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CMake - Cross Platform Makefile Generator
Copyright 2000-2009 Kitware, Inc., Insight Software Consortium
Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD License (the "License");
see accompanying file Copyright.txt for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
See the License for more information.
#ifndef cmTarget_h
#define cmTarget_h
#include "cmCustomCommand.h"
#include "cmPropertyMap.h"
#include "cmPolicies.h"
#include "cmListFileCache.h"
#include "cmLinkItem.h"
#include <cmsys/auto_ptr.hxx>
# include <unordered_map>
# else
# include <cmsys/hash_map.hxx>
# endif
F(CMP0003) \
F(CMP0004) \
F(CMP0008) \
F(CMP0020) \
F(CMP0021) \
F(CMP0022) \
F(CMP0027) \
F(CMP0038) \
F(CMP0041) \
F(CMP0042) \
F(CMP0046) \
F(CMP0052) \
F(CMP0060) \
F(CMP0063) \
class cmake;
class cmMakefile;
class cmSourceFile;
class cmGlobalGenerator;
class cmComputeLinkInformation;
class cmListFileBacktrace;
class cmTarget;
class cmGeneratorTarget;
class cmTargetTraceDependencies;
class cmTargetInternals;
class cmTargetInternalPointer
cmTargetInternalPointer(cmTargetInternalPointer const& r);
cmTargetInternalPointer& operator=(cmTargetInternalPointer const& r);
cmTargetInternals* operator->() const { return this->Pointer; }
cmTargetInternals* Get() const { return this->Pointer; }
cmTargetInternals* Pointer;
/** \class cmTarget
* \brief Represent a library or executable target loaded from a makefile.
* cmTarget represents a target loaded from
* a makefile.
class cmTarget
static const char* GetTargetTypeName(TargetType targetType);
enum CustomCommandType { PRE_BUILD, PRE_LINK, POST_BUILD };
* Return the type of target.
TargetType GetType() const
return this->TargetTypeValue;
* Set the target type
void SetType(TargetType f, const std::string& name);
void MarkAsImported();
///! Set/Get the name of the target
const std::string& GetName() const {return this->Name;}
std::string GetExportName() const;
///! Set the cmMakefile that owns this target
void SetMakefile(cmMakefile *mf);
cmMakefile *GetMakefile() const { return this->Makefile;}
cmPolicies::PolicyStatus GetPolicyStatus ## POLICY () const \
{ return this->PolicyMap.Get(cmPolicies::POLICY); }
* Get the list of the custom commands for this target
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> const &GetPreBuildCommands() const
{return this->PreBuildCommands;}
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> const &GetPreLinkCommands() const
{return this->PreLinkCommands;}
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> const &GetPostBuildCommands() const
{return this->PostBuildCommands;}
void AddPreBuildCommand(cmCustomCommand const &cmd)
void AddPreLinkCommand(cmCustomCommand const &cmd)
void AddPostBuildCommand(cmCustomCommand const &cmd)
* Get the list of the source files used by this target
void GetSourceFiles(std::vector<cmSourceFile*> &files,
const std::string& config) const;
* Add sources to the target.
void AddSources(std::vector<std::string> const& srcs);
void AddTracedSources(std::vector<std::string> const& srcs);
cmSourceFile* AddSourceCMP0049(const std::string& src);
cmSourceFile* AddSource(const std::string& src);
enum LinkLibraryType {GENERAL, DEBUG, OPTIMIZED};
//* how we identify a library, by name and type
typedef std::pair<std::string, LinkLibraryType> LibraryID;
typedef std::vector<LibraryID > LinkLibraryVectorType;
const LinkLibraryVectorType &GetOriginalLinkLibraries() const
{return this->OriginalLinkLibraries;}
/** Compute the link type to use for the given configuration. */
LinkLibraryType ComputeLinkType(const std::string& config) const;
* Clear the dependency information recorded for this target, if any.
