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2006-04-19 08:06 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-18 16:40 hoffman
* CMakeLists.txt: ENH: make cpack names match old cmake release
2006-04-18 15:32 hoffman
* Source/cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: ENH: put global
targets in the help
2006-04-18 15:30 hoffman
* Source/cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: BUG: make sure help
has global targets
2006-04-18 14:48 hoffman
* CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmCPluginAPI.h: ENH: move version numbers
to 2.5.0
2006-04-18 14:48 hoffman
* CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmCPluginAPI.h, Utilities/Release/README:
ENH: move version numbers to 2.4.0
2006-04-18 11:53 king
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx: BUG: Do not require
language flags variables. Other generators do not, and it breaks
programmable language support (like the Java test).
2006-04-18 11:50 barre
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: try to bypass Microsoft
assert() on isspace, isalpha, etc.
2006-04-18 11:45 king
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
Templates/DLLHeader.dsptemplate, Templates/EXEHeader.dsptemplate,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Updated VS6 generator
to use target.GetFullName() to compute target file names.
2006-04-18 10:56 king
* Source/: cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.h, cmTarget.cxx: ENH: Added
<config>_OUTPUT_NAME target property to allow the output name to
be set on a per-configuration basis.
2006-04-18 10:32 andy
* Docs/: cmake-indent.vim, cmake-syntax.vim: ENH: Cleanup header
and make license compatible with VIM
2006-04-18 10:32 andy
* Source/CPack/: cmCPackGenericGenerator.cxx,
cmCPackSTGZGenerator.cxx: ENH: Remove some debugging
2006-04-18 10:30 king
* Source/: cmFileCommand.cxx, cmInstallCommand.h: BUG: Using the
source-file permissions by default for installation is somewhat
unpredictable because users can extract source code with almost
any permissions (umask). Changing the default to use 644 for
files and 755 for programs. No release has documented the old
behavior so we do not need compatibility.
2006-04-18 10:27 king
* Source/cmIfCommand.h: BUG: Fixed missing false values in
documentation of IF command.
2006-04-18 10:01 king
* Modules/CPack.cmake: BUG: Need to ignore source packaging of #*#
files created by emacs during editing.
2006-04-18 09:24 andy
* Source/CPack/cmCPackSTGZGenerator.cxx: COMP: Remove non-existent
2006-04-18 08:25 andy
* Modules/, Source/cmFileCommand.cxx,
Source/CPack/cmCPackSTGZGenerator.h, Source/CPack/cpack.cxx: ENH:
More cleanups and add stgz header script, so it does not have to
be hard-coded. Also, the user can overwrite it
2006-04-18 08:17 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-17 19:02 andy
* bootstrap: ENH: Fix copyright year
2006-04-17 18:10 hoffman
* Tests/: Complex/Executable/CMakeLists.txt,
ComplexRelativePaths/Executable/complex.cxx: ENH: remove
duplicate file name test because it fails on xcode
2006-04-17 16:06 andy
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Verify the global target name
exists before using it. Fixes VS and Xcode
2006-04-17 15:55 hoffman
* Modules/FindX11.cmake: ENH: fix find x11 on the mac
2006-04-17 15:35 hoffman
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: ENH: fix java for ide builds again
2006-04-17 15:26 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h: ENH: Add packaging of source
code (make package_source)
2006-04-17 14:13 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/CMakeLists.txt: COMP: Fix compilation on linux
(dlopen/dlclose symbols)
2006-04-17 14:00 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeJavaInformation.cmake, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: fix java and add
OBJECT_DIR support
2006-04-17 13:59 hoffman
* Tests/: Complex/Executable/CMakeLists.txt,
ComplexRelativePaths/Executable/Sub2/NameConflictTest.c: ENH:
allow multiple files with the same name in different sub dirs
2006-04-17 13:58 hoffman
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: ENH: allow multiple
files with the same name in different subdirs
2006-04-17 13:57 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeDetermineCXXCompiler.cmake: ENH: add mingw test to
2006-04-17 13:57 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Windows-gcc.cmake: ENH: add windows apps to
2006-04-17 07:56 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-16 13:49 andy
* Docs/cmake-syntax.vim: ENH: Cleanup, make case insensitive,
remove macro since it does not work anyway
2006-04-16 08:08 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-15 13:02 andy
* Modules/CPack.cmake, Source/CPack/cmCPackGenericGenerator.cxx,
Source/CPack/cmCPackZIPGenerator.h: ENH: Support for packaging
source, several cleanups and more yeehaa...
2006-04-15 08:12 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-14 15:08 hoffman
* Modules/FindX11.cmake: ENH: make sure frameworks are not searched
for x header files
2006-04-14 09:13 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-14 09:02 hoffman
* Source/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: fix syntax
2006-04-14 08:58 andy
* Modules/CPack.cmake, Source/CPack/cmCPackGenericGenerator.cxx,
Templates/ ENH: Start adding support for
packaging component and to package into a subdirectory
2006-04-14 08:44 hoffman
* Source/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: make sure cmake can be built with an
older version of cmake
2006-04-13 23:24 hoffman
* Source/cmFindProgramCommand.cxx: ENH: fix warning
2006-04-13 23:15 hoffman
* Source/: cmDocumentation.cxx, cmDocumentation.h, cmakemain.cxx:
ENH: search for help modules in the correct place for install and
source tree builds
2006-04-13 22:57 king
* Source/cmFileCommand.cxx: BUG: Fixed install rules to use
2006-04-13 22:56 king
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: Improved implementation of
FilesDiffer to avoid allocating enough memory for the entire file
twice. Instead using a block-at-a-time comparison.
2006-04-13 15:28 king
* Tests/CustomCommand/wrapper.cxx: COMP: Do not use ANSI function
prototypes to pacify HP.
2006-04-13 11:00 hoffman
* bootstrap, Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake, Source/CMakeLists.txt,
Source/cmFindBase.cxx, Source/cmFindBase.h,
Source/cmFindProgramCommand.cxx, Source/cmFindProgramCommand.h,
Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx, Source/kwsys/
ENH: add patch for finding applications on OSX
2006-04-13 10:15 king
* Source/: cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h,
cmGlobalWatcomWMakeGenerator.cxx, cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx:
BUG: Work-around Watcom WMake limitation for multiple-output
custom command support.
2006-04-13 08:02 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-12 22:04 king
* Source/cmInstallCommand.cxx, Source/cmInstallCommand.h,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/InstallScript2.cmake: ENH: Added
INSTALL(CODE) mode to allow inline specification of install
script code. This reduces the need for configuring an install
script that needs some variable settings because the install code
can set thing up first.
2006-04-12 21:24 andy
* Docs/cmake-indent.vim: ENH: Unify the comment
2006-04-12 21:20 andy
* Docs/cmake-syntax.vim: ENH: More system variables, more
operators, more commands, fix some string issues and some cmake
arguments issues
2006-04-12 15:23 hoffman
* Source/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: lang by custom command does not yet
work for Xcode
2006-04-12 11:56 martink
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: COMP: fix warning
2006-04-12 11:36 martink
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.h: ENH: fix compile issue on HP
2006-04-12 09:12 hoffman
* Source/cmDocumentation.cxx: ENH: case insensitive command help
2006-04-12 08:15 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-11 22:39 hoffman
* Source/cmake.cxx: ENH: add more verbose output in verbose mode
2006-04-11 22:39 hoffman
* Source/cmMakefile.cxx: ENH: fix re-run of cmake based on
configured files that are done with copy if different and never
2006-04-11 17:11 hoffman
* Source/: CMakeLists.txt, cmLocalGenerator.cxx: ENH: enable test
for java with IDE builds
2006-04-11 16:55 king
* Modules/CMakeCInformation.cmake,
Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: ENH: Split
CMAKE_STANDARD_LIBRARIES into per-language variables
CMAKE_<lang>_STANDARD_LIBRARIES. This is needed to get
programmable language support working with Visual Studio
generators. It makes sense anyway.
2006-04-11 14:54 king
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: BUG: Use flag-map
transform only for C and C++ flags.
2006-04-11 14:53 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: ENH: Restored implementation of
AddCustomCommandToCreateObject. Updated it to use newer custom
command functionality.
2006-04-11 13:32 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Install scripts should honor
EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL options for subdirectories. This addresses
2006-04-11 12:51 martink
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx, cmMakefile.cxx, cmMakefile.h:
ENH: some performance optimizations
2006-04-11 11:40 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Do not add non-per-config
subdirectory name of cmake target libraries as full path libs.
2006-04-11 11:06 king
* Source/cmAddCustomCommandCommand.cxx,
Source/cmAddCustomCommandCommand.h, Source/cmCustomCommand.cxx,
Source/cmCustomCommand.h, Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.h, Source/cmMakefile.cxx,
Source/cmMakefile.h, Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmake.cxx, Tests/CustomCommand/CMakeLists.txt,
Tests/CustomCommand/wrapper.cxx: ENH: Added support for multiple
outputs generated by a single custom command. For Visual Studio
generators the native tool provides support. For Xcode and
Makefile generators a simple trick is used. The first output is
considered primary and has the build rule attached. Other
outputs simply depend on the first output with no build rule.
During cmake_check_build_system CMake detects when a secondary
output is missing and removes the primary output to make sure all
outputs are regenerated. This approach always builds the custom
command at the right time and only once even during parallel
2006-04-11 10:04 king
* Source/cmMakefile.h: BUG: Fixed typo in new cmake-rerun code.
2006-04-11 08:56 andy
* Source/cmCTest.cxx: BUG: The fast mode should not read
CTestCustom.ctest files
2006-04-11 08:16 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-10 13:52 hoffman
* Source/: cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx, cmMakefile.cxx,
cmMakefile.h: ENH: add support for re-running cmake if the
cmakefiles change
2006-04-10 13:52 hoffman
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: add test for mfc
2006-04-10 13:47 hoffman
* Source/cmFileCommand.cxx: ENH: handle single path
2006-04-10 13:46 hoffman
* Modules/: CMakeVS6FindMake.cmake, CMakeVS71FindMake.cmake,
CMakeVS7FindMake.cmake, CMakeVS8FindMake.cmake,
InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.cmake: ENH: add correct flags for
msvc generators
2006-04-10 13:44 andy
* Modules/CPack.cmake, Source/cmGlobalGenerator.h,
Source/ctest.cxx, Source/CPack/cmCPackGenericGenerator.cxx: ENH:
Add support for preinstall for cmake generated projects when
packaging them
2006-04-10 11:39 hoffman
* Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx: ENH: fix so all configurations
show up
2006-04-10 11:09 andy
* Modules/CPack.cmake, Source/CPack/cmCPackGenericGenerator.cxx:
ENH: Deprecate CPACK_BINARY_DIR and add
2006-04-10 09:36 andy
* ENH: Some ctest custom fixes
2006-04-10 08:10 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-09 08:15 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-09 07:45 andy
* Source/: cmCTest.cxx, cmCTest.h, CTest/cmCTestBuildHandler.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestReadCustomFilesCommand.cxx: BUG: Improve the
behavior of the ReadCustomFilesCommand
2006-04-08 14:15 hoffman
* Source/: cmLocalKdevelopGenerator.cxx,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h: ENH: make sure verbose output is
used for kde
2006-04-08 08:23 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-07 16:46 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/: Windows-cl.cmake, ENH:
add better variables for MSVC versions
2006-04-07 16:35 andy
* Modules/CPack.cmake: ENH: Allow to overwrite CPACK_BINARY_DIR
2006-04-07 07:40 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-06 07:39 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-05 11:07 king
* Source/cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx: COMP: Moved var decl out of
_WIN32 block.
2006-04-05 11:05 king
* Source/: cmLocalGenerator.cxx, cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx: BUG:
Fixed cmOrderLinkDirectories to deal with raw link items that do
not yet exist and correct drive letter case to avoid duplicate
paths on windows. Fixed cmLocalGenerator to pass CMake targets
as full paths to cmOrderLinkDirectories to make sure the ordering
will pick up the proper target libraries.
2006-04-05 07:46 hoffman
* Source/: cmFileCommand.cxx, cmFileCommand.h: ENH: add path
conversion stuff and rm SYSTEM_PATH
2006-04-05 07:31 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-04 17:27 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeVS8FindMake.cmake: ENH: add search directories for
32 bit devenv from a 64bit cmake
2006-04-04 17:14 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Removing part of earlier fix
because it does not work with VS generators. It may be restored
later after cmOrderLinkDirs is further fixed.
