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Set output files path prefix for the :generator:`Ninja` generator.
Every output files listed in the generated ```` will be
prefixed by the contents of this variable (a trailing slash is
appended if missing). This is useful when the generated ninja file is
meant to be embedded as a ``subninja`` file into a *super* ninja
project. For example, a ninja build file generated with a command
cd top-build-dir/sub &&
cmake -G Ninja -DCMAKE_NINJA_OUTPUT_PATH_PREFIX=sub/ path/to/source
can be embedded in ``top-build-dir/`` with a directive like
subninja sub/
The ``auto-regeneration`` rule in ``top-build-dir/`` must have an
order-only dependency on ``sub/``.
.. note::
When ``CMAKE_NINJA_OUTPUT_PATH_PREFIX`` is set, the project generated
by CMake cannot be used as a standalone project. No default targets
are specified.