void ClearDependencyInformation(cmMakefile& mf, const std::string& target);
// Check to see if a library is a framework and treat it different on Mac
bool NameResolvesToFramework(const std::string& libname) const;
void AddLinkLibrary(cmMakefile& mf,
const std::string& target, const std::string& lib,
LinkLibraryType llt);
enum TLLSignature {
bool PushTLLCommandTrace(TLLSignature signature,
cmListFileContext const& lfc);
void GetTllSignatureTraces(std::ostringstream &s, TLLSignature sig) const;
void MergeLinkLibraries( cmMakefile& mf, const std::string& selfname,
const LinkLibraryVectorType& libs );
const std::vector<std::string>& GetLinkDirectories() const;
void AddLinkDirectory(const std::string& d);
* Set the path where this target should be installed. This is relative to
std::string GetInstallPath() const {return this->InstallPath;}
void SetInstallPath(const char *name) {this->InstallPath = name;}
* Set the path where this target (if it has a runtime part) should be
* installed. This is relative to INSTALL_PREFIX
std::string GetRuntimeInstallPath() const {return this->RuntimeInstallPath;}
void SetRuntimeInstallPath(const char *name) {
this->RuntimeInstallPath = name; }
* Get/Set whether there is an install rule for this target.
bool GetHaveInstallRule() const { return this->HaveInstallRule; }
void SetHaveInstallRule(bool h) { this->HaveInstallRule = h; }
/** Add a utility on which this project depends. A utility is an executable
* name as would be specified to the ADD_EXECUTABLE or UTILITY_SOURCE
* commands. It is not a full path nor does it have an extension.
void AddUtility(const std::string& u, cmMakefile *makefile = 0);
///! Get the utilities used by this target
std::set<std::string>const& GetUtilities() const { return this->Utilities; }
std::set<cmLinkItem>const& GetUtilityItems() const;
cmListFileBacktrace const* GetUtilityBacktrace(const std::string& u) const;
/** Finalize the target at the end of the Configure step. */
void FinishConfigure();
///! Set/Get a property of this target file
void SetProperty(const std::string& prop, const char *value);
void AppendProperty(const std::string& prop, const char* value,
bool asString=false);
const char *GetProperty(const std::string& prop) const;
const char *GetProperty(const std::string& prop, cmMakefile* context) const;
bool GetPropertyAsBool(const std::string& prop) const;
void CheckProperty(const std::string& prop, cmMakefile* context) const;
bool IsImported() const {return this->IsImportedTarget;}
void GetObjectLibrariesCMP0026(std::vector<cmTarget*>& objlibs) const;
cmLinkImplementationLibraries const*
GetLinkImplementationLibraries(const std::string& config) const;
void ComputeLinkImplementationLibraries(const std::string& config,
cmOptionalLinkImplementation& impl,
cmTarget const* head) const;
GetLinkImplMap(std::string const& config) const;
cmTarget const* FindTargetToLink(std::string const& name) const;
/** Strip off leading and trailing whitespace from an item named in
the link dependencies of this target. */
std::string CheckCMP0004(std::string const& item) const;
/** Get the directory in which this target will be built. If the
configuration name is given then the generator will add its
subdirectory for that configuration. Otherwise just the canonical
output directory is given. */
std::string GetDirectory(const std::string& config = "",
bool implib = false) const;
/** Get the directory in which this targets .pdb files will be placed.
If the configuration name is given then the generator will add its
subdirectory for that configuration. Otherwise just the canonical
pdb output directory is given. */
std::string GetPDBDirectory(const std::string& config) const;
const char* ImportedGetLocation(const std::string& config) const;
/** Get the target major and minor version numbers interpreted from
the VERSION property. Version 0 is returned if the property is
not set or cannot be parsed. */
void GetTargetVersion(int& major, int& minor) const;
/** Get the target major, minor, and patch version numbers
interpreted from the VERSION or SOVERSION property. Version 0
is returned if the property is not set or cannot be parsed. */
GetTargetVersion(bool soversion, int& major, int& minor, int& patch) const;
/** Whether this library has \@rpath and platform supports it. */
bool HasMacOSXRpathInstallNameDir(const std::string& config) const;
/** Whether this library defaults to \@rpath. */
bool MacOSXRpathInstallNameDirDefault() const;
/** Test for special case of a third-party shared library that has
no soname at all. */
bool IsImportedSharedLibWithoutSOName(const std::string& config) const;
/** Does this target have a GNU implib to convert to MS format? */
bool HasImplibGNUtoMS() const;
/** Convert the given GNU import library name (.dll.a) to a name with a new
extension (.lib or ${CMAKE_IMPORT_LIBRARY_SUFFIX}). */
bool GetImplibGNUtoMS(std::string const& gnuName, std::string& out,
const char* newExt = 0) const;
bool HaveInstallTreeRPATH() const;
// Get the properties
cmPropertyMap &GetProperties() const { return this->Properties; }
bool GetMappedConfig(std::string const& desired_config,
const char** loc,
const char** imp,
std::string& suffix) const;
/** Get the macro to define when building sources in this target.