2006-04-04 14:53 king
* Source/cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.h: ENH: Added documentation
for COMPILE_FLAGS property and clarified meaning of
2006-04-04 14:25 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx, Source/cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx,
Tests/ComplexRelativePaths/Executable/complex.cxx: BUG: Fixed
cmOrderLinkDirectories to make sure cmake-built libraries are
found properly. Also taking libraries that will be built but may
not yet exist into account. The per-configuration subdirectories
that are included by generators in the link path are checked for
conflicting libraries also. Potentially conflicting libraries
that are actually symlinks back to the desired library are no
longer considered conflicting, which avoids bogus impossible
ordering warnings.
2006-04-04 14:25 martink
* Source/cmakexbuild.cxx: BUG: compiler fix
2006-04-04 13:04 martink
* Source/: cmCTest.cxx, cmCTest.h, cmForEachCommand.cxx,
cmSystemTools.cxx, cmSystemTools.h, cmakexbuild.cxx, ctest.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestRunScriptCommand.h, CTest/cmCTestScriptHandler.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestScriptHandler.h: ENH: added support for -SP scripts
in new processes
2006-04-04 11:52 hoffman
* Source/cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx,
Tests/ComplexRelativePaths/Executable/complex.cxx: ENH: change
library order to use a vector
2006-04-04 11:48 king
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmLocalGenerator.cxx, cmLocalGenerator.h, cmTarget.h: ENH: Added
global TargetManifest computation between Configure and Generate
steps. This allows generators to know what other targets will
exist on disk when the build completes.
2006-04-04 09:35 king
* Source/: cmIncludeDirectoryCommand.cxx,
cmIncludeDirectoryCommand.h: ENH: INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES should have
been written to prepend to the include path so that the most
local directories are included first. This is a patch from Alex
to resolve the problem by allowing users to switch the default
using a variable CMAKE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES_BEFORE and then still
explicitly appending or prepending by using AFTER or BEFORE
arguments explicitly.
2006-04-04 07:38 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-03 22:05 hoffman
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: ENH: use correct addcache call to
fix build tools
2006-04-03 17:54 hoffman
* Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx: ENH: fix spaces in path for
2006-04-03 16:20 hoffman
* Source/: cmIncludeDirectoryCommand.cxx,
cmLinkDirectoriesCommand.cxx: ENH: make sure include and lib dirs
are unix paths
2006-04-03 15:59 hoffman
* Source/cmFileCommand.cxx: ENH: fix warning, and remove debug code
2006-04-03 12:57 hoffman
* Source/: cmLocalGenerator.cxx, cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.h: ENH: add support for per config
2006-04-03 07:37 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-02 11:20 andy
* Source/: CMakeLists.txt, CPack/cmCPackGenerators.cxx,
CPack/cmCPackZIPGenerator.cxx, CPack/cmCPackZIPGenerator.h,
CPack/cpack.cxx: ENH: Add ZIP generator and add support for
including or excluding the toplevel directory
2006-04-02 08:35 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-04-01 07:37 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-31 21:43 hoffman
* Source/: cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx, cmOrderLinkDirectories.h:
ENH: fix spelling
2006-03-31 17:59 hoffman
* Source/cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx: ENH: fix for bug 3067 the
first framework ate the rest of the libraries
2006-03-31 13:17 hoffman
* bootstrap, Source/CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmTryCompileCommand.cxx, Source/cmakemain.cxx,
Source/cmakexbuild.cxx: ENH: add a wrapper for xcodebuild to get
around bug and verbose output
2006-03-31 08:46 hoffman
* Utilities/cmcurl/getdate.c: ENH: remove c++ comment from c code
2006-03-31 08:13 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-30 23:03 hoffman
* Utilities/cmtar/append.c: ENH: remove warning
2006-03-30 17:26 hoffman
* Source/cmakexbuild.cxx: ENH: add program to run xcodebuild and
get around bug
2006-03-30 16:55 king
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake: BUG: Fixed order of options to
cl for 32-bit/64-bit test to work with VS 6 NMake.
2006-03-30 15:39 king
* Source/: cmGlobalBorlandMakefileGenerator.cxx,
cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalKdevelopGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalMSYSMakefileGenerator.cxx,
cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: Implemented VT100 terminal
escape sequences. If CMAKE_COLOR_MAKEFILE is set then messages
produced by makefiles will be in color if the native tool
supports it. This addresses bug#3060.
2006-03-30 13:49 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake,
Modules/Platform/, Source/CMakeLists.txt,
Source/cmExecuteProcessCommand.cxx, Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmIfCommand.cxx, Source/cmListCommand.cxx,
Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.h, Source/cmXMLParser.cxx,
Source/cmake.cxx, Source/CTest/cmCTestHandlerCommand.cxx,
Source/kwsys/CommandLineArguments.cxx, Source/kwsys/Glob.cxx,
Source/kwsys/ProcessWin32.c, Source/kwsys/Registry.cxx,
Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx, Source/kwsys/,
Utilities/cmcurl/CMakeLists.txt, Utilities/cmcurl/getdate.c,
Utilities/cmcurl/inet_pton.c, Utilities/cmcurl/md5.c,
Utilities/cmcurl/mprintf.c, Utilities/cmtar/CMakeLists.txt,
Utilities/cmtar/append.c, Utilities/cmtar/block.c,
Utilities/cmtar/extract.c, Utilities/cmtar/handle.c,
Utilities/cmtar/output.c, Utilities/cmtar/compat/snprintf.c,
Utilities/cmxmlrpc/xmlrpc_support.c: ENH: add support for win64
for visual studio 2005 ide and nmake, also fix warnings produced
by building for win64
2006-03-30 13:33 king
* Source/: cmFileCommand.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
cmGlobalGenerator.h, cmInstallCommand.cxx, cmInstallCommand.h,
cmInstallFilesGenerator.cxx, cmInstallFilesGenerator.h,
cmInstallGenerator.cxx, cmInstallGenerator.h,
cmInstallTargetGenerator.cxx, cmInstallTargetGenerator.h,
cmLocalGenerator.cxx: ENH: Added named component installation
implementation. Installation behavior should be unchanged unless
-DCOMPONENT=<name> is specified when cmake_install.cmake is
2006-03-30 11:55 hoffman
* Source/: cmFileCommand.cxx, cmFindBase.cxx, cmFindBase.h: ENH:
make sure framework search order is correct
2006-03-30 09:17 martink
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: ENH: modified the relative path
code to not do relative paths between bin and source
2006-03-30 08:38 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-29 16:34 andy
* Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx: ENH: Use
PBXResourcesBuildPhase for resrources
2006-03-29 16:34 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake: ENH: use correct name for path
2006-03-29 16:25 andy
* Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx: ENH: Simplify. Instead of
doing ../MacOS just copy to current directory
2006-03-29 16:21 andy
* Source/cmXCode21Object.cxx: ENH: Add support for Xcode 2.1
2006-03-29 15:02 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx, cmXCodeObject.cxx,
cmXCodeObject.h: ENH: Add copy stages for bundle files
2006-03-29 13:33 hoffman
* Source/cmFindBase.cxx, Tests/BundleTest/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: add
a test for find framework stuff in find_library, and fix the
framework search stuff
2006-03-29 13:26 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: remove test on cygwin since it
randomly fails
2006-03-29 12:33 andy
* Source/CTest/: cmCTestBuildCommand.cxx,
cmCTestConfigureCommand.cxx, cmCTestCoverageCommand.cxx,
cmCTestSubmitCommand.cxx, cmCTestUpdateCommand.cxx: COMP: Return
0 instead of false
2006-03-29 12:01 andy
* Source/cmCTest.cxx, Source/cmCTest.h,
Tests/CTestTest3/ ENH: Several cleanups and make
sure things get propagated where they should. Also, allow to load
CTest custom files to the actual ctest -S script
2006-03-29 09:10 andy
* Source/cmSetSourceFilesPropertiesCommand.cxx: COMP: Remove
2006-03-29 08:31 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-28 16:36 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestReadCustomFilesCommand.cxx,
Tests/CTestTest3/ BUG: Fix the read custom files
command and add a coverage test
2006-03-28 16:25 andy
* Source/: cmLocalGenerator.cxx, cmTarget.cxx: COMP: Remove
2006-03-28 15:20 andy
* Source/cmCTest.cxx: ENH: Pass handler flags to both test and
memcheck handler
2006-03-28 15:19 andy
* Source/: CMakeLists.txt, cmCTest.h: ENH: Add new ctest command
2006-03-28 14:45 king
* Source/cmFindBase.cxx: ENH: Added check of
CMAKE_BACKWARDS_COMPATIBILITY to skip the CMake system path
search when simulating CMake 2.2 and earlier.
2006-03-28 14:37 andy
* Source/CTest/: cmCTestReadCustomFilesCommand.cxx,
cmCTestReadCustomFilesCommand.h, cmCTestScriptHandler.cxx: ENH:
Add command to read ctest custom files
2006-03-28 13:48 andy
* Source/cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: BUG: Handle spaces in
the path
2006-03-28 13:23 andy
* Tests/BundleTest/: BundleLib.cxx, BundleTest.cxx: ENH: Check if
files exist
2006-03-28 13:16 andy
* Source/: cmFileCommand.cxx, cmInstallGenerator.cxx,
cmInstallTargetGenerator.cxx, cmTarget.h: ENH: Add proper support
for installing bundles
2006-03-28 13:07 alex
* Modules/FindKDE4.cmake: STYLE: better error message when KDE4
hasn't been found
2006-03-28 10:58 king
* Source/cmInstallTargetGenerator.cxx: BUG: Pay attention to the
MACOSX_BUNDLE target property only on APPLE platforms.
2006-03-28 08:54 andy
* Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake,
Tests/BundleTest/ ENH: Add support
for adding content to bundles
2006-03-28 08:22 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-27 12:21 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/UnixPaths.cmake: ENH: add /opt/local/include
2006-03-27 11:09 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/: FreeBSD.cmake, OpenBSD.cmake: ENH: add unix
2006-03-27 10:46 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/: FreeBSD.cmake, HP-UX.cmake, IRIX.cmake,
IRIX64.cmake, NetBSD.cmake, OSF1.cmake, SCO_SV.cmake,
SINIX.cmake, Tru64.cmake, ULTRIX.cmake, UNIX_SV.cmake,
UnixPaths.cmake, UnixWare.cmake, Xenix.cmake, kFreeBSD.cmake:
ENH: add more search paths and add UnixPaths to all unix
2006-03-27 08:13 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-26 08:10 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-25 08:11 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-24 16:13 hoffman
* Source/cmListCommand.cxx: ENH: allow unset vars to be used in
list length
2006-03-24 16:11 king
* CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmInstallCommand.cxx,
Source/cmInstallCommand.h, Tests/SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Added ARCHIVE option
to the TARGETS mode of the INSTALL command. It is a third option
added to RUNTIME and LIBRARY property types. Static libraries
and import libraries are now treated as ARCHIVE targets instead
of LIBRARY targets. This adds a level of granularity necessary
for upcoming features. Also updated the CVS CMake patch level
set in CMake_VERSION_PATCH from 4 to 5 to allow users of this
version to know whether this incompatible change is present.
2006-03-24 14:47 king
* Modules/FindPythonLibs.cmake: ENH: Updated implementation to use
new FIND_* command power. The correct library is now found on
MinGW also.
2006-03-24 14:16 king
* Source/: cmFindBase.cxx, cmFindBase.h: ENH: Added
to allow more granularity than NO_DEFAULT_PATH.
