--build-generator-platform", "Specify the generator-specific platform."},
{"--build-generator-toolset", "Specify the generator-specific toolset."},
{"--build-project", "Specify the name of the project to build."},
{"--build-makeprogram", "Specify the make program to use."},
{"--build-noclean", "Skip the make clean step."},
"A sample executable to use to determine the configuration"},
{"--build-options", "Add extra options to the build step."},
{"--test-command", "The test to run with the --build-and-test option."},
{"--test-timeout", "The time limit in seconds, internal use only."},
{"--test-load", "CPU load threshold for starting new parallel tests."},
{"--tomorrow-tag", "Nightly or experimental starts with next day tag."},
{"--ctest-config", "The configuration file used to initialize CTest state "
"when submitting dashboards."},
{"--overwrite", "Overwrite CTest configuration option."},
{"--extra-submit <file>[;<file>]", "Submit extra files to the dashboard."},
{"--force-new-ctest-process", "Run child CTest instances as new processes"},
{"--schedule-random", "Use a random order for scheduling tests"},
{"--submit-index", "Submit individual dashboard tests with specific index"},
{"--timeout <seconds>", "Set a global timeout on all tests."},
{"--stop-time <time>",
"Set a time at which all tests should stop running."},
{"--http1.0", "Submit using HTTP 1.0."},
{"--no-compress-output", "Do not compress test output when submitting."},
{"--print-labels", "Print all available test labels."},
// this is a test driver program for cmCTest.
int main (int argc, char const* const* argv)
cmsys::Encoding::CommandLineArguments encoding_args =
cmsys::Encoding::CommandLineArguments::Main(argc, argv);
argc = encoding_args.argc();
argv = encoding_args.argv();
// Dispatch 'ctest --launch' mode directly.
if(argc >= 2 && strcmp(argv[1], "--launch") == 0)
return cmCTestLaunch::Main(argc, argv);
cmCTest inst;
if (cmSystemTools::GetCurrentWorkingDirectory().empty())
cmCTestLog(&inst, ERROR_MESSAGE,
"Current working directory cannot be established." << std::endl);
return 1;
// If there is a testing input file, check for documentation options
// only if there are actually arguments. We want running without
// arguments to run tests.
if(argc > 1 || !(cmSystemTools::FileExists("CTestTestfile.cmake") ||
if(argc == 1)
cmCTestLog(&inst, ERROR_MESSAGE, "*********************************"
<< std::endl
<< "No test configuration file found!" << std::endl
<< "*********************************" << std::endl);
cmDocumentation doc;
if(doc.CheckOptions(argc, argv))
cmake hcm;
// Construct and print requested documentation.
cmCTestScriptHandler* ch =
#ifdef cout
# undef cout
return doc.PrintRequestedDocumentation(std::cout)? 0:1;
#define cout no_cout_use_cmCTestLog
// copy the args to a vector
std::vector<std::string> args;
for(int i =0; i < argc; ++i)
// run ctest
std::string output;
int res = inst.Run(args,&output);
cmCTestLog(&inst, OUTPUT, output);
return res;