If no macro should be defined null is returned. */
const char* GetExportMacro() const;
/** Return whether this target is an executable with symbol exports
enabled. */
bool IsExecutableWithExports() const;
/** Return whether this target may be used to link another target. */
bool IsLinkable() const;
/** Return whether or not the target is for a DLL platform. */
bool IsDLLPlatform() const { return this->DLLPlatform; }
/** Return whether or not the target has a DLL import library. */
bool HasImportLibrary() const;
/** Return whether this target is a shared library Framework on
Apple. */
bool IsFrameworkOnApple() const;
/** Return whether this target is a CFBundle (plugin) on Apple. */
bool IsCFBundleOnApple() const;
/** Return whether this target is a XCTest on Apple. */
bool IsXCTestOnApple() const;
/** Return whether this target is an executable Bundle on Apple. */
bool IsAppBundleOnApple() const;
/** Return the framework version string. Undefined if
IsFrameworkOnApple returns false. */
std::string GetFrameworkVersion() const;
/** Get a backtrace from the creation of the target. */
cmListFileBacktrace const& GetBacktrace() const;
/** Get a build-tree directory in which to place target support files. */
std::string GetSupportDirectory() const;
/** Return whether this target uses the default value for its output
directory. */
bool UsesDefaultOutputDir(const std::string& config, bool implib) const;
/** @return whether this target have a well defined output file name. */
bool HaveWellDefinedOutputFiles() const;
void InsertInclude(std::string const& entry,
cmListFileBacktrace const& bt,
bool before = false);
void InsertCompileOption(std::string const& entry,
cmListFileBacktrace const& bt,
bool before = false);
void InsertCompileDefinition(std::string const& entry,
cmListFileBacktrace const& bt);
void AppendBuildInterfaceIncludes();
bool IsNullImpliedByLinkLibraries(const std::string &p) const;
std::string GetDebugGeneratorExpressions(const std::string &value,
cmTarget::LinkLibraryType llt) const;
void AddSystemIncludeDirectories(const std::set<std::string> &incs);
std::set<std::string> const & GetSystemIncludeDirectories() const
{ return this->SystemIncludeDirectories; }
bool LinkLanguagePropagatesToDependents() const
{ return this->TargetTypeValue == STATIC_LIBRARY; }
std::map<std::string, std::string> const&
GetMaxLanguageStandards() const
return this->MaxLanguageStandards;
cmStringRange GetIncludeDirectoriesEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetIncludeDirectoriesBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetCompileOptionsEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetCompileOptionsBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetCompileFeaturesEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetCompileFeaturesBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetCompileDefinitionsEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetCompileDefinitionsBacktraces() const;
#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
const LinkLibraryVectorType &GetLinkLibrariesForVS6() const {
return this->LinkLibrariesForVS6;}
bool HandleLocationPropertyPolicy(cmMakefile* context) const;
#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
* A list of direct dependencies. Use in conjunction with DependencyMap.
typedef std::vector< LibraryID > DependencyList;
* This map holds the dependency graph. map[x] returns a set of
* direct dependencies of x. Note that the direct depenencies are
* ordered. This is necessary to handle direct dependencies that
* themselves have no dependency information.
typedef std::map< LibraryID, DependencyList > DependencyMap;
* Inserts \a dep at the end of the dependency list of \a lib.
void InsertDependencyForVS6( DependencyMap& depMap,
const LibraryID& lib,
const LibraryID& dep);
* Deletes \a dep from the dependency list of \a lib.
void DeleteDependencyForVS6( DependencyMap& depMap,
const LibraryID& lib,
const LibraryID& dep);
* Emits the library \a lib and all its dependencies into link_line.