2006-03-24 14:15 king
* Modules/Platform/UnixPaths.cmake: BUG: Fix '/use/lib' to be
2006-03-24 12:20 martink
* Tests/CustomCommand/: CMakeLists.txt,
GeneratedHeader/CMakeLists.txt: BUG: fix test to list generate
2006-03-24 09:15 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake, Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx, Source/cmLocalGenerator.h,
Source/cmLocalXCodeGenerator.cxx, Source/cmTryCompileCommand.cxx,
Tests/X11/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: add support for universal binaries
2006-03-24 08:17 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-23 15:35 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestBuildAndTestHandler.cxx: COMP: Remove warning
2006-03-23 13:55 martink
* Source/: cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: ENH: removed unused rules from
targets for VS
2006-03-23 11:19 andy
* Source/cmCTest.cxx: BUG: Fix CTestCustom.ctest file
2006-03-23 10:10 hoffman
* ENH: try to get rid of warning on HP
2006-03-23 09:56 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestBuildHandler.cxx: ENH: More error handling
2006-03-23 08:13 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-22 17:21 hoffman
* Source/cmExecuteProcessCommand.cxx: ENH: do not dereference empty
stl vectors
2006-03-22 15:01 martink
* Tests/: Complex/VarTests.cmake,
Complex/Executable/complex.cxx, ComplexOneConfig/VarTests.cmake,
ComplexRelativePaths/Executable/complex.cxx: ENH: added testing
for new features
2006-03-22 14:45 andy
* Source/cmMakefile.cxx: BUG: Fix logic. If the variable is not
set, then it is always ok to write the file
2006-03-22 14:40 andy
* Source/: cmAddCustomCommandCommand.cxx,
cmConfigureFileCommand.cxx, cmExecuteProcessCommand.cxx,
cmFileCommand.cxx, cmMakeDirectoryCommand.cxx, cmMakefile.cxx,
cmMakefile.h, cmWriteFileCommand.cxx: ENH: Allow blocking of
writing into the source tree
2006-03-22 14:06 martink
* Source/: cmGetDirectoryPropertyCommand.h,
cmGetSourceFilePropertyCommand.h, cmIfCommand.cxx, cmIfCommand.h,
cmMakefile.cxx, cmMakefile.h, cmSourceFile.cxx: ENH: added some
new functionality
2006-03-22 13:04 andy
* Source/: cmBootstrapCommands.cxx, cmCommands.cxx, cmake.cxx:
COMP: Fix apple bootstrap issues
2006-03-22 11:14 andy
* Source/cmBootstrapCommands.cxx,
Modules/CheckCXXSourceCompiles.cmake, Source/cmCommands.cxx,
Utilities/cmxmlrpc/CMake/TryCompileFromSource.cmake: ENH: Cleanup
bootstrap even more
2006-03-22 11:10 king
* Modules/Platform/Windows-gcc.cmake, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx:
ENH: Added support for linking to MS .lib libraries in MinGW.
2006-03-22 09:58 andy
* bootstrap, Source/cmMakefile.cxx, Source/cmMakefile.h,
Source/cmakemain.cxx: ENH: Remove things from bootstrap
2006-03-22 08:11 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-21 17:47 barre
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: the arguments to this function
were not checked in a robust way
2006-03-21 16:59 andy
* CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Add flag for MFC
2006-03-21 16:58 andy
* Modules/InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.cmake: ENH: Handle visual
studio versions
2006-03-21 16:39 andy
* Source/cmCTest.cxx: ENH: Two things. If there is
CTestCustom.cmake in the toplevel directory read that file only.
If there is CTestCustom.ctest in the toplevel directory, do the
glob, if there is none, do nothing
2006-03-21 16:03 andy
* Source/cmFileCommand.cxx, Source/cmFileCommand.h,
Tests/StringFileTest/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Add relative tag and
add test for relative tag
2006-03-21 16:02 andy
* Source/kwsys/: Glob.cxx, ENH: Add support for
relative paths and cleanup
2006-03-21 16:01 andy
* Source/cmCTest.cxx: BUG: Handle visual studio 8
2006-03-21 12:56 alex
* Modules/FindKDE3.cmake: BUG: put the path to the kde3 lib dir in
KDE3_LIB_DIR, not the complete
2006-03-21 12:54 andy
* bootstrap, Source/CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmCTest.cxx,
Source/cmCacheManager.cxx, Source/cmFileCommand.cxx,
Source/cmFindPathCommand.cxx, Source/cmGlob.cxx, Source/cmGlob.h,
Source/CTest/cmCTestCoverageHandler.cxx: ENH: Remove cmGlob and
use glob from kwsys
2006-03-21 08:45 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: ENH: Enabling
CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT_DIR even for in-source builds to be more
consistent with its name. This also makes double-quote and
angle-bracket include styles (almost) identical.
2006-03-21 08:20 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-20 16:24 andy
* Source/CPack/cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.cxx: ENH: Handle
unusual path for packagemaker
2006-03-20 12:29 alex
* Modules/: AddFileDependencies.cmake, FindPNG.cmake,
KDE3Macros.cmake: BUG: don't include MacroLibrary.cmake, but add
a cmake module which implements ADD_FILE_DEPENDENCIES() ENH: mark
the variables from FindPNG.cmake as advanced
2006-03-20 07:55 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-19 07:53 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-18 12:23 hoffman
* ENH: add more warning stuff
2006-03-18 12:16 alex
* Modules/FindKDE3.cmake: STYLE: fix typos
2006-03-18 08:59 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-17 16:30 andy
* Source/ ENH: Propagate cmake variables to
macros in C
2006-03-17 16:14 andy
* CMakeLists.txt, Source/CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmSystemTools.cxx:
ENH: Simplify the test
2006-03-17 15:47 andy
* Source/CMakeLists.txt: COMP: Use the current cmake's
2006-03-17 15:46 andy
* Source/: CMakeLists.txt, cmSystemTools.cxx, cmSystemTools.h,
cmake.cxx: ENH: Handle missing unsetenv and add check for environ
2006-03-17 15:33 hoffman
* Source/cmSystemTools.cxx: ENH: make cmake compile
2006-03-17 12:31 andy
* Source/cmSystemTools.cxx: COMP: Fix windows
2006-03-17 12:24 andy
* Source/cmSystemTools.cxx: COMP: Handle windows with hack for now
2006-03-17 12:06 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: Directory.cxx,, SystemTools.cxx, ENH: Use const char where it should have
been. At same time fix Bug#2958
2006-03-17 11:44 andy
* Source/: cmSystemTools.cxx, cmSystemTools.h: ENH: Add a method to
remove environment variables
2006-03-17 11:14 andy
* Source/: cmSystemTools.cxx, cmSystemTools.h, cmake.cxx: ENH: Use
vector of plain strings and add cmake -E command for getting
2006-03-17 10:58 andy
* Source/: cmSystemTools.cxx, cmSystemTools.h: ENH: Add access for
all environment variables
2006-03-17 09:32 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-16 18:24 king
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: BUG: When generating the install
rules for CMake itself the per-configuration subdirectory must be
used to specify the executable location.
2006-03-16 17:49 hoffman
* Source/: cmFindBase.cxx, cmFindBase.h: ENH: clean up find stuff
so that NO_SYSTEM_PATH is backwards compatible and you get put
system env variables in the find commands
2006-03-16 17:40 king
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake: BUG: /DWIN32 and /D_WINDOWS
should be defined for all configurations or if no configuration
is set.
2006-03-16 17:26 king
* Source/kwsys/ COMP: Skip trying to use native
auto_ptr implementation and just provide a conforming one.
2006-03-16 17:20 king
* Tests/: Complex/,
ComplexRelativePaths/Executable/complex.cxx: BUG: Removed
CMAKE_SHARED_MODULE_SUFFIX for loaded commands in favor of using
the settings from the platform files.
2006-03-16 17:09 king
* Source/:, cmDynamicLoader.cxx,
cmDynamicLoader.h, cmLoadCommandCommand.cxx: BUG: Removed
CMAKE_SHARED_MODULE_SUFFIX for loaded commands in favor of using
the settings from the platform files.
2006-03-16 17:07 king
* Modules/CMakeSystemSpecificInformation.cmake: BUG: When copying
the module variables from shared library variables use double
quotes for the required definitions ...PREFIX and ...SUFFIX to
make sure a value is set even if it is empty.
2006-03-16 16:04 king
* Source/cmExportLibraryDependencies.cxx: COMP: Using KWSys
auto_ptr to avoid cross-platform problems.
2006-03-16 16:04 king
* Source/kwsys/: CMakeLists.txt, ENH: Adding
auto_ptr to KWSys to provide a conforming version everywhere.
2006-03-16 15:53 alex
* Modules/FindKDE4.cmake: ENH: after searching for kde-config in
the special dirs, search again in the standard dirs BUG: handle
paths on windows correctly
2006-03-16 15:50 king
* Source/cmExportLibraryDependencies.cxx: COMP: Fix for auto_ptr
usage on VC6's broken implementation.
2006-03-16 14:51 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Fixed generation of mismatched
IF in install script. This bug was introduced during the m_
2006-03-16 14:44 king
* Source/: cmCommandArgumentParser.cxx, cmCommandArgumentParser.y:
COMP: Fix malloc/free declaration for windows compilers.
2006-03-16 14:14 king
* Source/cmExportLibraryDependencies.cxx: BUG: Do not leak the
ofstream object in append mode. Just use an auto_ptr for both
2006-03-16 11:57 king
* Source/: cmCommandArgumentParser.cxx, cmCommandArgumentParser.y,
cmCommandArgumentParserTokens.h: ENH: Using patch from Frans
Englich to clarify error messages.
2006-03-16 11:34 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestTestHandler.h: COMP: Make members protected
so that subclass can use them
2006-03-16 11:29 andy
* Source/CTest/: cmCTestMemCheckHandler.cxx,
cmCTestTestHandler.cxx: BUG: Couple of memcheck bugs: Log files
should really be different for test and memcheck. Also make sure
to not trunkate the output of the test until the valgrind or any
other checking is pefrormed.
