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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmInstallGenerator_h
#define cmInstallGenerator_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "cmInstallType.h"
#include "cmScriptGenerator.h"
class cmLocalGenerator;
class cmMakefile;
/** \class cmInstallGenerator
* \brief Support class for generating install scripts.
class cmInstallGenerator : public cmScriptGenerator
enum MessageLevel
cmInstallGenerator(std::string destination,
std::vector<std::string> const& configurations,
std::string component, MessageLevel message,
bool exclude_from_all);
~cmInstallGenerator() override;
cmInstallGenerator(cmInstallGenerator const&) = delete;
cmInstallGenerator& operator=(cmInstallGenerator const&) = delete;
virtual bool HaveInstall();
virtual void CheckCMP0082(bool& haveSubdirectoryInstall,
bool& haveInstallAfterSubdirectory);
void AddInstallRule(
std::ostream& os, std::string const& dest, cmInstallType type,
std::vector<std::string> const& files, bool optional = false,
const char* permissions_file = nullptr,
const char* permissions_dir = nullptr, const char* rename = nullptr,
const char* literal_args = nullptr, Indent indent = Indent());
/** Get the install destination as it should appear in the
installation script. */
std::string ConvertToAbsoluteDestination(std::string const& dest) const;
/** Test if this generator installs something for a given configuration. */
bool InstallsForConfig(const std::string& config);
/** Select message level from CMAKE_INSTALL_MESSAGE or 'never'. */
static MessageLevel SelectMessageLevel(cmMakefile* mf, bool never = false);
virtual bool Compute(cmLocalGenerator*) { return true; }
void GenerateScript(std::ostream& os) override;
std::string CreateComponentTest(const std::string& component,
bool exclude_from_all);
// Information shared by most generator types.
std::string const Destination;
std::string const Component;
MessageLevel const Message;
bool const ExcludeFromAll;