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Copyright 2000-2009 Kitware, Inc.
Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD License (the "License");
see accompanying file Copyright.txt for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
See the License for more information.
#ifndef cmCTestVC_h
#define cmCTestVC_h
#include "cmProcessTools.h"
class cmCTest;
class cmXMLWriter;
/** \class cmCTestVC
* \brief Base class for version control system handlers
class cmCTestVC: public cmProcessTools
/** Construct with a CTest instance and update log stream. */
cmCTestVC(cmCTest* ctest, std::ostream& log);
virtual ~cmCTestVC();
/** Command line tool to invoke. */
void SetCommandLineTool(std::string const& tool);
/** Top-level source directory. */
void SetSourceDirectory(std::string const& dir);
/** Get the date/time specification for the current nightly start time. */
std::string GetNightlyTime();
/** Prepare the work tree. */
bool InitialCheckout(const char* command);
/** Perform cleanup operations on the work tree. */
void Cleanup();
/** Update the working tree to the new revision. */
bool Update();
/** Get the command line used by the Update method. */
std::string const& GetUpdateCommandLine() const
{ return this->UpdateCommandLine; }
/** Write Update.xml entries for the updates found. */
bool WriteXML(cmXMLWriter& xml);
/** Enumerate non-trivial working tree states during update. */
enum PathStatus { PathUpdated, PathModified, PathConflicting };
/** Get the number of working tree paths in each state after update. */
int GetPathCount(PathStatus s) const { return this->PathCount[s]; }
// Internal API to be implemented by subclasses.
virtual void CleanupImpl();
virtual void NoteOldRevision();
virtual bool UpdateImpl();
virtual void NoteNewRevision();
virtual bool WriteXMLUpdates(cmXMLWriter& xml);
#if defined(__SUNPRO_CC) && __SUNPRO_CC <= 0x510
public: // Sun CC 5.1 needs help to allow cmCTestSVN::Revision to see this
/** Basic information about one revision of a tree or file. */
struct Revision
std::string Rev;
std::string Date;
std::string Author;
std::string EMail;
std::string Committer;
std::string CommitterEMail;
std::string CommitDate;
std::string Log;
struct File;
friend struct File;
/** Represent change to one file. */
struct File
PathStatus Status;
Revision const* Rev;
Revision const* PriorRev;
File(): Status(PathUpdated), Rev(0), PriorRev(0) {}
File(PathStatus status, Revision const* rev, Revision const* priorRev):
Status(status), Rev(rev), PriorRev(priorRev) {}
/** Convert a list of arguments to a human-readable command line. */
static std::string ComputeCommandLine(char const* const* cmd);
/** Run a command line and send output to given parsers. */
bool RunChild(char const* const* cmd, OutputParser* out,
OutputParser* err, const char* workDir = 0);
/** Run VC update command line and send output to given parsers. */
bool RunUpdateCommand(char const* const* cmd,
OutputParser* out, OutputParser* err = 0);
/** Write xml element for one file. */
void WriteXMLEntry(cmXMLWriter& xml, std::string const& path,
std::string const& name, std::string const& full,
File const& f);
// Instance of cmCTest running the script.
cmCTest* CTest;
// A stream to which we write log information.
std::ostream& Log;
// Basic information about the working tree.
std::string CommandLineTool;
std::string SourceDirectory;
// Record update command info.
std::string UpdateCommandLine;
// Placeholder for unknown revisions.
Revision Unknown;
// Count paths reported with each PathStatus value.
int PathCount[3];