2006-03-16 11:28 hoffman
* Source/CursesDialog/cmCursesMainForm.cxx: ENH: not all messages
are errors
2006-03-16 11:27 hoffman
* Source/cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx: ENH: don't put the default
framework path in a -F option
2006-03-16 11:21 andy
* Source/kwsys/ COMP: Fix problem with
2006-03-16 11:15 king
* Modules/Platform/FreeBSD.cmake: ENH: Enabling soname support on
2006-03-16 11:01 andy
* Source/cmDynamicLoader.cxx, Source/cmDynamicLoader.h,
Source/cmLoadCommandCommand.cxx, Source/cmSystemTools.cxx,
Source/cmakemain.cxx, Source/kwsys/DynamicLoader.cxx,
Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx, Source/kwsys/testDynload.c,
Tests/ComplexRelativePaths/Executable/complex.cxx: ENH: Cleanup
DynamicLoader so that the symbols have more consistent names,
start using dynamic loader from kwsys in CMake
2006-03-16 10:53 martink
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.h, cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.h,
cmLocalXCodeGenerator.h, cmMakefile.h: STYLE: minor comment
2006-03-16 10:44 martink
* Source/CursesDialog/: cmCursesBoolWidget.cxx,
cmCursesCacheEntryComposite.cxx, cmCursesCacheEntryComposite.h,
cmCursesDummyWidget.cxx, cmCursesFilePathWidget.cxx,
cmCursesForm.cxx, cmCursesForm.h, cmCursesLabelWidget.cxx,
cmCursesLongMessageForm.cxx, cmCursesLongMessageForm.h,
cmCursesMainForm.cxx, cmCursesMainForm.h, cmCursesPathWidget.cxx,
cmCursesPathWidget.h, cmCursesStringWidget.cxx,
cmCursesStringWidget.h, cmCursesWidget.cxx, cmCursesWidget.h:
ENH: m_ cleanup for curses
2006-03-16 09:33 martink
* Source/: cmAddTestCommand.h, cmData.h, cmDependsC.cxx,
cmDependsC.h, cmStandardIncludes.h, cmUseMangledMesaCommand.h,
cmVariableRequiresCommand.h: ENH: a warning fix and some more
2006-03-16 09:17 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-15 16:32 martink
* Source/cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: BUG: fix warning
2006-03-15 14:14 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/IRIX64.cmake: ENH: use c not cxx
2006-03-15 13:20 alex
* Modules/UsePkgConfig.cmake: BUG: change the formatting of the
pkgconfig module documentation so that it doesn't crash some
versions of konqueror (fixed with current konqy)
2006-03-15 12:02 hoffman
* Source/: cmGlobalXCode21Generator.cxx,
cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx, cmake.cxx: ENH: fix up this changes
for mac
2006-03-15 11:38 martink
* Source/: cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx, cmMakeDepend.cxx,
cmMakeDepend.h, cmXCodeObject.cxx, cmXCodeObject.h: BUG: some
UNIX fixes for my m_ commit
2006-03-15 11:26 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-15 11:01 martink
* Source/: cmAddCustomCommandCommand.cxx,
cmAddCustomTargetCommand.cxx, cmAddDefinitionsCommand.cxx,
cmAddDependenciesCommand.cxx, cmAddExecutableCommand.cxx,
cmAddLibraryCommand.cxx, cmAddLibraryCommand.h,
cmAddSubDirectoryCommand.cxx, cmAddTestCommand.cxx,
cmAuxSourceDirectoryCommand.cxx, cmBuildCommand.cxx,
cmBuildNameCommand.cxx, cmCMakeMinimumRequired.cxx,
cmCPluginAPI.cxx, cmCTest.cxx, cmCTest.h, cmCacheManager.cxx,
cmCacheManager.h, cmCommand.h, cmCommandArgumentLexer.cxx,
cmCommandArgumentParserHelper.h, cmConfigureFileCommand.cxx,
cmConfigureFileCommand.h, cmCreateTestSourceList.cxx,
cmCustomCommand.cxx, cmCustomCommand.h, cmDepends.cxx,
cmDepends.h, cmDependsC.cxx, cmDependsC.h, cmDependsFortran.cxx,
cmDependsFortran.h, cmDependsFortranLexer.cxx,
cmDependsJavaLexer.cxx, cmDynamicLoader.cxx,
cmEnableLanguageCommand.cxx, cmEnableTestingCommand.cxx,
cmEndIfCommand.cxx, cmExecProgramCommand.cxx,
cmExecuteProcessCommand.cxx, cmExportLibraryDependencies.cxx,
cmExportLibraryDependencies.h, cmExprLexer.cxx,
cmExprParserHelper.cxx, cmExprParserHelper.h,
cmFLTKWrapUICommand.cxx, cmFLTKWrapUICommand.h,
cmFileCommand.cxx, cmFileTimeComparison.cxx,
cmFileTimeComparison.h, cmFindBase.cxx, cmFindLibraryCommand.cxx,
cmFindPackageCommand.cxx, cmFindPathCommand.cxx,
cmFindProgramCommand.cxx, cmForEachCommand.cxx,
cmForEachCommand.h, cmGeneratedFileStream.cxx,
cmGeneratedFileStream.h, cmGetCMakePropertyCommand.cxx,
cmGetTargetPropertyCommand.cxx, cmGetTestPropertyCommand.cxx,
cmGlob.cxx, cmGlob.h, cmGlobalBorlandMakefileGenerator.cxx,
cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalKdevelopGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalMSYSMakefileGenerator.cxx,
cmGlobalWatcomWMakeGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalXCode21Generator.cxx,
cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.h,
cmIfCommand.cxx, cmIfCommand.h, cmIncludeCommand.cxx,
cmIncludeRegularExpressionCommand.cxx, cmInstallCommand.cxx,
cmInstallFilesCommand.cxx, cmInstallFilesCommand.h,
cmInstallProgramsCommand.cxx, cmInstallProgramsCommand.h,
cmInstallTargetGenerator.cxx, cmInstallTargetsCommand.cxx,
cmLinkDirectoriesCommand.cxx, cmLinkLibrariesCommand.cxx,
cmListCommand.cxx, cmListFileCache.cxx, cmListFileCache.h,
cmLoadCacheCommand.cxx, cmLoadCommandCommand.cxx,
cmLocalGenerator.cxx, cmLocalGenerator.h,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.h, cmMacroCommand.cxx,
cmMacroCommand.h, cmMakeDepend.cxx, cmMakeDepend.h,
cmMakefile.cxx, cmMakefile.h,
cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx, cmMakefileTargetGenerator.h,
cmMarkAsAdvancedCommand.cxx, cmMathCommand.cxx,
cmMessageCommand.cxx, cmOptionCommand.cxx,
cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx, cmOrderLinkDirectories.h,
cmOutputRequiredFilesCommand.cxx, cmOutputRequiredFilesCommand.h,
cmProjectCommand.cxx, cmQTWrapCPPCommand.cxx,
cmQTWrapCPPCommand.h, cmQTWrapUICommand.cxx, cmQTWrapUICommand.h,
cmRemoveCommand.cxx, cmRemoveDefinitionsCommand.cxx,
cmSeparateArgumentsCommand.cxx, cmSetCommand.cxx,
cmSetTestsPropertiesCommand.cxx, cmSiteNameCommand.cxx,
cmSourceFile.cxx, cmSourceFile.h, cmSourceGroup.cxx,
cmSourceGroup.h, cmSourceGroupCommand.cxx, cmStringCommand.cxx,
cmSubdirCommand.cxx, cmTarget.cxx, cmTarget.h,
cmTargetLinkLibrariesCommand.cxx, cmTargetLinkLibrariesCommand.h,
cmTest.cxx, cmTest.h, cmTryCompileCommand.cxx,
cmTryRunCommand.cxx, cmUtilitySourceCommand.cxx,
cmVTKMakeInstantiatorCommand.cxx, cmVTKMakeInstantiatorCommand.h,
cmVTKWrapJavaCommand.cxx, cmVTKWrapJavaCommand.h,
cmVTKWrapPythonCommand.cxx, cmVTKWrapPythonCommand.h,
cmVTKWrapTclCommand.cxx, cmVTKWrapTclCommand.h,
cmVariableRequiresCommand.cxx, cmVariableWatch.cxx,
cmVariableWatch.h, cmWhileCommand.cxx, cmWhileCommand.h,
cmWin32ProcessExecution.cxx, cmWin32ProcessExecution.h,
cmWriteFileCommand.cxx, cmXCode21Object.cxx, cmXCodeObject.cxx,
cmXCodeObject.h, cmake.cxx, cmake.h, cmakemain.cxx,
cmakewizard.cxx, cmakewizard.h, CTest/cmCTestBuildCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestMemCheckCommand.cxx, CTest/cmCTestStartCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestSubmitCommand.cxx, CTest/cmCTestTestCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestTestHandler.cxx, CTest/cmCTestUpdateCommand.cxx:
STYLE: some m_ to this-> cleanup
2006-03-15 09:23 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestUpdateHandler.cxx: ENH: Add svn cleanup
before running svn
2006-03-15 09:22 andy
* Source/CPack/cmCPackGenericGenerator.cxx: ENH: Allow multiple
install directories
2006-03-14 16:38 hoffman
* Modules/FindOpenGL.cmake: ENH: go back to finding the framework
opengl on the mac
2006-03-14 15:19 hoffman
* Modules/FindOpenGL.cmake: ENH: use standard include path for
2006-03-14 14:03 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake,
Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.h: ENH: add support for removing
language flags from shared library and shared module link
2006-03-14 11:35 king
* Source/cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: BUG: Fixed object file
name construction to use Convert method for relative path
conversion. Also fixed test of result to check explicitly for a
full path.
2006-03-14 10:14 king
* Source/cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: BUG: Avoid full paths
and spaces when constructing object file names.
2006-03-14 09:37 king
* Source/cmMakefile.cxx: BUG: Clarified confusing error message.
2006-03-14 02:31 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-13 16:45 andy
* Source/CPack/cmCPackGenericGenerator.h: STYLE: Fix style checker
2006-03-13 15:57 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx: COMP: Fix warning
2006-03-13 15:19 king
* Source/cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: ENH: Introducing new
policy to construct more unique object file names. This should
allow multiple sources with the same file name but different FULL
paths to be added to a single target.
2006-03-13 14:39 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: DynamicLoader.cxx, testDynamicLoader.cxx: BUG: Fix
problem on MacOSX, by disabling part of the test.
2006-03-13 13:11 hoffman
* Modules/VTKCompatibility.cmake: ENH: add backwards compatibility
fix for more aggressive find_path command
2006-03-13 11:27 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/DynamicLoader.cxx: ENH: Fix dashboard with coverage
2006-03-13 10:49 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Do not build the library if we
are not doing Testing
2006-03-13 10:27 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx: ENH: Make test usable from
command line
2006-03-13 02:31 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-12 10:03 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: remove warning
2006-03-12 09:43 hoffman
* Source/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: remove test until it works
2006-03-12 02:26 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-11 12:43 hoffman
* Modules/FindOpenGL.cmake: ENH: take advantage of new framework
2006-03-11 11:53 hoffman
* Source/cmake.cxx: ENH: remove print
2006-03-11 11:52 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: try to clean up the search for
2006-03-11 10:09 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/DynamicLoader.cxx: BUG: Fix for MINGW32
2006-03-11 09:59 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/DynamicLoader.cxx: ENH: Add support for LastError on
2006-03-11 09:47 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/DynamicLoader.cxx: ENH: Also look into data segment
(consistant with other implementation)
2006-03-11 02:33 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-10 17:37 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: undo last change because it
broke the dashboard
2006-03-10 16:53 hoffman
* Source/: cmFileCommand.cxx, cmFileCommand.h: ENH: add a new FILE
SYSTEM_PATH that allows you to read a environment variable with a
path in it.
2006-03-10 16:52 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: fix find program to look for
.com and .exe correctly and not return files with no extension on
2006-03-10 16:03 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/:, ENH: Add
documentation on the problem with system wide path for looking up
dynamic libraries. STYLE: Fix trailing white spaces
2006-03-10 15:42 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx: BUG: Need a / for Visual
Studio build
2006-03-10 15:38 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: testDynamicLoader.cxx, BUG:
Do the proper path
2006-03-10 15:12 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx: BUG: Need a trailing slash
2006-03-10 15:08 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: CMakeLists.txt, testDynamicLoader.cxx, BUG: Fix problem with in the path
2006-03-10 15:03 andy
* Source/: cmCTest.cxx, cmCTest.h,
CTest/cmCTestBuildCommand.cxx, CTest/cmCTestBuildCommand.h,
CTest/cmCTestBuildHandler.cxx, CTest/cmCTestBuildHandler.h,
CTest/cmCTestCommand.h, CTest/cmCTestConfigureCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestCoverageCommand.cxx, CTest/cmCTestCoverageCommand.h,
CTest/cmCTestCoverageHandler.cxx, CTest/cmCTestCoverageHandler.h,
CTest/cmCTestGenericHandler.cxx, CTest/cmCTestGenericHandler.h,
CTest/cmCTestHandlerCommand.cxx, CTest/cmCTestHandlerCommand.h,
CTest/cmCTestMemCheckCommand.cxx, CTest/cmCTestMemCheckCommand.h,
CTest/cmCTestMemCheckHandler.cxx, CTest/cmCTestMemCheckHandler.h,
CTest/cmCTestRunScriptCommand.h, CTest/cmCTestScriptHandler.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestScriptHandler.h, CTest/cmCTestSleepCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestSleepCommand.h, CTest/cmCTestStartCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestStartCommand.h, CTest/cmCTestSubmitCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestSubmitCommand.h, CTest/cmCTestSubmitHandler.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestSubmitHandler.h, CTest/cmCTestTestCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestTestCommand.h, CTest/cmCTestTestHandler.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestTestHandler.h, CTest/cmCTestUpdateCommand.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestUpdateCommand.h, CTest/cmCTestUpdateHandler.cxx,
CTest/cmCTestUpdateHandler.h: STYLE: Fix some style issues
2006-03-10 14:53 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: CMakeLists.txt, testDynamicLoader.cxx, BUG: Trying to get testDynamicLoader to
work on Solaris and SunOS, where current directory is not lookup
when doing dlopen
2006-03-10 13:54 hoffman
* Source/: cmCommandArgumentLexer.h,
cmDependsFortranParserTokens.h, cmDependsJavaLexer.h,
cmDependsJavaParserHelper.h, cmDependsJavaParserTokens.h,
cmExecProgramCommand.h, cmExprLexer.h, cmExprParserTokens.h,
cmFLTKWrapUICommand.h, cmFileCommand.h, cmFindBase.h,
cmGlobalBorlandMakefileGenerator.h, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator.h, cmGlobalWatcomWMakeGenerator.h,
cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.h, cmListCommand.h, cmLocalGenerator.h,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h, cmSourceFile.cxx,
cmStringCommand.cxx, cmSystemTools.cxx, cmTarget.cxx,
cmTargetLinkLibrariesCommand.cxx, cmTryCompileCommand.cxx,
cmTryRunCommand.cxx, cmUseMangledMesaCommand.cxx,
cmUtilitySourceCommand.cxx, cmVTKMakeInstantiatorCommand.cxx,
cmVTKWrapJavaCommand.cxx, cmVTKWrapPythonCommand.cxx,
cmVTKWrapTclCommand.cxx, cmVariableRequiresCommand.cxx,
cmVariableWatch.cxx, cmVariableWatch.h, cmWhileCommand.cxx,
cmWin32ProcessExecution.cxx, cmXCode21Object.cxx,
cmXCodeObject.cxx, cmakemain.cxx: STYLE: fix line lengths
2006-03-10 13:34 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: STYLE: Remove trailing whitespaces
2006-03-10 13:34 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: CMakeLists.txt, DynamicLoader.cxx: BUG: Fix
DynamicLoader implementation on MacOSX (using old API)
2006-03-10 13:33 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: Add trailing whitespace
2006-03-10 13:06 andy
* Source/: cmAddCustomCommandCommand.cxx,
cmAddCustomTargetCommand.cxx, cmAddDefinitionsCommand.cxx,
cmAddDefinitionsCommand.h, cmAddDependenciesCommand.cxx,
cmAddExecutableCommand.h, cmBuildCommand.cxx,
cmBuildNameCommand.h, cmCMakeMinimumRequired.cxx,
cmCPluginAPI.cxx, cmCPluginAPI.h, cmCacheManager.cxx,
cmCommandArgumentParser.cxx, cmCommandArgumentParserHelper.h,
cmCommandArgumentParserTokens.h, cmCreateTestSourceList.cxx,
cmCustomCommand.cxx, cmDependsC.cxx, cmDependsC.h,
cmDependsFortranLexer.cxx, cmDependsFortranLexer.h,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx, cmMacroCommand.cxx,
cmMacroCommand.h, cmMakeDepend.cxx, cmake.cxx, cmakewizard.cxx,
CPack/cmCPackGenerators.cxx, CPack/cmCPackGenerators.h,
CPack/cmCPackGenericGenerator.h, CPack/cmCPackLog.cxx,
CPack/cmCPackLog.h, CPack/cmCPackNSISGenerator.cxx,
CPack/cmCPackSTGZGenerator.cxx, CPack/cmCPackSTGZGenerator.h,
CPack/cmCPackTGZGenerator.cxx, CPack/cmCPackTGZGenerator.h,
CPack/cpack.cxx: STYLE: Fix some style issues
2006-03-10 12:47 andy
* Source/CPack/cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.cxx: STYLE: Cleanup
trailing spaces
2006-03-10 12:01 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: Glob.cxx, Registry.cxx, RegularExpression.cxx,
testCommandLineArguments.cxx: STYLE: Make sure to use the proper
2006-03-10 11:58 alex
* Modules/FindKDE4.cmake: ENH: new module to find the
FindKDE4Internal.cmake installed by kdelibs4
2006-03-10 11:57 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: DynamicLoader.cxx, testDynamicLoader.cxx: ENH:
Make sure that we find the proper symbol and not the one that
start with _. STYLE: Remove an old style cast
2006-03-10 11:32 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: DynamicLoader.cxx, testDynamicLoader.cxx: ENH:
Hopefully have the DynamicLoader to the proper thing.
