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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmFileLock_h
#define cmFileLock_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <string>
#if defined(_WIN32)
# include <windows.h> // HANDLE
class cmFileLockResult;
* @brief Cross-platform file locking.
* @details Under the hood this class use 'fcntl' for Unix-like platforms and
* 'LockFileEx'/'UnlockFileEx' for Win32 platform. Locks are exclusive and
* advisory.
class cmFileLock
cmFileLock(cmFileLock const&) = delete;
cmFileLock(cmFileLock&&) noexcept;
cmFileLock& operator=(cmFileLock const&) = delete;
cmFileLock& operator=(cmFileLock&&) noexcept;
* @brief Lock the file.
* @param timeoutSec Lock timeout. If -1 try until success or fatal error.
cmFileLockResult Lock(const std::string& filename, unsigned long timeoutSec);
* @brief Unlock the file.
cmFileLockResult Release();
* @brief Check file is locked by this class.
* @details This function helps to find double locks (deadlocks) and to do
* explicit unlocks.
bool IsLocked(const std::string& filename) const;
cmFileLockResult OpenFile();
cmFileLockResult LockWithoutTimeout();
cmFileLockResult LockWithTimeout(unsigned long timeoutSec);
#if defined(_WIN32)
BOOL LockFile(DWORD flags);
int File = -1;
int LockFile(int cmd, int type);
std::string Filename;
#endif // cmFileLock_h