* \a emitted keeps track of the libraries that have been emitted to
* avoid duplicates--it is more efficient than searching
* link_line. \a visited is used detect cycles. Note that \a
* link_line is in reverse order, in that the dependencies of a
* library are listed before the library itself.
void EmitForVS6( const LibraryID lib,
const DependencyMap& dep_map,
std::set<LibraryID>& emitted,
std::set<LibraryID>& visited,
DependencyList& link_line);
* Finds the dependencies for \a lib and inserts them into \a
* dep_map.
void GatherDependenciesForVS6( const cmMakefile& mf,
const LibraryID& lib,
DependencyMap& dep_map);
void AnalyzeLibDependenciesForVS6( const cmMakefile& mf );
const char* GetSuffixVariableInternal(bool implib) const;
const char* GetPrefixVariableInternal(bool implib) const;
// Use a makefile variable to set a default for the given property.
// If the variable is not defined use the given default instead.
void SetPropertyDefault(const std::string& property,
const char* default_value);
// Returns ARCHIVE, LIBRARY, or RUNTIME based on platform and type.
const char* GetOutputTargetType(bool implib) const;
std::string GetFullNameImported(const std::string& config,
bool implib) const;
std::string ImportedGetFullPath(const std::string& config,
bool implib) const;
void GetSourceFiles(std::vector<std::string> &files,
const std::string& config) const;
mutable cmPropertyMap Properties;
std::set<std::string> SystemIncludeDirectories;
std::set<std::string> LinkDirectoriesEmmitted;
std::set<std::string> Utilities;
mutable std::set<std::string> LinkImplicitNullProperties;
std::map<std::string, cmListFileBacktrace> UtilityBacktraces;
mutable std::map<std::string, std::string> MaxLanguageStandards;
cmPolicies::PolicyMap PolicyMap;
std::string Name;
std::string InstallPath;
std::string RuntimeInstallPath;
mutable std::string ExportMacro;
std::vector<std::string> LinkDirectories;
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> PreBuildCommands;
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> PreLinkCommands;
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> PostBuildCommands;
std::vector<std::pair<TLLSignature, cmListFileContext> > TLLCommands;
LinkLibraryVectorType PrevLinkedLibraries;
LinkLibraryVectorType OriginalLinkLibraries;
#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
LinkLibraryVectorType LinkLibrariesForVS6;
cmMakefile* Makefile;
cmTargetInternalPointer Internal;
TargetType TargetTypeValue;
bool HaveInstallRule;
bool RecordDependencies;
bool DLLPlatform;
bool IsAndroid;
bool IsApple;
bool IsImportedTarget;
bool BuildInterfaceIncludesAppended;
mutable bool DebugSourcesDone;
mutable bool LinkImplementationLanguageIsContextDependent;
#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
bool LinkLibrariesForVS6Analyzed;
// Cache target output paths for each configuration.
struct OutputInfo;
OutputInfo const* GetOutputInfo(const std::string& config) const;
ComputeOutputDir(const std::string& config,
bool implib, std::string& out) const;
bool ComputePDBOutputDir(const std::string& kind, const std::string& config,
std::string& out) const;
// Cache import information from properties for each configuration.
struct ImportInfo
ImportInfo(): NoSOName(false), Multiplicity(0) {}
bool NoSOName;
int Multiplicity;
std::string Location;
std::string SOName;
std::string ImportLibrary;
std::string Languages;
std::string Libraries;
std::string LibrariesProp;
std::string SharedDeps;
ImportInfo const* GetImportInfo(const std::string& config) const;
void ComputeImportInfo(std::string const& desired_config,
ImportInfo& info) const;
cmLinkImplementationLibraries const*
GetLinkImplementationLibrariesInternal(const std::string& config,
cmTarget const* head) const;
std::string ProcessSourceItemCMP0049(const std::string& s);
void ClearLinkMaps();
void MaybeInvalidatePropertyCache(const std::string& prop);
// Internal representation details.
friend class cmTargetInternals;
friend class cmGeneratorTarget;
friend class cmTargetTraceDependencies;
void ComputeVersionedName(std::string& vName,
std::string const& prefix,
std::string const& base,
std::string const& suffix,
std::string const& name,
const char* version) const;
typedef std::unordered_map<std::string, cmTarget> cmTargets;
typedef cmsys::hash_map<std::string, cmTarget> cmTargets;
typedef std::map<std::string,cmTarget> cmTargets;
class cmTargetSet: public std::set<std::string> {};
class cmTargetManifest: public std::map<std::string, cmTargetSet> {};