2006-03-10 11:13 hoffman
* Source/: cmCacheManager.h, cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.h,
cmMakeDepend.h, cmMakefile.h, cmOutputRequiredFilesCommand.h,
cmProjectCommand.h, cmRemoveDefinitionsCommand.h,
cmSetTestsPropertiesCommand.h, cmSourceGroup.h,
cmStandardIncludes.h, cmStringCommand.h, cmSubdirCommand.h,
cmSystemTools.h, cmTarget.h, cmTryCompileCommand.h,
cmVariableWatch.h, cmXCode21Object.h, cmake.h: ENH: fix line
length style stuff
2006-03-10 11:12 hoffman
* Source/cmFindBase.cxx: ENH: avoid adding junk into paths
2006-03-10 10:28 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx: BUG: Make sure to have proper
2006-03-10 10:26 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: use CMAKE_DL_LIBS and not dl
directly as it does not always exist
2006-03-10 10:23 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/CMakeLists.txt: COMP: Fix cygwin build
2006-03-10 10:19 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynload.c: COMP: Fix compilation on MacOSX
(common symbols not allowed with MH_DYLIB output format)
2006-03-10 10:12 andy
* Source/CMakeLists.txt, Tests/BundleTest/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Add
package to bundle test
2006-03-10 10:07 andy
* Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx: COMP: Add missing include
2006-03-10 02:32 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-09 17:16 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynload.c: BUG: Remove comment
2006-03-09 17:15 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: testDynamicLoader.cxx, testDynload.c: ENH: remove
test temporarily
2006-03-09 17:08 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: CMakeLists.txt, testDynamicLoader.cxx: ENH: Still
more coverage of the DynamicLoader
2006-03-09 17:06 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynload.c: ENH: Add a file to generate the lib
2006-03-09 16:40 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx: ENH: Improve test coverage
2006-03-09 16:40 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: Registry.cxx, STYLE: Minor style
2006-03-09 15:55 king
* CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Updated patch level to 4 for special KDE
2006-03-09 15:47 hoffman
* Source/: cmCacheManager.cxx, cmCacheManager.h: ENH: if
CMakeCache.txt has been removed, then automatically remove
2006-03-09 15:00 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/AIX.cmake: ENH: add correct initial flags for
2006-03-09 14:57 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake: ENH: remove junk
2006-03-09 14:41 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Carefully turn testing of
DynamicLib on
2006-03-09 14:36 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: Directory.cxx, testSystemTools.cxx,
DynamicLoader.cxx: STYLE: Minor style
2006-03-09 14:35 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/testDynamicLoader.cxx: ENH: Adding initial test for
2006-03-09 14:30 hoffman
* Source/: cmFileCommand.cxx, cmFileCommand.h,
cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: use a cmake script to do the
clean step, this allows for large numbers of files to be removed
without making the command line too long
2006-03-09 14:10 alex
* Modules/: FindKDE.cmake, FindKDE3.cmake, KDE3Macros.cmake,, kde3uic.cmake: ENH: add real-world-tested
and used KDE3 support, and obsolete FindKDE.cmake, which wasn't
used by anybody that I heard of
2006-03-09 11:57 andy
* Source/: cmCTest.cxx, cmCTest.h, ctest.cxx: STYLE: Fix some style
2006-03-09 11:35 hoffman
* Modules/FindTCL.cmake, Source/cmFindPathCommand.cxx: ENH: fix a
bug in the find path stuff so that it can find headers deep in
2006-03-09 11:17 andy
* Source/CTest/: cmCTestBuildAndTestHandler.cxx,
cmCTestBuildCommand.cxx, cmCTestBuildHandler.cxx,
cmCTestBuildHandler.h, cmCTestConfigureCommand.cxx,
cmCTestConfigureCommand.h, cmCTestConfigureHandler.cxx,
cmCTestConfigureHandler.h, cmCTestCoverageCommand.cxx,
cmCTestCoverageCommand.h, cmCTestCoverageHandler.cxx,
cmCTestCoverageHandler.h, cmCTestEmptyBinaryDirectoryCommand.h,
cmCTestGenericHandler.cxx, cmCTestGenericHandler.h,
cmCTestHandlerCommand.cxx, cmCTestHandlerCommand.h,
cmCTestMemCheckCommand.h, cmCTestMemCheckHandler.cxx,
cmCTestRunScriptCommand.cxx, cmCTestScriptHandler.cxx,
cmCTestStartCommand.cxx, cmCTestStartCommand.h,
cmCTestSubmitCommand.cxx, cmCTestSubmitCommand.h,
cmCTestSubmitHandler.cxx, cmCTestTestCommand.cxx,
cmCTestTestHandler.cxx, cmCTestTestHandler.h,
cmCTestUpdateCommand.cxx, cmCTestUpdateCommand.h,
cmCTestUpdateHandler.cxx: STYLE: Fix some style issues
2006-03-09 09:53 andy
* Source/cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: BUG: Fix problem on
Wacom system with global symbolic targets
2006-03-09 08:32 andy
* Source/CPack/: cmCPackGenericGenerator.cxx,
cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.cxx, cpack.cxx: STYLE: Fix style
2006-03-09 08:20 andy
* Utilities/: cmcurl/formdata.c, cmtar/libtar.h: COMP: Remove win64
2006-03-09 02:41 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-08 18:16 hoffman
* Source/cmFindProgramCommand.cxx: ENH: make sure system path is
not added unless asked for
2006-03-08 17:11 alex
* Modules/UsePkgConfig.cmake: ENH: add a cmake module for using
pkg-config, tested in kdelibs, ok by Bill Hoffman
2006-03-08 16:33 andy
* Source/CPack/: cmCPackGenerators.cxx, cmCPackGenerators.h,
cmCPackGenericGenerator.cxx, cmCPackGenericGenerator.h,
cmCPackLog.cxx, cmCPackLog.h, cmCPackNSISGenerator.cxx,
cmCPackNSISGenerator.h, cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.cxx,
cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.h, cmCPackSTGZGenerator.cxx,
cmCPackSTGZGenerator.h, cmCPackTGZGenerator.cxx,
cmCPackTGZGenerator.h, cpack.cxx: STYLE: Lots of formating to
remove style problems
2006-03-08 14:02 andy
* Source/CMakeLists.txt, Tests/SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/TestSubDir/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Add
additional subdirectory to improve testing and to allow cleanup
when testing cpack
2006-03-08 13:59 andy
* Source/CPack/cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.cxx: BUG: Handle
version with multiple dots
2006-03-08 13:20 andy
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: COMP: Ok, fix typo
2006-03-08 13:13 andy
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Add testing for cpack
2006-03-08 13:06 king
* Source/kwsys/ProcessUNIX.c: ENH: Enabled process tree killing on
2006-03-08 12:42 king
* Source/kwsys/ProcessUNIX.c: ENH: Enabled process tree killing on
the SGI.
2006-03-08 12:36 king
* Source/kwsys/ProcessUNIX.c: ENH: Enabled process tree killing for
FreeBSD and Sun.
2006-03-08 12:12 king
* Source/kwsys/ProcessUNIX.c: ENH: Enabled process tree killing on
2006-03-08 11:57 king
* Source/kwsys/ProcessUNIX.c: BUG: Do not leak ps FILE when the
process starts but reading the header fails.
2006-03-08 11:39 king
* Source/kwsys/testProcess.c: ENH: Added a way to quickly enable
manual testing of grandchild killing.
2006-03-08 11:38 king
* Source/kwsys/ProcessUNIX.c: ENH: Added implementation of process
tree killing that runs "ps" to traverse the tree.
2006-03-08 10:52 andy
* Source/: cmListFileCache.cxx, cmListFileCache.h: BUG: Remove some
old legacy code and remove memory leak
2006-03-08 09:16 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: DynamicLoader.cxx, BUG:
Including file within a namespace{} is dangerous(unless symbols
are within an extern C). Also update documentation about special
case for MacOSX
2006-03-08 02:43 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-07 19:52 hoffman
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: remove cpack stuff for now
so that we can get mac dashboards again
2006-03-07 15:31 andy
* CMakeGraphVizOptions.cmake, Source/cmake.cxx: ENH: Add a way to
overwrite some preferences and ignore certain targets
2006-03-07 14:46 king
* Source/cmake.cxx: ENH: Add CMAKE_COMMAND and CMAKE_ROOT variables
when running in script mode. This partially addresses bug#2828.
2006-03-07 14:38 king
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Check for whether to add -C to
package rule should check for a . in the first character not the
2006-03-07 12:03 andy
* Source/cmake.cxx: COMP: Fix warnings
2006-03-07 10:05 king
* Source/cmFileCommand.cxx: BUG: Most platforms other than Linux
seem to require executable permissions on their shared libraries.
2006-03-07 10:04 king
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: BUG: Some platforms require
executable permission on shared libraries.
2006-03-07 02:12 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-06 15:41 hoffman
* bootstrap: ENH: add more depends for bootstrap
2006-03-06 15:14 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake: ENH: add support for language
flags that allow for universal binaries
2006-03-06 15:14 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeCInformation.cmake,
Modules/Platform/CYGWIN.cmake, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmMakefileLibraryTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: add support for
language flags at rule expansion time
2006-03-06 15:01 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake: ENH: add support for manifest
2006-03-06 14:30 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/DynamicLoader.cxx: COMP: Fix compilation on MacOSX
2006-03-06 14:08 hoffman
* Modules/FindQt3.cmake: ENH: try to fix non-clean dashboards
2006-03-06 14:07 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Compile DynamicLoader
2006-03-06 14:02 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: DynamicLoader.cxx, ENH:
Adding kwsys implementation for a DynamicLoader class. Copy from
itkDynamicLoader, with patch from cmDynamicLoader
2006-03-06 13:43 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/: Directory.cxx, Registry.cxx: ENH: add missing
cmake depend hacks
2006-03-06 13:34 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/Glob.cxx: ENH: add missing cmake include
2006-03-06 13:02 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/Directory.cxx: COMP: Some STL implementation do not
provide clear on std::string
2006-03-06 11:57 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: Directory.cxx, BUG: Need to
reset internal structure in case of multiple calls to Load
2006-03-06 10:12 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/: Directory.cxx, ENH: Redo
implementation of itkDirectory to use kwsys (avoid duplicating
2006-03-06 02:11 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-05 09:09 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Fix for generated install
scripts to support prefixes with trailing slashes or just a
single slash.
