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#!/usr/bin/env python3
This script inserts "versionadded" directive into every .rst document
and every .cmake module with .rst documentation comment.
import re
import pathlib
import subprocess
import argparse
tag_re = re.compile(r'^v3\.(\d+)\.(\d+)(?:-rc(\d+))?$')
path_re = re.compile(r'Help/(?!dev|guide|manual|cpack_|release).*\.rst|Modules/[^/]*\.cmake$')
def git_root():
result =
['git', 'rev-parse', '--show-toplevel'], check=True, universal_newlines=True, capture_output=True)
return pathlib.Path(result.stdout.strip())
def git_tags():
result =['git', 'tag'], check=True, universal_newlines=True, capture_output=True)
return [tag for tag in result.stdout.splitlines() if tag_re.match(tag)]
def git_list_tree(ref):
result =
['git', 'ls-tree', '-r', '--full-name', '--name-only', ref, ':/'],
check=True, universal_newlines=True, capture_output=True)
return [path for path in result.stdout.splitlines() if path_re.match(path)]
def tag_version(tag):
return re.sub(r'^v|\.0(-rc\d+)?$', '', tag)
def tag_sortkey(tag):
return tuple(int(part or '1000') for part in tag_re.match(tag).groups())
def make_version_map(baseline, since, next_version):
versions = {}
if next_version:
for path in git_list_tree('HEAD'):
versions[path] = next_version
for tag in sorted(git_tags(), key=tag_sortkey, reverse=True):
version = tag_version(tag)
for path in git_list_tree(tag):
versions[path] = version
if baseline:
for path in git_list_tree(baseline):
versions[path] = None
if since:
for path in git_list_tree(since):
versions.pop(path, None)
return versions
cmake_version_re = re.compile(
rb'set\(CMake_VERSION_MAJOR\s+(\d+)\)\s+set\(CMake_VERSION_MINOR\s+(\d+)\)\s+set\(CMake_VERSION_PATCH\s+(\d+)\)', re.S)
def cmake_version(path):
match =
major, minor, patch = map(int, match.groups())
minor += patch > 20000000
return f'{major}.{minor}'
stamp_re = re.compile(
rb'(?P<PREFIX>(^|\[\.rst:\r?\n)[^\r\n]+\r?\n[*^\-=#]+(?P<NL>\r?\n))(?P<STAMP>\s*\.\. versionadded::[^\r\n]*\r?\n)?')
stamp_pattern_add = rb'\g<PREFIX>\g<NL>.. versionadded:: VERSION\g<NL>'
stamp_pattern_remove = rb'\g<PREFIX>'
def update_file(path, version, overwrite):
data = path.read_bytes()
except FileNotFoundError as e:
return False
def _replacement(match):
if not overwrite and match.start('STAMP') != -1:
if version:
pattern = stamp_pattern_add.replace(b'VERSION', version.encode('utf-8'))
pattern = stamp_pattern_remove
return match.expand(pattern)
new_data, nrepl = stamp_re.subn(_replacement, data, 1)
if nrepl and new_data != data:
return True
return False
def update_repo(repo_root, version_map, overwrite):
total = 0
for path, version in version_map.items():
if update_file(repo_root / path, version, overwrite):
print(f"Version {version or '<none>':6} for {path}")
total += 1
print(f"Updated {total} file(s)")
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(allow_abbrev=False)
parser.add_argument('--overwrite', action='store_true', help="overwrite existing version tags")
parser.add_argument('--baseline', metavar='TAG', default='v3.0.0',
help="files present in this tag won't be stamped (default: v3.0.0)")
parser.add_argument('--since', metavar='TAG',
help="apply changes only to files added after this tag")
parser.add_argument('--next-version', metavar='VER',
help="version for files not present in any tag (default: from CMakeVersion.cmake)")
args = parser.parse_args()
repo_root = git_root()
next_version = args.next_version or cmake_version(repo_root / 'Source/CMakeVersion.cmake')
version_map = make_version_map(args.baseline, args.since, next_version)
update_repo(repo_root, version_map, args.overwrite)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
print(f"Command '{' '.join(e.cmd)}' returned code {e.returncode}:\n{e.stderr.strip()}")
if __name__ == '__main__':