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Contributing to CMake
The following summarizes the process for contributing changes.
See documentation on `CMake Development`_ for more information.
.. _`CMake Development`: Help/dev/README.rst
CMake is maintained and supported by `Kitware`_ and developed in
collaboration with a productive community of contributors.
Please subscribe and post to the `CMake Developers List`_ to raise
discussion of development topics.
.. _`Kitware`:
.. _`CMake Developers List`:
CMake uses `Kitware's GitLab Instance`_ to manage development and code review.
To contribute patches:
#. Fork the upstream `CMake Repository`_ into a personal account.
#. Run `Utilities/`_ for local configuration.
#. See the `CMake Source Code Guide`_ for coding guidelines.
#. Base all new work on the upstream ``master`` branch.
Base work on the upstream ``release`` branch only if it fixes a
regression or bug in a feature new to that release.
If in doubt, prefer ``master``. Reviewers may simply ask for
a rebase if deemed appropriate in particular cases.
#. Create commits making incremental, distinct, logically complete changes
with appropriate `commit messages`_.
#. Push a topic branch to a personal repository fork on GitLab.
#. Create a GitLab Merge Request targeting the upstream ``master`` branch
(even if the change is intended for merge to the ``release`` branch).
Check the box to allow edits from maintainers.
The merge request will enter the `CMake Review Process`_ for consideration.
.. _`Kitware's GitLab Instance`:
.. _`CMake Repository`:
.. _`Utilities/`: Utilities/
.. _`CMake Source Code Guide`: Help/dev/source.rst
.. _`commit messages`: Help/dev/review.rst#commit-messages
.. _`CMake Review Process`: Help/dev/review.rst
We do not require any formal copyright assignment or contributor license
agreement. Any contributions intentionally sent upstream are presumed
to be offered under terms of the OSI-approved BSD 3-clause License.
See `Copyright.txt`_ for details.
.. _`Copyright.txt`: Copyright.txt