2006-03-05 08:38 hoffman
* Source/cmFindBase.cxx: ENH: fix old style parsing of FIND
commands and fix broken tests
2006-03-05 02:11 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-04 02:22 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-03 23:00 hoffman
* Source/cmFindBase.cxx: ENH: make sure NAMES tag is not required
for name argument, fixes msys generator
2006-03-03 19:29 king
* Source/cmInstallCommand.cxx, Source/cmInstallCommand.h,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Added PERMISSIONS
option to the TARGETS mode of the INSTALL command.
2006-03-03 18:44 king
* Source/cmFileCommand.cxx, Source/cmInstallCommand.cxx,
Source/cmInstallCommand.h, Source/cmInstallFilesGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmInstallFilesGenerator.h, Source/cmInstallGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmInstallGenerator.h, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Tests/SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt, Tests/SimpleInstall/inst.cxx,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/inst.cxx, Tests/SimpleInstallS2/inst2.cxx:
ENH: Added PERMISSIONS and RENAME options to the INSTALL
command's FILES and PROGRAMS mode, and corresponding support to
FILE(INSTALL). Default permissions for shared libraries on
non-Windows/non-OSX platforms no longer has the execute bit set.
2006-03-03 18:06 king
* Source/: cmTarget.cxx, cmTarget.h: ENH: Replaced UpdateLocation
method with call to GetLocation. Added comment about problems
with the LOCATION attribute.
2006-03-03 15:04 andy
* Source/CPack/: cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.cxx,
cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.h: ENH: Check package maker version
2006-03-03 14:28 andy
* Source/cmake.cxx: COMP: Oops, typo
2006-03-03 14:24 andy
* Source/: cmTarget.cxx, cmTarget.h, cmake.cxx, cmake.h: ENH: Add
support for exporting graphviz of the project dependencies
2006-03-03 12:58 king
* Source/CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmTarget.cxx, Tests/BundleTest/BundleLib.cxx,
Tests/BundleTest/BundleTest.cxx, Tests/BundleTest/CMakeLists.txt:
BUG: Fixed installation of MacOSX Bundle executables and the
corresponding install_name remapping support. Extended the
BundleTest test to check that this all works. Part of these
fixes required changing the signature of AppendDirectoryForConfig
in all generators. It now accepts prefix and suffix strings to
deal with whether leading or trailing slashes should be included
with the configuration subdirectory.
2006-03-03 12:01 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake: ENH: add manifest support for
2006-03-03 11:59 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeVS8FindMake.cmake: ENH: look for VCExpress first
2006-03-03 10:52 andy
* Modules/,
Source/CPack/cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.cxx: ENH: Add verbose
flag to package maker and add CFBundleIdentifier string
2006-03-03 02:34 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-02 21:33 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/: Registry.cxx, SystemTools.cxx: ENH: fix std in
kwsys, has to be kwsys_stl
2006-03-02 20:11 hoffman
* Source/cmFindBase.cxx: ENH: remove warning
2006-03-02 15:03 hoffman
* Source/: cmMakefile.cxx, cmMakefile.h: ENH: removed unused
methods after find changes
2006-03-02 14:39 hoffman
* Source/cmTryCompileCommand.cxx: ENH: pass CMAKE_MODULE_PATH into
try compile projects
2006-03-02 13:43 hoffman
* Source/: cmFindBase.cxx, cmFindLibraryCommand.cxx: ENH: fix
spelling errors in docs
2006-03-02 13:30 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/CYGWIN.cmake, Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake,
Modules/Platform/Linux.cmake, Modules/Platform/SunOS.cmake,
Source/cmBootstrapCommands.cxx, Source/cmFindBase.cxx,
Source/cmFindBase.h, Source/cmFindFileCommand.cxx,
Source/cmFindFileCommand.h, Source/cmFindLibraryCommand.cxx,
Source/cmFindLibraryCommand.h, Source/cmFindPathCommand.cxx,
Source/cmFindPathCommand.h, Source/cmFindProgramCommand.cxx,
Source/cmFindProgramCommand.h, Source/kwsys/Registry.cxx,
Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: check in new find stuff
2006-03-02 07:52 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeCInformation.cmake,
Modules/CMakeJavaInformation.cmake, Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx:
ENH: fix for bug 2921, move _OVERRIDE variable to a better
position to allow changing _INIT variables
2006-03-02 02:17 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-03-01 22:45 king
* Source/: cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.h, cmTarget.cxx: ENH:
Finished CMAKE_<CONFIG>_POSTFIX feature and documented it. The
value of this variable is used when a library target is created
to initialize the <CONFIG>_POSTFIX target property. The value of
this property is used (even for executables) to define a
per-configuration postfix on the name of the target. Also
enabled use of the OUTPUT_NAME property for non-executable
2006-03-01 19:00 king
* CMakeLists.txt: ENH: CMake does not need RPATHs at all for its
own executables. Disable them to avoid relinking during
2006-03-01 18:54 king
* Source/: cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: ENH: Cleaned up generation of
directory-level rules and their support structure. The
directorystart rule has been removed in favor of checking the
build system in the subdirectory makefile first. The "directory"
rule has been renamed "all" since it corresponds to the "all"
pass anyway (as against "clean"). Also fixed directory-level
rule for preinstall.
2006-03-01 18:49 king
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Check for whether to add
BUILD_TYPE to install rule should check for a . in the first
character not the second.
2006-03-01 15:00 andy
* Modules/: CPack.cmake, ENH: Several changes to
for NSIS
2006-03-01 13:15 andy
* CMakeLists.txt, Modules/CPack.cmake,
Modules/InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.cmake: ENH: Install system
libraries only if project requires them
2006-03-01 13:05 andy
* Source/cmSystemTools.cxx: BUG: Even more VS8 issues
2006-03-01 12:50 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestSubmitHandler.cxx: BUG: More VS8 fixes
2006-03-01 11:55 andy
* Templates/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Install cpack files
2006-03-01 08:28 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h, cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx,
cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.h: ENH: Cleanup global targets even more
and potentially fix Xcode
2006-03-01 02:32 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-28 16:33 andy
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Ok, fix the ordering
2006-02-28 16:22 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestHandlerCommand.cxx: BUG: Fix for STL
2006-02-28 16:17 andy
* Source/cmCTest.h: BUG: Handle buggy streams
2006-02-28 15:56 andy
* Source/cmCTest.cxx: BUG: Add additional check
2006-02-28 15:31 andy
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: BUG: On Visual Studio and XCode,
handle build configurations
2006-02-28 15:31 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestBuildAndTestHandler.cxx: STYLE: Remove debug
2006-02-28 14:18 andy
* Modules/CPack.cmake, Templates/CPack.GenericLicense.txt,
Templates/CPack.GenericWelcome.txt: ENH: Add resource files for
2006-02-28 14:06 andy
* Templates/CPack.GenericDescription.txt,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Add generic
2006-02-28 13:30 andy
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Attempt to handle windows
without NSIS installed
2006-02-28 11:38 king
* Source/kwsys/ProcessWin32.c: COMP: Fixed warnings for Borland
2006-02-28 11:14 andy
* Modules/FindQt4.cmake: BUG: Fix typo
2006-02-28 11:13 andy
* Modules/FindQt4.cmake: ENH: Add support for debian having both
qt3 and qt4
2006-02-28 10:27 hoffman
* Modules/: CMakeVS71FindMake.cmake, CMakeVS8FindMake.cmake,
FindDart.cmake, FindDoxygen.cmake, FindGCCXML.cmake,
FindHTMLHelp.cmake, FindMPI.cmake, FindQt3.cmake, FindQt4.cmake,
FindTCL.cmake, Platform/Darwin.cmake: ENH: use program files env
for searching
2006-02-28 09:53 king
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Need to use the CMAKE_COMMAND
cache entry to get the location of CMake.
2006-02-28 08:23 andy
* Source/CTest/cmCTestBuildAndTestHandler.cxx,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Add support for
multiple build targets and start adding simple cpack tests
2006-02-28 02:32 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-27 23:06 hoffman
* Source/cmSourceGroupCommand.cxx: ENH: fix problem if there are ..
in the path to the source file specified in a source group
2006-02-27 16:38 hoffman
* Source/: cmFindBase.cxx, cmFindBase.h: ENH: add new find stuff
2006-02-27 12:14 hoffman
* Modules/: CMakeCInformation.cmake, CMakeCXXInformation.cmake,
CMakeFortranInformation.cmake, CMakeRCInformation.cmake: ENH: fix
spelling errors
2006-02-27 10:58 andy
* Modules/, Modules/CPack.cmake,
Modules/, Source/cmBootstrapCommands.cxx,
Source/cmCommands.cxx, Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
Templates/ ENH: Several packaging issues.
Allow random variables to be passed to cpack (anything starting
with CPACK_, add preinstall to the list of dependencies for
package, fix typos
2006-02-27 02:00 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-26 02:00 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-25 01:56 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-24 18:15 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmake.h: COMP: More fixes for non
makefile generators and global targets
2006-02-24 17:43 andy
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: STYLE: Remove debug
2006-02-24 17:35 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator.h, cmGlobalXCode21Generator.h,
cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.h,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx, cmMakefile.cxx, cmTarget.h:
COMP: Even more global target fixes
2006-02-24 16:30 andy
* Source/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Install cpack
2006-02-24 16:20 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: BUG: More fixing of support
for global target son visual studio
2006-02-24 13:13 king
* Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake, Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmInstallTargetGenerator.h, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.h, Source/cmTarget.cxx,
Source/cmTarget.h, Tests/SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Created target
specifying the directory portion of the OSX install_name field in
shared libraries. This is the OSX equivalent of RPATH.
2006-02-24 12:50 hoffman
* Source/cmSourceGroupCommand.cxx: ENH: fix warning and remove
unused variable
2006-02-24 11:13 king
* Source/: cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx, cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
cmLocalGenerator.h, cmMakefileExecutableTargetGenerator.cxx,
cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: BUG: Fix generation of Xcode 2.0
and earlier projects to use CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE.
2006-02-24 11:07 king
* Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx: BUG: Treat GLOBAL_TARGET like
UTILITY for generation.
2006-02-24 10:56 andy
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: COMP: Remove warnings
2006-02-24 10:55 andy
* Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Only add test targets when
testing is enabled. Also add CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR when specified
2006-02-24 09:43 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: COMP: Handle preinstall
properly on IDEs
2006-02-24 09:32 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalVisualStudio71Generator.cxx,
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: COMP: Fix for preinstall
2006-02-24 09:08 andy
* Modules/CheckIncludeFiles.cmake: BUG: Fix the module
2006-02-24 08:57 andy
* Source/cmake.cxx: BUG: Fix location of ctest for bootstrap
2006-02-24 02:24 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-23 18:25 hoffman
* Source/cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: ENH: try to fix things
up for the dashboard
2006-02-23 17:30 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: ENH: Properly handle target
2006-02-23 14:05 andy
* Source/cmGlobalVisualStudio71Generator.cxx: COMP: Even more
Visual Studio fixes. Why is this code duplicated?
2006-02-23 13:46 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: COMP: More fixes for visual
2006-02-23 13:37 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: COMP: Fixes for visual studio
2006-02-23 11:36 hoffman
* Source/cmSourceGroupCommand.cxx: ENH: fix for bug 2908 crash for
empty source group name
2006-02-23 10:48 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: ENH: Remove debug
2006-02-23 10:07 andy
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: ENH: Add a notion of a global
2006-02-23 10:02 andy
* Source/: cmTarget.cxx, cmTarget.h, cmMakefile.cxx: ENH: Add a
notion of a global target
2006-02-23 10:00 andy
* Source/: cmake.cxx, cmake.h: ENH: Add accessors for CTest and
2006-02-23 09:59 andy
* Source/CPack/cpack.cxx: ENH: Allow running without config file
2006-02-23 09:58 andy
* Modules/:, CheckIncludeFiles.cmake,
CheckSymbolExists.cmake: ENH: Make modules use configure instead
of file write
2006-02-23 09:38 andy
* Modules/CPack.cmake, Modules/,
Templates/ ENH: Several NSIS features
2006-02-23 02:34 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-22 02:36 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-21 12:19 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake,
Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: ENH: make command line
flags more consistent with ide settings
2006-02-21 09:35 hoffman
* Source/cmGlobalMSYSMakefileGenerator.cxx: ENH: use last mount
point found for mingw location, not first
2006-02-21 07:58 hoffman
* Source/cmGlobalMSYSMakefileGenerator.cxx: ENH: try to get the
order a bit better
2006-02-21 02:35 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-20 23:08 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeDetermineCCompiler.cmake, Source/cmCacheManager.cxx,
Source/cmGlobalMSYSMakefileGenerator.h: ENH: better finding of
mingw from msys, and delete CMakeFiles directory when cache is
2006-02-20 17:47 hoffman
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: ENH: make sure
2006-02-20 14:37 hoffman
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.h: ENH: make it compile on vs6
2006-02-20 14:21 king
* Source/: cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: BUG: Add target-level
COMPILE_FLAGS to the target not the individual source files.
This simplifies the generated files and puts flags in a more
logical order (VS6 works, VS7 needs more translation to work).
2006-02-20 13:42 hoffman
* Source/: cmLocalGenerator.cxx, cmLocalGenerator.h,
cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: change expand stuff to pass a
struct for all the args
2006-02-20 12:48 king
* Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: Order compilation
flags from most general to most specific: language, then target,
then source.
2006-02-20 09:54 king
* Source/: cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx, cmLocalGenerator.h: BUG:
Xcode generator should use local generator computation of include
2006-02-20 03:00 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-19 19:29 king
* Source/: cmFileCommand.cxx, cmInstallGenerator.cxx,
cmInstallTargetGenerator.cxx: BUG: Fixed optional file install
support for multi-configuration generators.
2006-02-19 19:28 king
* Source/: cmGlobalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx, cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx,
cmTarget.cxx: ENH: Switched order of slash and configuration name
in cmGlobalGenerator::AppendDirectoryForConfig method to increase
2006-02-19 18:47 king
* bootstrap, Source/CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmInstallCommand.cxx,
Source/cmInstallCommand.h, Source/cmInstallFilesCommand.h,
Source/cmInstallProgramsCommand.h, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Implemented FILES and
PROGRAMS forms of the INSTALL command as replacements for the
INSTALL_FILES and INSTALL_PROGRAMS commands. This addresses the
request for absolute path install destinations in bug#2691.
2006-02-19 18:44 king
* Source/cmInstallTargetGenerator.cxx: STYLE: Removed unused
2006-02-19 17:44 king
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Using CMAKE_SKIP_BUILD_RPATH
to test relink support.
2006-02-19 17:27 king
* Source/: cmInstallTargetGenerator.cxx,
cmInstallTargetsCommand.cxx, cmTarget.cxx, cmTarget.h: BUG: Fixed
relink with new install framework.
2006-02-19 16:35 king
* Source/cmInstallCommand.cxx: COMP: Removed unused variables.
2006-02-19 16:12 king
* Source/: cmInstallGenerator.cxx, cmInstallGenerator.h: BUG: Do
not report files as installed if they are optional and do not
2006-02-19 16:10 king
* Source/cmInstallTargetGenerator.cxx: BUG: Import libraries should
be installed as STATIC_LIBRARY.
2006-02-19 15:25 king
* bootstrap, Source/CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmInstallCommand.cxx,
Source/cmInstallCommand.h, Source/cmInstallGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmInstallGenerator.h, Source/cmInstallScriptGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmInstallTargetsCommand.h, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmLocalGenerator.h, Source/cmMakefile.cxx,
Source/cmMakefile.h, Source/cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.h,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Created new install
script generation framework. The INSTALL command creates the
generators which are later used by cmLocalGenerator to create the
cmake_install.cmake files. A new target installation interface
is provided by the INSTALL command which fixes several problems
with the INSTALL_TARGETS command. See bug#2691. Bugs 1481 and
1695 are addressed by these changes.
2006-02-19 13:49 king
* Modules/Platform/Windows-gcc.cmake: BUG: Fixed module creation
rules. Removed soname portion of all rules because it is never
used on this platform.
2006-02-19 13:34 king
* Modules/Platform/CYGWIN.cmake: BUG: Fixed cygwin module creation
rules. Modules should not have the "cyg" prefix by default.
Removd soname flags from creation rules because they are never
used on this platform.
2006-02-19 13:10 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Tests/CustomCommand/GeneratedHeader/CMakeLists.txt: ENH:
Automatic include directories should not be done by default as
was just implemented. Instead a project may now set
CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT_DIR to get this behavior. The current
source and binary directories are added automatically to the
beginning of the include path in every directory. This simulates
in-source behavior for double-quote includes when there are
generated sources and headers in the directory.
2006-02-19 13:08 king
* Source/cmFileCommand.cxx: BUG: Install location full-path test
for windows needs to account for both lower case and upper case
drive letters.
2006-02-19 01:53 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-18 16:47 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: BUG: Remove trailing slashes from
install destinations.
2006-02-18 16:36 king
* Source/cmFileCommand.cxx: ENH: Clarified error message.
2006-02-18 15:42 king
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: COMP: Fixed shadowed variable
2006-02-18 15:37 king
* Modules/Platform/CYGWIN.cmake,
Modules/Platform/Windows.cmake, Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmMakefileLibraryTargetGenerator.cxx, Source/cmTarget.cxx,
Source/cmTarget.h: ENH: Generate import libraries for DLLs on
Cygwin and MinGW.
2006-02-18 11:51 king
* Source/: cmLocalGenerator.cxx, cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: ENH: If
approximate in-source build include file behavior in an
out-of-source build by adding the build tree directory
corresponding to a source tree directory at the beginning of the
include path. Also fixed VS6 and VS7 generators to use
cmLocalGenerator's computation of include paths. The VS6
generator will now short-path the include directories if the
total length is too long in order to try to avoid its truncation
2006-02-18 11:03 hoffman
* Source/: cmGlobalKdevelopGenerator.cxx,
cmGlobalKdevelopGenerator.h: ENH: apply patch from Alex to
support some more kdevelop stuff
2006-02-18 01:55 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-17 12:49 hoffman
* Source/cmMakefile.cxx: ENH: put the system path ahead of the
command path
2006-02-17 02:26 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-16 20:15 king
* Modules/CPack.cmake, Utilities/Release/Release.cmake: BUG: Do not
install MSVC dlls for a non-MSVC build.
2006-02-16 20:13 king
* bootstrap: ENH: Made default install prefix consistent with
building with another CMake.
2006-02-16 18:50 king
* Source/: cmGlobalBorlandMakefileGenerator.cxx,
cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h: BUG: Work-around borland make
bug that drops a rule completely if it has no dependencies or
2006-02-16 18:09 king
* Source/cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.h: ENH: Clarified
documentation of DEFINE_SYMBOL.
2006-02-16 17:49 king
* Source/cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.cxx: BUG: Report error when a
target does not exist.
2006-02-16 15:55 andy
* Source/CPack/cmCPackNSISGenerator.cxx: BUG: Remove debug and fix
space between label and exec name
2006-02-16 15:41 andy
* CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Variable name changed
2006-02-16 15:39 king
* Source/cmMakefileExecutableTargetGenerator.cxx: BUG: Do not
perform pre-build, pre-link, or post-install commands when
2006-02-16 15:38 king
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: BUG: Need INSTALL_RPATH property
on SimpleInstallS2 also.
2006-02-16 15:35 andy
* Templates/ ENH: Fix icons
2006-02-16 15:28 king
* Tests/: SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Use target property for
INSTALL_RPATH of SimpleInstall so that it is the only one that
needs to relink.
2006-02-16 15:20 andy
* Modules/, Source/CPack/cmCPackNSISGenerator.cxx,
Source/CPack/cmCPackNSISGenerator.h: ENH: More work on NSI to
improve installing and uninstalling
2006-02-16 15:18 king
* Source/cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx,
Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx, Source/cmLocalGenerator.h,
Source/cmSetTargetPropertiesCommand.h, Source/cmTarget.cxx,
Source/cmTarget.h, Tests/SimpleInstall/CMakeLists.txt,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Implemented RPATH
specification support. It is documented by the command
2006-02-16 13:42 martink
* Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: warning fix
2006-02-16 11:32 martink
* Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: warning fix
2006-02-16 10:35 hoffman
* Source/: cmDynamicLoader.cxx, cmDynamicLoader.h: ENH: fix for bug
2808, use dlopen on new OSX versions
2006-02-16 02:25 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-15 21:26 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeMSYSFindMake.cmake,
Source/cmGlobalMinGWMakefileGenerator.cxx: ENH: better algorithm
for looking for make and gcc on msys and mingw
2006-02-15 16:38 king
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: BUG: Use NOINHERIT
macro to avoid linking to project default libraries which may not
2006-02-15 16:35 king
* Source/: cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx,
cmMakefileUtilityTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: Cleaned up generation
of symbolic rules. Removed generation of rebuild_cache and
similar rules from internal makefiles.
2006-02-15 12:32 martink
* Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.h: COMP: fix compiler warning
2006-02-15 12:30 hoffman
* Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: fix build error for
2006-02-15 10:34 martink
* bootstrap, Source/CMakeLists.txt,
Source/cmMakefileTargetGenerator.h: ENH: some reorg of the unix
makefile generator
2006-02-15 10:22 king
* Source/: cmCTest.cxx, cmSystemTools.cxx, cmSystemTools.h,
cmake.cxx: ENH: Enable capture of output from VCExpress.exe and
2006-02-15 08:05 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Windows-bcc32.cmake: ENH: remove warning
suppressions for borland compiler, projects wanting this should
use -w-, the default warning level is used for all other
compilers. Used to be -w- -whid -waus -wpar
2006-02-15 02:21 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-14 22:03 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeMinGWFindMake.cmake, Source/cmake.cxx: ENH: do not
allow mingw makefiles to generate if sh.exe is in the path, also
do not write CMakeCache.txt if there is a fatal error.
2006-02-14 17:16 king
* Source/: cmCMakeMinimumRequired.cxx, cmCMakeMinimumRequired.h:
ENH: Added FATAL_ERROR option and fixed check to not have
floating point roundoff problems.
2006-02-14 16:35 king
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: BUG: Removed hard-coded
linking to odbc32 and odbccp32.
2006-02-14 16:32 king
* Source/: cmGlobalVisualStudio8Generator.cxx,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: BUG: Avoid adding unused rules
to special targets like ALL_BUILD. Make sure project
regeneration rules go only in desired targets.
2006-02-14 15:35 king
* Source/: cmGlobalVisualStudio71Generator.cxx,
cmGlobalVisualStudio8Generator.h: BUG: Fixed generation of VS8
solution file to not be re-written when loaded by VS and to work
with msbuild.
2006-02-14 15:29 king
* Modules/CheckTypeSize.cmake: ENH: Added
2006-02-14 15:15 king
* Tests/CustomCommand/GeneratedHeader/main.cpp: COMP: Fixed form of
function main.
2006-02-14 14:29 andy
* Modules/, Source/CPack/cmCPackNSISGenerator.cxx:
ENH: Better handling of executables on windows
2006-02-14 14:28 andy
* Templates/ ENH: Cleanup
2006-02-14 11:17 andy
* Source/cmCacheManager.cxx: ENH: Report which cmake was used to
generate the cache in the comment
2006-02-14 10:51 hoffman
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake: ENH: fix try compile for MFC
2006-02-14 10:35 martink
* Source/: cmMakefileExecutableTargetGenerator.h,
cmMakefileLibraryTargetGenerator.h, cmMakefileTargetGenerator.h,
cmMakefileUtilityTargetGenerator.cxx: ENH: some cleanup of the
makefile generator
2006-02-14 10:28 andy
* CMakeLists.txt, Modules/CPack.cmake,
Source/CPack/cmCPackSTGZGenerator.cxx, Source/CPack/cpack.cxx,
Templates/ ENH: Improved support for icons,
random directories, etc...
2006-02-14 02:14 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-13 02:10 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-12 02:27 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-11 02:11 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-10 15:45 king
* Tests/CommandLineTest/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Added test for
2006-02-10 14:59 king
* CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Updated patch level to 3 for special KDE
2006-02-10 14:41 king
* Source/cmIfCommand.cxx: ENH: Allow IF(DEFINED ENV{somevar}) to
2006-02-10 14:15 king
* Docs/cmake-mode.el: ENH: Added highlighting for LIST command.
2006-02-10 14:11 andy
* CMakeLists.txt, Source/cmCommands.cxx, Source/cmListCommand.cxx,
Source/cmListCommand.h, Tests/CMakeTests/CMakeLists.txt,
Tests/CMakeTests/ ENH: Add initial
implementation of the list command
2006-02-10 13:54 king
* Docs/cmake-mode.el, Source/cmCommands.cxx,
Source/cmInstallCommand.cxx, Source/cmInstallCommand.h,
Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx, Source/cmMakefile.h,
Tests/SimpleInstallS2/InstallScript2.cmake: ENH: Added INSTALL
command as a placeholder for a future generic install
specification interface. Currently it supports only a SCRIPT
option specifying a script to run during the install stage.
2006-02-10 12:43 hoffman
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: ENH: fix for bug 28618, cmake.exe
can not find itself
2006-02-10 11:47 king
* Tests/: Complex/CMakeLists.txt, ComplexOneConfig/CMakeLists.txt,
ComplexRelativePaths/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Strengthened
EXECUTE_PROCESS output check test.
2006-02-10 11:46 king
* Source/cmExecuteProcessCommand.cxx: ENH: Remove extra windows
newline characters from process output. Centralized text fix
2006-02-10 11:43 king
* Source/: cmExecProgramCommand.h, cmExecuteProcessCommand.h: ENH:
Mention relationship of EXECUTE_PROCESS and EXEC_PROGRAM.
2006-02-10 11:41 king
* Source/cmake.cxx: BUG: Fixed echo command to not print trailing
2006-02-10 11:19 king
* bootstrap: BUG: Fixed bootstrap from MSYS prompt. It was working
only when the bootstrap directory in MSYS mapped to the same
directory on windows except for the drive letter in front. Now
it should work from any path.
2006-02-10 10:30 hoffman
* Tests/CustomCommandWorkingDirectory/: CMakeLists.txt, working.c, ENH: fix test to work with in source build
2006-02-10 10:11 hoffman
* Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx: ENH: fix bug for single char
2006-02-10 09:46 andy
* Modules/CheckLibraryExists.cmake: BUG: Fix
CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES stuff in this module
2006-02-10 02:16 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-09 23:08 hoffman
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx: ENH: bug fix for 2829
better flags for idl tool
2006-02-09 19:29 king
* Source/cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx: COMP: Removed unused
2006-02-09 19:25 king
* CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Updated patch level to 2 for special KDE
2006-02-09 19:23 king
* Modules/: CheckCSourceCompiles.cmake,
CheckCXXSourceCompiles.cmake, CheckFunctionExists.cmake,
CheckIncludeFile.cmake, CheckIncludeFileCXX.cmake,
CheckIncludeFiles.cmake, CheckLibraryExists.cmake,
CheckSymbolExists.cmake, CheckVariableExists.cmake: ENH: Made
Check* modules more consistent and well documented. Added
2006-02-09 19:03 king
* Source/cmMakefile.cxx: BUG: Need to include empty arguments when
parsing prefix/suffix lists for FindLibrary.
2006-02-09 19:03 king
* Source/: cmSystemTools.cxx, cmSystemTools.h: ENH: Adding option
to return empty arguments when expanding a list.
2006-02-09 18:42 king
* Source/: cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.h: BUG: Fixed generation of cmake
re-run rules.
2006-02-09 18:39 king
* Tests/: Complex/Executable/complex.cxx,
ComplexRelativePaths/Executable/complex.cxx: BUG: Avoid case
problems on windows.
2006-02-09 17:29 king
* Source/: cmOrderLinkDirectories.cxx, cmOrderLinkDirectories.h:
BUG: Deal with case insensitivity on windows linker paths. Also
fixed spelling typo.
2006-02-09 15:33 king
* Modules/FindPNG.cmake: ENH: Put libpng name back because it is
needed for plain windows.
2006-02-09 15:08 king
* Modules/: FindJPEG.cmake, FindPNG.cmake, FindTIFF.cmake,
FindZLIB.cmake: ENH: Removing platform-specific name hacks now
that FIND_LIBRARY handles it.
2006-02-09 15:05 king
* Modules/CMakeGenericSystem.cmake, Modules/Platform/CYGWIN.cmake,
Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake, Modules/Platform/HP-UX.cmake,
Modules/Platform/Windows.cmake, Source/cmMakefile.cxx: ENH: Added
platform settings CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_PREFIXES and
CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_SUFFIXES to allow customized searching for
2006-02-09 14:28 king
* Modules/CheckSymbolExists.cmake: ENH: Pay attention to
2006-02-09 14:18 king
* Modules/Platform/Windows-g++.cmake: BUG: Need Windows-g++.cmake
module to support C++-only projects on Windows.
2006-02-09 13:48 king
* Modules/ BUG: Need to duplicate some
information from CMakeCCompiler to support C++-only projects.
2006-02-09 13:14 king
* Modules/: CheckCSourceCompiles.cmake,
CheckCXXSourceCompiles.cmake, CheckIncludeFiles.cmake: ENH: Patch
from Alexander Neundorf to improve behavior.
2006-02-09 12:04 king
* Modules/: FindJPEG.cmake, FindPNG.cmake, FindTIFF.cmake,
FindZLIB.cmake: ENH: Added names for gnuwin32 library versions.
2006-02-09 09:34 david.cole
* Utilities/cmtar/wrapper.c: COMP: Last (?) fix for dashboard
2006-02-09 02:17 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-08 15:37 hoffman
* Source/: cmAddCustomCommandCommand.cxx,
cmAddCustomTargetCommand.cxx, cmVTKWrapJavaCommand.cxx: ENH: fix
broken tests
2006-02-08 14:12 hoffman
* Source/: CMakeLists.txt, cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx: ENH: working
directory working for XCode
2006-02-08 12:01 king
* Source/: cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.cxx,
cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator.h: ENH: Enabled new
ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET on VS 6 generator.
2006-02-08 11:33 hoffman
* Tests/CustomCommandWorkingDirectory/: CMakeLists.txt,
customTarget.c, working.c: ENH: add test for working directory of
custom command and target
2006-02-08 10:58 hoffman
* Modules/CMakeFortranInformation.cmake, Source/CMakeLists.txt,
Source/cmAddCustomTargetCommand.h, Source/cmCPluginAPI.cxx,
Source/cmCustomCommand.cxx, Source/cmCustomCommand.h,
Source/cmFLTKWrapUICommand.cxx, Source/cmGlobalGenerator.cxx,
Source/cmLocalGenerator.cxx, Source/cmLocalGenerator.h,
Source/cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx, Source/cmMakefile.cxx,
Source/cmMakefile.h, Source/cmQTWrapCPPCommand.cxx,
Source/cmQTWrapUICommand.cxx, Source/cmVTKWrapJavaCommand.cxx:
ENH: add working directory support
2006-02-08 10:13 king
* CMakeLists.txt, Source/CMakeLists.txt, Utilities/CMakeLists.txt:
ENH: Added option BUILD_CursesDialog if curses is found. This
allows people to disable building the dialog even when curses is
2006-02-08 09:51 king
* Modules/FindQt4.cmake: BUG: Fixed qt version message. Submitted
by Tanner Lovelace.
2006-02-08 07:17 andy
* Source/kwsys/: SystemTools.cxx, COMP: Fix
problem with STL on HP, and fix reusing the same variable in for
2006-02-08 02:50 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-07 17:10 king
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake: ENH: Adding definition of MSVC
when it is the compiler.
2006-02-07 17:09 king
* Source/cmMakefile.cxx: BUG: Fixed finding of MinGW libraries with
a windows build of CMake.
2006-02-07 12:53 andy
* Source/CPack/cpack.cxx: ENH: Add missing help for -C option
2006-02-07 11:43 andy
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: COMP: Fix compile problem on
windows and mac
2006-02-07 10:43 andy
* Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx: COMP: Fix build problem
2006-02-07 10:23 andy
* Source/: cmSystemTools.cxx, cmSystemTools.h,
kwsys/SystemTools.cxx, kwsys/ ENH: Move
relative path to kwsys
2006-02-07 10:11 king
* bootstrap, Source/cmStandardIncludes.h,
Source/kwsys/CMakeLists.txt, Source/kwsys/ ENH:
Added kwsys::String class to shorten debugging symbols and error
messages involving std::string.
2006-02-07 09:25 malaterre
* Source/kwsys/ ENH: Add some doc for visible
2006-02-07 08:49 andy
* Source/: cmCTest.cxx, cmListFileCache.cxx, cmListFileCache.h,
cmMakefile.cxx, cmTryCompileCommand.cxx, cmTryRunCommand.cxx,
cmakemain.cxx, ctest.cxx, CTest/cmCTestBuildAndTestHandler.cxx,
MFCDialog/CMakeSetupDialog.cpp: ENH: Since list file cache does
not make much sense any more (because of proper list file
parsing), and it actually adds unnecessary complications and make
ctest scripting not work, take it out
2006-02-07 08:03 david.cole
* Utilities/cmtar/wrapper.c: COMP: Fix next round of dashboard
2006-02-07 02:06 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-06 16:32 hoffman
* Source/cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx: ENH: allow for - in the
name of targets for nmake
2006-02-06 09:31 david.cole
* Utilities/cmtar/: extract.c, output.c, wrapper.c: COMP: Fix CMake
dashboard warnings related to previous revisions.
2006-02-06 02:11 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-05 02:06 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-04 02:19 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-03 18:08 king
* CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Incremented patch version for special KDE
2006-02-03 17:09 king
* Tests/: Complex/CMakeLists.txt, ComplexOneConfig/CMakeLists.txt,
ComplexRelativePaths/CMakeLists.txt: ENH: Added test for new
2006-02-03 16:55 king
* Docs/cmake-mode.el: ENH: Adding new EXECUTE_PROCESS command that
interfaces to KWSys Process Execution.
2006-02-03 16:51 king
* Source/: cmCommands.cxx, cmExecuteProcessCommand.cxx,
cmExecuteProcessCommand.h: ENH: Adding new EXECUTE_PROCESS
command that interfaces to KWSys Process Execution.
2006-02-03 12:03 king
* Source/cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.h: COMP: Added missing method decl
to header.
2006-02-03 11:48 david.cole
* Utilities/cmtar/: decode.c, extract.c, output.c, wrapper.c: BUG:
Fix mem leaks related to th_get_pathname. Change this
implementation of th_get_pathname so that it *always* returns a
strdup'ed value. Callers must now free non-NULL returns from
th_get_pathname. Change all callers to call free appropriately.
2006-02-03 11:36 king
* Source/: cmGlobalGenerator.cxx, cmGlobalGenerator.h,
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator.h, cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx,
cmTarget.cxx: BUG: Fixed cmTarget::GetFullPath to not append the
configuration name when only one configuration is built. It now
asks the generator what subdirectory if any to use for a given
configuration name.
2006-02-03 02:29 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-02 20:18 king
* CMakeLists.txt, Source/CMakeLists.txt, Utilities/CMakeLists.txt:
COMP: Fixed build on VC++ Express 2005. Explicitly testing for
MFC to determine whether to build the MFCDialog.
2006-02-02 20:16 king
* Modules/CMakeGenericSystem.cmake: BUG: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX must
always have forward slashes.
2006-02-02 20:15 king
* Modules/Platform/Windows-cl.cmake: BUG: Removed odbc32.lib and
odbccp32.lib from standard libraries on VS 8 because VC++ Express
2005 does not have them. They are SQL database access libraries
and should not be needed for every application. User code can
always explicitly link the library. Also replacing deprecated
/GZ option with /RTC1 for VS 8. This addresses bug#2795.
2006-02-02 15:53 david.cole
* Utilities/cmtar/filesystem.c: BUG: Fix memory leak in libtar's
kwReadDir. Use a static buffer like readdir (probably) does
rather than malloc-ing a block which never gets free-d.
2006-02-02 03:30 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-02-01 02:24 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-01-31 19:34 king
* Source/: CMakeLists.txt, cmake.cxx: ENH: Enabled build of VS 7
and 8 generators for MinGW.
2006-01-31 18:50 king
* bootstrap, Source/cmake.cxx: ENH: Enabled bootstrapping with
MinGW from an MSYS prompt.
2006-01-31 10:46 king
* Source/cmGetFilenameComponentCommand.cxx: BUG: ABSOLUTE option
should evaluate relative paths with respect to
CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR. This addresses bug#2797.
2006-01-31 05:09 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-01-30 14:25 martink
* Source/: cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h: ENH: more cleanup and removal of
old code
2006-01-30 13:57 martink
* Source/: cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.cxx,
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h: ENH: cleanup and remove some old
2006-01-30 02:15 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-01-29 02:06 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-01-28 01:38 andy
* Source/cmVersion.cxx: STYLE: Nightly Version update
2006-01-27 18:20 king
* Source/: cmFindFileCommand.cxx, cmFindLibraryCommand.h,
cmFindPathCommand.cxx, cmFindPathCommand.h, cmMakefile.cxx,
cmMakefile.h: ENH: Improved support for user-configured search
paths. Paths given in the CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH cmake variable are
searched first, then those in the CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable, then those listed in the call to the FIND_LIBRARY
command and finally those listed in the PATH environment
variable. The support is similar for finding include files with
FIND_PATH, but the var